Mario Strikers and Diablo Immortal are the most anticipated games of the month of June 2022

Mario Strikers and Diablo Immortal are the most anticipated games of the month of June 2022

June 2022 promises to be a month of enormous interest for the videogame landscape, but this more for announcements and future prospects that will be revealed over the next few weeks than for the actual releases, despite the fact that among these there are games of great interest. Emblematic of the variety of games that await us over the course of the next month is also the fact that the two experiences that emerged as the most anticipated games of June 2022 are so different from each other: they are Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and Diablo Immortal. Two works that have practically no points in common with each other, but demonstrate, if nothing else, how even in the summer period there is a way to witness a remarkable liveliness and eclecticism of the videogame market.

For the rest, yes it is a moment of great importance for the near future of video games, as we said: E3 is no longer there but its spirit hovers particularly powerful, so much so that June remains as a concentrate of events and presentations of considerable magnitude.

It will start with the new State of Play on at midnight between 2 and 3 June, and then go through various events over the course of the following week up to the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, from which several announcements and news regarding the Microsoft universe. In short, in the middle of a month that seems all projected towards the future, made up of presentations and glimpses of what we will see in the following months and years, there will still be room for a considerable lineup of upcoming games, ranging from major productions, extremely indie interesting, ports and expansions.

The most eagerly awaited by the editorial staff

Diablo Immortal, a screenshot of the game The vote within the editorial team of proved to be very close, with 4 games finished in a dense sequence spaced of one point from each other, but in any case with Diablo Immortal which turns out to be the most anticipated game of June 2022. Despite the many reluctances shown above all by Blizzard fans since the announcement of this project, considered a bit of a sort of betrayal of expectations with the displacement of the historic brand on mobile platforms, it is still a new Diablo, moreover also arriving on PC and as free-to-play. It is difficult to remain completely indifferent to a new chapter in a historical series, despite the fact that it is a sort of spin-off characterized by a rather different production from the standard one of the other games in the series. Furthermore, the fact that it can be downloaded and played freely puts it within everyone's reach, so the expectation for Diablo Immortal is of considerable intensity, also considering the good impressions received between alpha and beta.

Immediately later, in second position we find Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, only one point apart and therefore missing the summit by a whisker. The expansion of Studio MDHR's splendid run and gun shooter is another incredible work of passion and videogame craftsmanship: also in this case it was an extremely long process, because the design and planning, in addition to having been done entirely in hand, they are practically concentrated in the hands of the two founding brothers of the team and a few others, so we can't wait to see the result of those efforts.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, a scene from the game Third position for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, undoubtedly one of the most important games among those coming this summer, which promises hours of great fun especially in multiplayer, in the full style of competitive Nintendo, and our recent test is a confirmation of this. Outside the podium, but also this one distanced by a single point from the previous one, we finally find Card Shark, one of the most interesting and promising indies of this period, based on an absolutely interesting and original idea such as shuffling cards with intrigues. politicians of the eighteenth century in France.

The most awaited by readers

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, an intermission scene No great enthusiasm emerges from the poll released to the readers of , given that the most chosen option turns out to be "none", nevertheless a rather clear preference emerges from this, although not exactly overwhelming: the most anticipated game of June 2022 is Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. It is a victory almost at the photo finish in fact, and above all it comes far below the main preference that goes to the typical "non-choice" that often transpires in the less excited months from the point of view of the outputs. Therefore, keeping in mind a lack of general enthusiasm for the next month, let's see how the choices actually related to the upcoming games went. The football title for Nintendo Switch wins the majority of the votes and is probably destined to do rather well on the market, considering the attractiveness that the subject in question can exercise and the quality typical of Nintendo first parties.

Two-way percentage points away, the runner-up is really close and it's Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, the maxi-expansion of MDHR's platform / shooter that has recently also become an animated TV series on Netflix. It therefore holds the same position seen also in the internal survey of the editorial staff, demonstrating how this title, despite being a simple addition to the original, is really long awaited by everyone, also considering the time taken for development.

The Quarry, a screenshot of the new Supermassive horror In third position we find Diablo Immortal, that is the one that emerged as the most voted by the editorial staff, essentially replicating the same composition of the podium but with different positions: also in this case, despite the initial controversies, it is clear how the Blizzard project has still aroused the curiosity of many and we therefore wait to get our hands on it to be able to find out more in depth. Immediately off the podium we find The Quarry, the new horror from Supermassive Games, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, another particularly awaited maxi-expansion. Little consideration for Uncharted: Collecting Legacy of Thieves on PC in these polls, but there is still a fair amount of curiosity about the series for the first time on the Windows platform.

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