Tomorrow the Wired Next Fest arrives in Florence

Tomorrow the Wired Next Fest arrives in Florence

The first appointment of the Next Fest 2022, the most important Italian festival dedicated to innovation and free participation, arrives in Florence, at Palazzo Vecchio, on Saturday 28 May, from 9:30 to 19:30, inside the magnificent spaces of the Salone dei Cinquecento and Sala D'Arme.

The Next Fest is an event with an international profile, promoted by Italia with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and created in collaboration with Audi , with the aim of describing innovation and digital technologies as key elements for the growth and economic, cultural and social development of our country.

The theme of this year's edition is "The Future of Democracy ", told through meetings, panels and performances with prominent figures from the national and international cultural, economic and political panorama. During the day we will try to explore and describe how digital technologies are having a great impact on democracies around the world, on culture and on the processes of globalization, questioning and transforming current governance systems, in the public and private sectors.

On the evening of Friday 27 May, a special event anticipates the theme and the opening of the Next Fest: the Mayor Dario Nardella meets the young Florentines who will be of age in 2022 in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio , a time to celebrate the acquisition of full civil and political rights. For the occasion, thanks to the collaboration between and the Piano City Milano Festival, children will be able to attend an unprecedented performance by the German composer Niklas Paschburg, creator of hypnotic sounds and cinematic atmospheres in his piano works, with an intriguing pop aroma. .

On Saturday 28 May, many guests of current events will alternate, such as the activist Patrick Zaki, the philosopher Éric Sadin, the entrepreneur and ambassador of sustainability Federico Marchetti, the Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia and the datajournalist John Burn-Murdoch; artists and singers such as Lazza, Gemitaiz, Sick Luke and Willie Peyote; directors and actors such as Roberto De Feo, Alessandro Borghi, Isabella Ragonese and Gabriele Mainetti; many journalists and political analysts including Lorenzo Pregliasco, Cecilia Sala, Stefano Feltri, Agnese Pini, the political scientist Vittorio Emanuele Parsi and many others.

Discover the program and register - it's free "In the last 21 years the world has suffered several shocks: 11 September, the collapse of markets (and economies) with the subprime crisis, global warming, the revolts of the so-called Arab Spring, the lack of raw materials, the pandemic, wars (from Afghanistan to Ukraine). In all this, digital technologies have redefined the way we live and work. Changes that require a profound reflection on how to build tomorrow and what the future of our democracies will be, the system that has guaranteed well-being and progress for over a century. We will discuss these issues in Florence during the first stage of the Next Fest 2022. A moment of in-depth analysis, comparison and above all knowledge ”, says Federico Ferrazza, director of Italy.

Patrick Zaki will open the Next Fest in Florence The Egyptian activist is among the guests who complete the schedule of the event dedicated to the future of democracy. With him Hell Raton, Gemitaiz, Undersecretary Barbara Floridia, Niko Romito, Maura Gancitano, Roberto De Feo and many others “We are in full digital revolution - underlines the mayor Dario Nardella - and the fear is that it will catch us unprepared. The pandemic has accelerated this process and a future that is still difficult to decipher has already arrived. We are happy that the Next Fest starts again from Florence and that it does so with such a fascinating but also very delicate theme that touches and will touch more and more the foundations of our social life ". "For this - he adds - I am particularly proud to anticipate the opening of the Festival with the appointment, in the Salone dei Cinquecento, for young Florentines who will come of age in 2022: they are the real protagonists of this revolution and the task of our generation is deliver those tools of thought, culture, wisdom that will serve not to waste it and not to abuse it ".

The music of Next Fest in Florence From Gemitaiz to Hell Raton, from Margherita Vicario to Kety Fusco, from Lazza to Willie Peyote and Sick Luke: artists tell their stories between words and music Below is the complete list of all the guests who will participate: at the opening of the festival, in connection, Patrick Zaki, Egyptian activist, who in 2018 supported the candidacy which was then withdrawn by Khaled Ali, committed to the defense of human rights. Due to some posts on Facebook, he is accused of the crimes of threatening national security, inciting illegal protests, subversion, dissemination of false news, propaganda for terrorism. His long preventive detention sparked an international campaign to demand his release; Helga Nowotny, founder and former president of the European Research Council; the philosopher Éric Sadin, one of the most important critics of the digital revolution; Federico Marchetti, technology entrepreneur and pioneer of sustainability, President of HRH's SMI Task Force on Fashion of HRH the Prince of Wales; Senator Barbara Floridia, undersecretary at the Ministry of Education, working on the subject of the ius scholae; Margherita Vicario, musician and actress; John Burn-Murdoch, Chief Data reporter for the Financial Times; the actress Isabella Ragonese, fresh from the interpretation of a miniseries dedicated to the recently deceased photographer Letizia Battaglia; the journalist and political analyst Lorenzo Pregliasco, co-founder and partner of the social research and political communication agency Quorum and director of YouTrend; rapper Lazza, who recently released his third album “Sirio”, at the top of the sales and streaming charts; Giovanni Boccia Artieri, sociologist, essayist and professor of Communication Sciences at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo; Cecilia Sala, journalist of Il Foglio, currently sent to Ukraine, and author of the very popular podcast Stories; Maximilian Schrems, activist, Austrian lawyer, known for winning two cases against Facebook on the management of European user data; rapper and singer Willie Peyote, who released his fifth studio album "Pornostalgia" on May 6; Michela Grasso, known on Instagram as the animator of @spaghettipolitics, an account dedicated to the story of Italian and international politics; Kety Fusco, revolutionary singer-songwriter and harpist; the European parliamentarian Brando Benifei, rapporteur of the Artificial Intelligence Act; Jessica Giorgia Senesi, a young TikToker who tells her more than 200,000 followers about her transition path; Pietro Turano, actor, LGBTQ + activist and co-star of SKAM Italia; Irene Graziosi, editorial manager of Venti, a project dedicated to the new generations, author and screenwriter, in bookstores with the novel "The profile of the other"; Mirko Cocca, project manager “Energie per Crescere”, E-Distribuzione; Valerio Mattioli, one of the founders of Prismo and editor of NERO, one of the leading cultural experts of the contemporary world; the journalist and author Alessandra Viola, who published "Flower Power. Plants and their rights" (Einaudi); the TikToker Erta Knk, who through her account tells about the coexistence with the boomers in the world of work; the writer Jonathan Bazzi, finalist of the Strega Prize in 2020, who has recently published his third novel "Minor bodies" (Mondadori); Guido Maria Brera, Chief Investment Officer of the Kairos Julius Baer Group and author of the novel "The Devils. Finance told from its black box "(Rizzoli), bestseller from which Sky made the namesake; Beatrice Mautino, author and science popularizer, followed online on her @divagatrice accounts; Francesco Oggiano, journalist and collaborator of Will Media, podcaster and author of the essay" SociAbility. How social media are changing the way we inform ourselves and do activism "(PIEMME); Luca Romano, founder of the online community" The Advocate of the Atom ", a team of researchers, physicists, disseminators and supporters of the responsible use of nuclear energy, and author of the book of the same name published by Fazi; Davide De Luca, aka Gemitaiz, rapper and record producer, who recently released the highly anticipated new album "Eclissi"; in connection from New York, Manuelito “Hell Raton”, rapper, talent scout, creative and artistic director and founder, together with Salmo and Slait, of Machete Empire Records; Sick Luke, one of the youngest and most prolific multi-platinum producers and rappers in Italy; Linda Feki, aka LNDFK, musician, singer and composer of Neapolitan and Arab origins; Mattia Falcone, aka Mattak, a young and talented rapper of Swiss origins; Alessandro Borghi, successful actor, in 2019 won the David di Donatello as Best Actor for "On my skin", a film dedicated to the story of Stefano Cucchi, and protagonist in recent weeks of the second season of "Diavoli"; the journalist Laura Cappon, author of a graphic novel dedicated to the story of Patrick Zaki entitled “Patrick Zaki. An Egyptian story ”(Feltrinelli Comics); Mattia Fantinati, deputy and president of the parliamentary intergroup of digital transformation and internet governance; Francesco Cicconetti, better known as @mehths, trans activist with 163,000 followers, uses social networks to tell about his transition path; Agnese Pini, director of the Florentine newspaper La Nazione, included in 2021 by Forbes magazine in the list of the 100 successful Italians of the year; Francesco Seghezzi, president of the ADAPT Foundation and one of the leading Italian experts on the world of work; the digital entrepreneur Paolo Barberis, founder of Dada and Nana Bianca, innovation advisor to the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella; Lorenzo Sciarretta, delegate of the President of the Lazio Region for youth policies; Maura Gancitano, philosopher, writer, television commentator and founder with Andrea Colamedici of Tlon, a community dedicated to social and cultural issues; Mauro Leonardi and Carmelo Pappalardo, or the Karma B, the most famous drag queens in Italy; Paolo Camilli, Italian author, actor, director and comedian who has conquered the web; Roberta Villa, a science journalist who used social media to report on the pandemic; Pier Paolo Di Fiore, full professor of General Pathology at the University of Milan and director of the Novel Diagnostics Program of the European Institute of Oncology; Stefano Feltri, director of the newspaper Domani; Massimiliano Garri, Director of Innovation & Market Solutions of the Terna Group; Edoardo Ferrario, stand up comedian, imitator and television personality, creator, author and interpreter of the “Esami” series; Davide Bartolucci, founder & CEO, SHADO; Niko Romito, the self-taught chef from Castel di Sangro who has won the beauty of three Michelin stars and who within a few years has become one of the most famous chefs in the world; Sabrina Efionayi, a young woman who told her incredible story in the novel “Goodbye, see you tomorrow” (Einaudi) and in the podcast “Italianah”, produced by Chora Media; Emilio Merlo Pich, Alfasigma research and development director; Laccio, one of the most important choreographers in the world (Eurovision, X Factor, The Young Pope); Francesca Montinaro, one of the most popular set designers on the international scene (Eurovision, Sanremo, Piazza Pulita); Sabrina Pisu, journalist and correspondent, author of “I take the world wherever it is” (Einaudi), biography of the photographer Letizia Battaglia; Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, political scientist, full professor of International Relations at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and director of ASERI (High School of Economics and International Relations); Simone Angioni, chemist with a passion for scientific dissemination, founder and president of the Scientificast association; Luca Grivet Foiaia, EY lead Technology Consulting; Nicola Tasco, president of Lazio Innova, Roberto De Feo, director and screenwriter, as well as one of the most talented Italian horror directors; Lorena Cesarini, a young and promising Italian actress, co-host of the second evening of the Sanremo 2022 Festival; Miguel Gobbo Diaz, Italian actor, born in Santo Domingo, since 2018 is one of the main characters of the Rai1 series "Nero a Metà 3" and one of the protagonists of the "Zero" series on Netflix; Livio Kone, lead actor of "Noi", the Italian adaptation of the very successful American TV series This is us, broadcast on Rai1; Stefano Rapone, comedian, author and stand-up comedian, former star of "Battute?" and “Una pezza di Lundini”, both broadcast on Rai2; Daniele Roselli, co-founder of Calciatori Brutti, the largest football social-community in Italy that tells the world of football through satire.

Things to know to follow the Next Fest in Florence Let's go back in attendance on May 28th at Palazzo Vecchio and we do it safely, following a few simple rules that we explain through the most frequently asked questions After the Florentine appointment, the Next Fest will return to Milan next autumn, on 7th and 1st 'October 8 at the Fabbrica del Vapore.

The Next Fest, with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and organized in collaboration with Audi, is also made possible thanks to the support of some partners:

Main partner: E-Distribuzione;

Content partner: AIRC Foundation;

Talking partner: Alfasigma, EY, Lazio Region through Lazio Innova, Terna;

Event partner : Alexa, Generali Italia, Gorillas Technologies Italy srl, Officina Profumo -Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella;

Official Radio: RTL 102.5;

Design Partner: Infiniti;

Wine Partner: Angelini Wines & Estates;

Production: Piano B;

Technical partner: Converso.

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