Can I drive with my license that has just expired?

Can I drive with my license that has just expired?

The holidays are upon us, for some lucky ones they have already begun, and thanks to the numerous commitments that capture all of us a little, it is normal to forget about deadlines, even the most important ones, such as the renewal of the driving license. In some situations, however, there is the possibility of remedying, as for the insurance that grants 15 days of grace, while in others it is not really possible; but what happens to the driving license?

What the Highway Code says

Unlike other issues touched upon by our in-depth studies where it is not always easy to find an answer in the “Bible of the Road ”, In this case the message is clear. In fact, Art. 126 paragraph 11 reminds that "those who drive with a license or other professional qualification that have expired are subject to the administrative sanction of the payment of a sum from 158 to 639 euros. The violation is followed by the additional administrative sanction of the withdrawal of the driving license ". | ); }

Driving license expired and now?

Anyone who has received a penalty due to the presence of an expired driving license must necessarily proceed with the renewal of the license, undergoing the mandatory medical examination within 10 days of ascertaining that caused the withdrawal. Only after these steps is it possible to regain the driving license. In any case, we remind you that the B license lasts 10 years (until the age of 50, subsequently the validity decreases with age) and that for documents obtained or renewed from 17 September 2012 the expiry date coincides with that of the birthday (as for the Identity Card).

The risks of those who drive without a license

If you have forgotten to renew your license and you suffer or create an accident, this is not a good situation; for example, according to the most common clauses of car policies, the insurance company does not cover the damages. The most common clauses that exempt the company from coverage for damages are:

drunk driving; driving under the use of drugs; serious transgressions of the highway code; circulation with the inspection expired; circulation without a driving license or with an expired license.

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