Elden Ring, the best mods a few days after launch

Elden Ring, the best mods a few days after launch

Elden Ring

Few days have passed since the launch of Elden Ring, although the fact that the internet gamer communities have concentrated their discussions almost entirely on FromSoftware's exceptional latest addition could suggest a longer period.

Attention is highly deserved, mind you, and is not limited to the speeches on the forums, the streaming and the endless guides that are popping up like mushrooms on the net ... the always very active modders, in fact, yes are launched on the game without thinking twice, perhaps aware of the fact that when it comes to PC ports the Japanese team has never demonstrated "dragon" skills (the DSfix of Durante we all sadly still remember).

Of course, barely a week is not enough to churn out mods that are content or capable of upsetting the experience, but, considering the experience of some fans of the saga with this kind of thing, this is more than enough time to creation of "utilitarian" changes designed to improve the technical sector, optimization, or simply add a series of tweaks to commands and interface (not to mention the inevitable gaboles to play offline at will).

We have therefore collected here some of the best Elden Ring mods from this first cycle, eager to let those who are enjoying the game find out where they can use them.

The best mods of Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Elden Reshade really cleans up the look of the game considerably Elden Reshade HDR Fix

A reshade designed to add "true" HDR lighting effects to the game, the Elden Reshade is currently considered the best mod of its type around. Quite easy to install (just copy the contents to the main file folder), and activated with the press of a few buttons according to the desired effects, this reshade was created by a prolific modder who had already done a great job with several other titles (among them Horizon and Outer Worlds). The graphical improvement after application is significant compared to the default options and there should be no risk of ban considering that it is not a change that affects the balance in any way. Highly recommended, and already downloaded and applied by many.

Pause the Game

A conceptually very simple mod, but which bypasses one of the most alien features of the game for those not used to souls: the lack for a break. In fact, this mod is limited to allowing you to stop the game by pressing the P key on the keyboard; be careful though, it must be used after a deactivation of the anti cheat that can be activated by renaming some files in the main folder, so use it only if you are people with a very chaotic life, not interested in playing online, or absolutely unable to play for long periods of time. br>
Elden Ring: the options offered by EMU are not underestimated Enhanced Moveset Utility

This middleware is particularly useful for those who want a very elaborate key remapping and hotkeys that facilitate the use of magic. If that wasn't enough, it seems to eliminate the inherent dodge delay present in the game. A real boon if so described, but with a not insignificant problem: given the facilities it offers, the anti cheat could consider it a gabola, and shadow the player from competitive PvP. This has not yet been ascertained (and other similar mods in the past had been passed without too many problems), but it is at least a risk to be taken into account.

Ultimate Start

You want really start the game in "easy mode"? Ultimate Start is a mod that starts you in the shoes of an outcast to say the least atypical, with a hundred thousand souls on your side, a lot of weapons and armor among the best in the game already in the inventory, and many other facilities. Obviously this is also unacceptable for the anti cheat, so use it only for offline play.

Elden Ring: LIT really changes the look of the settings Elden LIT

A mod that improves the graphics of the game (not a simple reshade therefore), going to retouch the resolution of the textures, the lighting and the shadows (it also removes the blur and certain filters of the game). Once added, it also particularly desaturates the color palette of the game, giving the whole a more macabre look and close to that of the original Dark Souls. The glance that the game offers after the insertion of Elden LIT is at times truly impressive, and is currently perhaps the best mod of this type available to users.

Windows 7 patch

A patch that allows you to run Elden Ring even if your operating system is still Windows 7. It is not very stable (the game crashes on various configurations, and sometimes starts without sound), but it seems to be the only one at the moment way to enjoy FromSoftware's work on an outdated operating system.

Ultimate Table

Literally a cheat table (not very easy to apply) that allows you to change a huge amount of parameters and brutally cheating (you should even be able to fire spells without pause after tweaking certain factors). Obviously not recommended if you want toa> play online: the anti cheat will braise you without thinking about half a second. It is still a work in progress, to be used only if you want to abuse the game and not care about the rest, however it is a gem that some users who are not interested in the "pure" experience of the souls will appreciate for sure.

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