Unlock! - Legendary Adventures | the review

Unlock! - Legendary Adventures | the review

Unlock! is a successful series of tabletop escape rooms launched in the land of the Alps by now in 2017. To date, twelve titles have been published (only one of which has not yet been located in Italy), including one dedicated to Star Wars; Legendary Adventures is the latest escape of the line re-proposed in Italian by Asmodee (together with Unlock! Kids).

Table escape room?

Re-propose the experience of an escape room through a board game is certainly very complex. Some titles try to recreate the sensations by providing material to manipulate (such as the Exit line), Unlock instead chooses a completely different path: computer support. In fact, the game is accompanied by a free downloadable App through which the interaction with the various proposed adventures certainly becomes more engaging than what can be done with simple cards.

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Unlock and the three for one formula

The titles of the Unlock line have always contained in a single box three different adventures, joined together by the theme indicated in the title. In this case the theme was Legendary Adventures and in fact the three escapes are:

Action story - low difficulty level

In this escape it seems to be in the middle of an action movie , with car chases, dragons and alien worlds.

Robin Hood: dead or alive - medium difficulty

The players are Nottinghamers: fed up with Prince Richard's abuses and of the Sheriff decide to join Robin Hood's brigands in the forest, but it won't be easy to find them!

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Burned Angels - advanced difficulty

Three stories and a tutorial

Paper, cardboard and computer science

One of the most important and valid aspects of Unlock! it is certainly the interaction through the App. The latter allows you to act on some of the objects in the game, introducing real minigames within the actual game. Furthermore, otherwise impossible methods of interaction are possible (without spoilers: archery from the story of Robin Hood or traveling by carriage around the city of London). In addition, the game also allows an evaluation of the difficulty or of the elements to be managed according to the number of participants, ensuring that everyone is involved. It is strongly recommended to use a tablet instead of a mobile phone: it is not strictly necessary, but it can certainly help in some circumstances.

Difficult steps?

Other titles

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This title of Unlock! hits the mark perfectly, with three original stories, fun and always different puzzles and mind-bending. Using the App provides a lot more fun (including the soundtrack), making everything more enjoyable and fun. Unquestionably a must have title for all fans of the genre.


There are two main elements to consider: the graphics and the physical. The first is of the highest quality: the illustrations are of the highest standard and always chosen according to the tone and setting of the story; graphics of this type are typically associated with many famous games. The physical part, on the other hand, is a bit fluctuating: the box is excellent (with the plastic shaped inside to contain the materials) and the cards; all the other prints are presented on low weight paper which does not do justice to the aesthetic quality. However, considering the one-shot nature of these games, the choice is not absolutely open to criticism.

Game suitable for…

All lovers of the puzzle and escape genre table room (even if we are now definitely over here). The increasing difficulty of the three adventures makes the title suitable even for the less experienced, remembering however that the game is never trivial.

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