Amazon: 5 last minute offers to close the month of July!

Amazon: 5 last minute offers to close the month of July!


The month of July, from the point of view of purchase opportunities, was undoubtedly the best of this first part of the year. Much of the credit obviously goes to Prime Day, which has prompted numerous other e-commerce companies to get in the way not only during those two days full of offers, but also in the following ones, allowing even latecomers to still be able to do great deals.

Despite missing a few hours until the end of July, Amazon still wants to push on this month's offers, aware of the fact that August will be a month in which purchases usually tend to drop, since most Italians will go on holiday. If, therefore, you intend to take home the latest articles before you travel, we suggest you take a look at these 5 last minute offers, which will allow you to close the month of July with the certainty of having made excellent deals, perhaps unthinkable until the next special event of the year, namely Black Friday.


Among the last minute offers, eBooks are the ones that stand out the most, especially for those who love reading and intends to do it on the beach with maximum comfort. In fact, the portal offers a series of interesting books, suitable for any age, with prices starting from only € 0.99. From science fiction to horror, from politics to history up to those for kids, you can devour them all even if you don't have a dedicated reading device, since Amazon's eBooks can be read from any device, simply by downloading the Kindle app. . At the cost of a few euros, therefore, you will be able to discover numerous works by authors unknown to you so far and if the latter were to be many, we recommend that you evaluate the subscription to Kindle Unlimited which, for only € 9.99 per month, will allow you to access the entire catalog, consisting of the best of eBooks.


Personal care

If you like to take care of your skin, you absolutely cannot miss the latest Amazon offers involving personal care products, both for him and for her, from beauty up to the epilators. You will find at bargain prices, with discounts of up to 43%, Braun brand beard trimmers, razors and epilators which, as you know, is the leader in hair removal and hair care products. The proposals cover any style requirement, as the portal has lowered the prices of both basic and more ergonomic models.



For those who take advantage of it, these last hours of July will guarantee substantial savings even on a series of smartwatches, especially on some Huawei models, which should encourage you even more to seize the offers that have come up, given that the well-known manufacturer produces some of the best smartwatches to date, such as the Watch 3. The latter was not offered at such a low price even during Prime Day, since you can buy it now for less than € 200. Among the last minute offers, again under the Huawei brand, there are also more Fitness-oriented models, ideal for those who prefer a device that focuses more on various sports activities.



If you have not yet furnished your garden for the summer, with gazebos ideal for keeping cool or with a greenhouse to prevent the plants from drying out due to too much fall, you still have time to buy the latter at advantageous prices, thanks once again to this latest roundup of offers for July. Waiting for you, as mentioned, there will be a series of articles aimed at improving the comfort of your green area, as well as the style, with modern solutions able to adapt to the surrounding environment.



There is even no shortage of home appliances in these latest offers for July. In this regard, Amazon has decided to discount many De Longhi branded products, thus allowing you to bring home excellent and modern solutions at affordable prices. Coffee machines, blenders, planetary machines and much more are available with discounts of up to 45%. We are therefore talking about proposals of the highest level, whose convenience will certainly not be repeated in the short term, so do not delay if you were considering the idea of ​​updating some of the kitchen appliances, and not, in this hot summer period.

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