Is Gomorrah violent? "Video games are worse", for Marco D'Amore, Ciro's actor

Is Gomorrah violent? Video games are worse, for Marco D'Amore, Ciro's actor

Is Gomorrah violent? "Video games are worse"

Marco D'Amore, the actor who plays Ciro Di Marzio in the TV series Gomorrah, which tells of the misdeeds of drug dealers and Camorra-style criminal organizations, says that video games only speak of "dystopian futures" and in which one must " to kill, disembowel and rape ", with the players who" get excited "for this.

In an interview with Il Quotidiano, the question" what do you answer to those who accused Gomorrah of presenting criminals with a certain aura epic, such as to create suggestion and perhaps even imitation? ", d'Amore replied as follows:

" It seems to me really immoral to accuse Gomorrah of provoking emulation when it would be enough to know the video games with which children spend time: video games that only tell about dystopian futures in which they have to kill, gut and rape, and they get excited about this. It's another thing to talk about narrative fascination. I grew up idolizing the myths of brutal literature but it's not that I have become a murderer, because I had a certain family and social background behind me. "

Ciro Di Marzio, one of the protagonists of Gomorra, played by Marco D'Amore Affirmations that will surely make you turn up your nose like us and that denote a certain ignorance of D'Amore regarding the videogame world. It's okay to read books, watch violent TV series and movies, but not video games? They seem to us the classic "two weights, two measures".

To answer in kind, the writer "grew up with video games, even violent ones like GTA, but it's not like I became a murderer, because I had a certain family and social context behind me. "

D'Amore's statements are in fact yet another demonstration of how much video games in Italy they are still the victim of numerous erroneous clichés, determined by a lack of knowledge of the subject and disinformation.

Fortunately, things are changing, albeit slowly. For example, according to the latest data from IIDEA, video games in Italy are becoming increasingly popular not only for their economic value but also for their social value, and this can only please us.

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Is Gomorrah violent? 'Video games are worse'

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