Itasec, the main Italian conference on IT security, is back

Itasec, the main Italian conference on IT security, is back


One month after its inauguration, everything is ready for Itasec, the main national conference on IT security, organized by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory of CINI (National Inter-University Consortium for IT). The event will be held in Rome, at the Auditorium della Tecnica di Confindustria, from 20 to 23 June and includes the participation of international personalities and experts in computer security, for the first time all physically together since the beginning of the pandemic. The previous edition, Itasec21, was held exclusively online, with 1,800 subscribers and hundreds of streaming views.

The high profile of the program and of the speakers, which also guarantees the success of Itasec over the years. this year they will address various cybersecurity issues, analyzing them in view of the challenges that public administrations and companies put to the test every day. New to Itasec22 is the free patronage of the National Cybersecurity Agency. The event will enjoy the media partnership of Citynews, and Italia.

The conference will also offer one of the first opportunities to discuss the new National Cybersecurity Strategy (2022-2026) and the related Plan of Implementation, which lay the pillars on which the national posture will be based in technological advancement and in cyberwar scenarios.

Among the most important topics, all central to the next edition of the conference, also the security of infrastructures public and resilience in the face of the challenges of an international conflict that records the increasingly marked relevance of the fifth domain - the cyber one - as a space of conflict.

But the program, soon to be published, is full of appointments, and includes several scientific and educational sessions that will address the broadest and most current issues of computer security, from Artificial Intelligence to Human Approaches in cybersecurity, up to Quantum Security and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

We have also invited the CEOs of some of the leading companies in the sector to deal with "hot" problems, such as new technological frontiers, technological sovereignty and the risks and opportunities associated with certifications.

Finally, during ITASEC22 there will also be an opportunity to meet the sponsors of the event, including: Akamail / Fidogroup, aizoOn, Gruppo BV TECH, Cisco, Cybertech, Dell Technologies / VMware, DigitalPlatforms , Exprivia, Minsait, Telsy, as Platinum sponsor; AWS (Amazon Web Services), Ericsson, HCL Software, Huawei, Leonardo and Microsoft Italia, the Gold; Mint, Cyber ​​4.0, Eni and Hermes Bay as Silver.

“ITASEC and its speakers and guests are finally back to confront each other in presence on the issues that are most important to us - commented Paolo Prinetto, director of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory -. An opportunity that reminds us of the value of science, which enables any change in our society and which today allows us to breathe a sigh of relief and to be able to meet again, with the necessary precautions. In the light of recent events but not only, it is essential that institutions, academia and industry strengthen dialogue, sharing knowledge and tracing the future of the country. This has always been Itasec's mission and we look forward to being able to make our contribution ".

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