Resident Evil Village is the most popular title for players, that's why

Resident Evil Village is the most popular title for players, that's why

Resident Evil Village is the most popular title for players

If the Game of The Year represents an award that can more or less be shared with the community, the statistics can hardly be contested. And it is precisely the case of Resident Evil Village, which according to the metrics of HowLongtoBeat, a site that deals with tracking the completion percentages of various video games is the most finished game of 2021.

In a world where video games are barely finished, according to public objectives of the players and the jokes on the backlog, Resident Evil Village is instead the title that has conquered the user the most on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The cross-platform nature has certainly helped the Capcom game to become the first place, but it is still a very precise signal: net of new IPs (such as Returnal) and great returns (Ratchet & Clank and Halo above all), it seems that the public is is more focused on a game that has an already well-tested formula.

In addition to Resident Evil Village, the ranking still holds some notable surprises. In second and third position we find two exclusives, namely Metroid Dread (silver medal) and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (bronze medal). The GOTY of TGA 2021 instead ranks in fourth position, while as tail lights we find NieR Replicant, The Medium and Little Nightmares II, respectively in eighth, ninth and position. On the other hand, games of the caliber of Ghost of Tsushima: Definitive Edition and Returnal of Housemarque do not find space in the ranking, perhaps limited by the platform and the particular genre to which they belong.

Most Completed Games of 2021 pic.twitter .com / Kp1LF91aPN

- HowLongToBeat (@HowLongToBeat) December 17, 2021

At this point, however, we turn the question: have you completed one of the games in the ranking (perhaps Resident Evil Village)? Or did you prefer this year to try to thin out the backlog a bit overdue? Please let us know by leaving a comment on this news.

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The Bestselling Video Games Of 2021

Now that the year is almost over, what 3 video games came on top and which one of them was 2021’s best-seller?

Every year we are bombarded by A LOT of video game releases: some are iconic, some are good, and some we’re not even going to think about.

But today’s list narrows things down and looks at the most financially successful video games, ones that have sold countless units since the beginning of 2021 and until now.

As a disclaimer, this list only ranks these video games based on the number of units sold.

With that point out of the way, let’s dive into the list of the top 3 best-selling video games of 2021!

#3: Resident Evil: Village - 4.5 Million Copies Sold in First Two Months

We get a good sense that gamers are craving horror and great graphics. Since Resident Evil has amassed a huge number of units worldwide, we can only assume that it was exactly what gamers wanted, and honestly, why wouldn’t this game perform so well? It has it all: an amazing backstory, a thrilling adventure, and most of all SUSPENSE that leaves you wanting to play more.

Resident Evil: Village


#2: MLB: The Show 21 - Over 2 Million Copies Sold by July

This game was a best-seller in April 2021 and has recorded over 4 million players, as was evident once they announced the 2-way play (2-player game) that only grew the game’s popularity and demand!

The recorded 2 million copies were sold for PS4 consoles, according to NPD, where an extra 2 million were shifted towards the other consoles making MLB: The Show 21 the best-selling baseball game and Sony’s most lucrative title.

#2: MLB: The Show 21


#1: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - 5.7 Million Copies Sold in the First Month

Imagine selling more than 5 million copies in 1 month! COD: Black Ops - Cold War did just that, despite being released back in November 2020. It was the game that kept on giving, even in 2021, which shows the fans’ dedication towards the franchise. The game’s popularity doesn’t stop there: according to the NPD Group, in August of 2021, Black Ops- Cold War remained the third highest-grossing game, falling behind the newly minted Madden 22 and Ghosts of Tsushima.

The Bestselling Video Games Of 2021


Were you surprised by the best-selling games? What other games do you think deserved a spot in the top 3? Share this story and tag us in your comments!

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