Sony Linkbuds S, for those who want them small and light | Review

Sony Linkbuds S, for those who want them small and light | Review

Sony Linkbuds S

Sony has surprised fans with the Linkbuds, very small and compact earphones, equipped with an innovative driver, with a hole in the center like a donut, able to offer surprising audio quality considering the size. However, Linkbuds do not have ANC, a direct consequence of the design. A few months later Sony introduces Linkbuds S, a pair of equally small, compact and light earphones, but with ANC.

Before telling you how we got on with these earphones, we have to "scold" Sony for using the name Linkbuds for a pair of earphones that have little to do with the original model, to which the "S" has been added, it is not clear what it really means. We believe it is a missed opportunity and an action that can only create confusion; after all, the Linkbuds surprised us positively. At this point we are inclined to believe that the Linkbuds (with the hole) have not done very well in terms of sales and probably this line will have no future; it's a shame. Let's go now to see what convinced us and what not of these new Linkbuds S

Technical specifications: almost like the WF-1000XM4

Obviously, as mentioned, there is no lack of ANC . On paper, these earphones have nothing to envy to the top of the range.

Are they comfortable to wear?

The shape of the Linkbuds S follows the lines of the WF-1000XM4, but the dimensions are reduced to a minimum and so is the weight, with only 4.8 grams per headset. To insert them into the ears, simply position them and do a small rotation, even if the homogeneous shape does not really use the shape of the ear to hold them in place, but it is mainly the in-ear headset that needs to be positioned well to prevent it from coming out. | ); } After trying them for two weeks in different conditions, even during running sessions, we can assure you that they fit in your ears. However, every now and then you will feel the need to check if they are well positioned and push them further into your ears.

What's in the package?

Inside the package you will find the case, earphones, three headphones of different sizes and a short USB-C cable for battery charging.

Controls and applications

The surfaces of both earphones are sensitive to touch. It works well nine times out of ten, but every so often it happens that, for example while you take them off, they will record a touch and play the music again.

There is also the sensor that detects when you wear them, which does its own must.

Every now and then these automatic functions did not work well during the test, activating the ANC while we were still talking, for example.

Audio quality and ANC

The audio quality and noise cancellation are definitely good and very close to those of the top of the range WF-1000XM4. The ANC works just as well in the low frequencies, while it is not the same in the mid frequencies.

How long does the battery last

The autonomy is about 5 hours, and it is You can charge the earbuds about three times with the case. Do not miss the fast charge that offers an hour of autonomy with only 5 minutes of charging. The case does not include wireless charging.

What we like (and don't like) about the Linkbuds S

Among the features we liked about the Linkbuds S we certainly include the dimensions and weight reduced, the rough texture of the recycled plastic used, the audio quality and the ANC, more than enough for most cases.

Some boredom from the point of view of Bluetooth connectivity, which occasionally broke down on a headset, and unwanted clicks on the touch surface while wearing or removing. We do not like Sony's choice of name, which however does not affect the experience, and the price of 200 euros, which is the same as the WF-1000XM4.

Precisely because of the risky price positioning, we advise you to choose the WF-1000XM4 if you are interested in having the best from a technical point of view. The Linkbuds S, on the other hand, are preferred solely in terms of size and portability.

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