Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the tried and tested soccer game for Nintendo Switch

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the tried and tested soccer game for Nintendo Switch

Mario Strikers

The Mario Strikers series, although not among the most famous among those dedicated to the Italian plumber, is much loved, especially in our area. It will be for the passion we have always had for football or it will be for that not too subtle resemblance to the special shots and the shoulders of Holly & Benji (or Captain Tsubasa, in case you were born in more recent times), but the series of Next Level Games is always eagerly awaited.

Unfortunately, however, perhaps because it has always lacked the touch of Camelot, which we remember created the much more famous Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, the Stikers are not never made it through and can only count on two episodes: Super Mario Strikers from 2005 for GameCube (known as Mario Smash Football to us) and Mario Strikers Charged from 2007 for Wii. function ready (fn) {if (document.readyState! = 'loading') {fn ()} else {document.addEventListener ('DOMContentLoaded', fn)}} ready (function () {window.addEventListener ('message', function (event) {let target_origin = ''; if (event.origin! == target_origin) return; if (typeof == "object" && ( "type") && == "embaff") {let embed_id =; if (embed_id == '522') {document.querySelector ('#_ aff_embed_522'). setAttribute ('height ',;}}}, false);}) So it's been 15 years since Mario and his friends tied their boots with cleats for the last time, if we don't consider the Olympic escapades in company of Sonic, but finally the wait seems to have come to an end: we tried Mario Strikers: Battle League Footbal l and the game seems to be ready to arrive on Nintendo Switch in perfect shape.

Going home

Super Mario in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Anyone who knows the series will immediately find themselves at home: in terms of the "rules" little has changed since the days of Charged. In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, two teams of four footballers and a goalkeeper compete against each other, freely formed from a selection of the 10 most famous faces of the Mushroom Kingdom. Each of them has unique physical and technical characteristics that reflect what we have come to know over all these years: Mario is a balanced player, Bowser a slow but powerful one and Yoshi a light but very technical one.

The aim it is apparently simple and in keeping with what happens on any football field: you have to score at least one goal more than your opponents. Too bad that in this case we are in the world of Nintendo and every move, lawful or not, is allowed. So it is true that you can pass the ball in various ways and kick it more or less violently into the goal, but there are also special shots, shoves and objects, or all that series of devilry that made you curse from Mario Kart forward. .

Unlike more serious colleagues, in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football it will still be important to know the rules of the most loved sport of Italians, but it will be necessary to be able to bend them to the needs of the Mushroom Kingdom. This means that it will be necessary to know how to properly exploit the super-speed guaranteed by mushrooms, or the effectiveness of the shells, especially the red ones. The match, in fact, will be won not so much by those who know all the tactics or the football almanac, but who will be able to use all the objects made available to find the opportunity to score.

Many buttons

Bowser in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football The main difference between Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and its predecessor is the many extra buttons available to the player. Nintendo Wii, in fact, from this point of view was limited to the two front buttons and the trigger. The Joy-Con of Switch, on the other hand, even if taken individually, can count on the four front buttons and two backbones: practically double.

This has allowed Next Level Games to package a slightly deeper gameplay and stratified with respect to the past. In attack, high and low passes can be performed, opponents can be dodged and, in the opposing half of the field, different types of shots can be made. In defense you can charge your opponents and you can try to steal the ball from them. An object can be snapped or used at any time.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football New Hyperthroat is the dynamics that manages Hyperthrowing. This formidable move, unique to each player, can only be activated after collecting a Strike Orb. This special upgrade grants the team that picked it up a window of about ten seconds to perform a Hyperthroat. Something simpler said than done: to take this move, in fact, you must (obviously) be in possession of the ball, have it in the opposing half of the field, but above all you need to have enough time to charge the shot and stop the cursor for two times within the indicated spaces.

The effectiveness of the shot and the speed with which it will be possible to execute it depend on the statistics of each player: there will be those very powerful, but slow to execute the move or those with sufficient a technique that requires only a few moments to fire a Hyperthroat, the effectiveness of which, however, has to be verified.

Luigi charges up in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football This way Next Level Games has added some layering and tactics to this "finishing move". Not only must the action be constructed in such a way as to create the time and space necessary to take a shot without the opponents interrupting the routine, but it will also be important to pass the ball to the player who, through the equipment, could be the most suitable for perform the shot. It goes without saying that scoring an Ipertiro is worth two points.

It is a good number of moves available which, combined with the fact that their effectiveness also depends on the timing with which they are performed, should guarantee a sufficient long-term variety, something Charged has lacked a little. In other words, a few games shouldn't be enough to master Mario Strikers: Battle League Football.


Anything can happen on the pitch of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. distance could be one of the focal points on which the Mario Strikers: Battle League Football review will focus. The previous chapters, in fact, quickly lost appeal due to a lack of depth of the game system which, combined with the poor modes, made the package rather monotonous after a short time.

There is a fact that in this perspective worries in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football: the number of footballers. These, in fact, can be chosen from a shortlist of 10 well-known faces of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is true that they are all different from each other, but it is a much lower number than what we saw in Camelot sports, let alone when compared with the numbers of Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. But also with the old Mario Strikers Charged.

A giant banana at the center of the head of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Developers also need to be aware of this, so much so that they have introduced a system of equipment designed to modify the game parameters of each player and make it more suited to their needs . Through the equipment, in fact, it could be decided to further specialize a player, perhaps maximizing his special shot or his physical strength, or making him more balanced by dampening his weaknesses.

In this way two apparently identical teams could be functionally very different precisely through a very different use of the various equipment. An element that will be very important online.


Bowser Vs Mario in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football In addition to the classic offline structure, made up of cups of increasing difficulty to be faced to unlock all game content and get the coins to buy the equipment for the players, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is also the first chapter of the series to try to do something more online too.

Again classic options such as online friendlies and ranked matches cannot be missing, but we want to focus on the Club Strikers mode. It is a sort of (criminal) association strictly online within which to bring together a maximum of 20 players who will contribute, through their online performances to the glory of the club.

Not everything goes as it should go in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Each team can be customized in name, uniform, but also in the stadium, which can be upgraded by spending the tokens earned through multiplayer victories. Expect, therefore, the official team of

Obviously, a multiplayer mode from the living room could not be missing. In this case a maximum of 8 players can literally challenge each other to the last shot. To make this kind of challenge even more intense there will be team moves, or enhanced versions of "normal" defensive interventions designed to involve several players at the same time, but above all to further disrupt the playing field.


Everything is ready for an Ipertiro of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football From a graphic point of view, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football absolutely does its duty: all the characters are detailed, full of animations and special effects . Nintendo Switch seems to manage every game situation without jolts, guaranteeing smooth and uninterrupted games.

The only two things that have not fully convinced us at the moment are the view that, being a little too far away, it risks generating a bit of chaos on the pitch, and the artificial intelligence of the goalkeepers a bit too much of a dancer, at least when we put it to the test. This risks making the games a little too casual and therefore frustrating, since sometimes the extreme defenders manage to parry a Hyperthrous, and then have a mozzarella thrown from the middle of the pitch pass under their legs.

A major Reliability of Numbers 1 and a lesser influence of randomness would ensure games that are not only fairer, but also more satisfying: every goal would be the result of a good play and not chaos.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Mario team Football Anyone wishing to try the game before 10 June can mark one of these dates on the calendar:

Saturday 4 June 05: 00-06: 00 Saturday 4 June 13: 00-14: 00 Saturday 4 June 21: 00-22: 00 Sunday 5 June 5: 00-06: 00 Sunday 5 June 13: 00-14: 00

They are those of the First Kick, special online tests made in view of the launch that will allow everyone to try the online features of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for free before the end po.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football seems to be Charged's worthy heir. Nintendo and Next Level Games have bent the rules of football (or rather, of five-a-side football) to the dynamics of the Mushroom Kingdom for an explosive mix of goals, slips, red shells and Ipertiri. During the review we will have to understand how the game will be able to be enjoyable in the long run and if it will be able to guarantee balanced and fun challenges for both newbies and veterans.


Colorful Funny Technical DOUBT Few characters The intelligence of the goalkeepers Graphics a little confused Have you noticed any errors?

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