How the car seat works with an airbag

How the car seat works with an airbag

“Creating the safest car seat for children by integrating an airbag to provide unparalleled protection” has been the goal of Martin Pos since 2005, when he founded Cybex. In those early years, industry professionals said his idea would never work. But technology is evolving. Cybex begins producing car seats that rotate 360 ​​degrees, equipped with an adjustable headrest. Then, four years ago, when technology allows, the German company begins development of the award-winning Anoris T i-Size in 2022 as test winner Adac (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) and other European automotive organizations.

Anoris T i-Size arises from a fact: the most recent statistics on road accidents with children involved in Germany and Europe show that in 62% of cases (source Deliverable 2.1.1 of the CASPER Project) the baby's head o the child is the most vulnerable part that therefore needs maximum protection. “That's why the Anoris T i-Size has an integral airbag that protects the child from head to knee,” explains Franz Peleska, Cybex's technical manager and head of research and development. “Thanks to this solution, in the event of a frontal accident, the head is kept in a vertical position in a few milliseconds. Thanks to the full size airbag, the distribution of forces is more uniform and are reduced by up to 50% compared to similar seats that do not have an airbag. " The performance of the Anoris T i-Size is comparable or better than a rear-facing seat.

The Anoris T i-Size child seat with integrated airbag

Attention to one detail. The airbag in this car seat uses a different technology than the standard car-mounted airbags. "The use of any explosives, such as in a normal car airbag, would be too high a risk for the child," Peleska points out. “The airbag is inflated with cold gas; this avoids pyrotechnic effects and the noise level is like that of a balloon burst at a birthday party. “In addition, to prevent the airbag from being activated in the event of sudden braking, colliding with a curb or a side impact of the car, Cybex engineers have internally developed a special algorithm that regulates its correct functioning. In fact, Anoris T i-Size, like the other Cybex car seats, are equipped with a lateral protection system (L.S.P.) which guarantees the absorption of energy before it reaches the child. “This is also thanks to the materials”, recalls Franz, “which got the best score from Stiftung Warentest. They received 1.0 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst. ”

The Cybex technical manager also underlines that an electronic system has been adopted on Anoris that alerts the user via LED and acoustic signal when the seat and the child in it are correctly seated and protected. If the signal is missing, mum or dad can always check by pressing a button on the upper part of the support leg and the LEDs will indicate the installation status of the seat by means of a green or red light. “In the event that the little one unfastens by himself, an acoustic signal will signal it to the driver. We have tried our best here too, knowing that this situation accounts for around 50% of cases of incorrect use of the seat. ”

Strap locking system

Elliott_Lacey Anoris i-Size is fixed to the rear seats through the Isofix hooks. If the car has an i-fix anchorage on the passenger seat and the car is i-Size or in the list of compatible cars, the seat can also be used in the front, with the foresight to deactivate the airbag. car. In the case of older children, you can also let them try it. “We have created Anoris T i-Size for all parents who are looking for maximum safety, a brilliant design and very high functionality” underlines Martin Pos. so that it could be used two years longer than the standard for this category of car seats. Our goal is to make technology and security more accessible for most people. " The Anoris car seat can be used by children from 76 cm up to a height of 115 cm and a maximum weight of 21 kg. Its price of 749.95 euros.

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