Europe prepares a gas rationing plan in the event of a blockade from Russia

Europe prepares a gas rationing plan in the event of a blockade from Russia

The European Union (EU) is developing quota plans to be ready in the event of a complete halt in Russian gas imports. According to what was declared by the European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simons, in fact, the current level of uncertainty regarding trade relations between Russia and the Union does not allow the Commission to exclude that each Member State is subject to a real risk of seeing its own gas imports from Russia cut.

How much China weighs in Europe's mega-plan on solar panels The answer is a lot, because 2020 75% of solar panels imported into Europe came from the Dragon. Brussels has a strategy to get out of this dependence, with some unknowns This is what recently happened to Poland, Bulgaria and Finland, which after refusing to comply with the Russian decree to pay for gas in rubles instead of euros or dollars, yes are seen cutting off gas supply from Gazprom, Russia's state-owned supplier.

"So far we have managed to overcome the difficulties of these three Member States, mainly thanks to the solidarity of neighboring states", said the Commissioner in an interview, but "in case there is a complete interruption, we are preparing quota plans ".

According to rumors, the proposals on which the Commission is working in this sense would include a rationing of gas to industries, thus saving households. Industries represent about 27% of the use of gases of the Union, in particular in sectors such as chemicals, food and glass, and the Commission has however already specified that it will protect the supply chain for products considered essential as food, medicines and safety devices.

The Union had previously promised to replace two-thirds of Russian gas by the end of the year, renewing trade relations with other suppliers such as Egypt, Algeria and Israel, and perfecting its member states' ability to manage the liquefied natural gas arrived in copious quantities over the past three months.

What is this history of the obligation of solar panels decided by Europe It is part of a package, Repower Eu, of 300 billion euros to abandon Russian gas supplies, increase the contribution from renewable sources and increase energy savings. Full details Last week, the Commission also unveiled a € 210 billion plan to make the Union independent of Russian energy by 2027 which includes investments in renewable energy sources and cuts in energy use. br>
Becoming independent from Russian gas is not easy, but if the Union imported about 40% of its gas from Russia before the war, today we are at 26%, in line with the goal of reaching 13% within the end of the year. While waiting to understand how the situation of the oil embargo, temporarily blocked by the veto imposed by Hungary, will evolve, it seems clear that Brussels is determined to be ready for energy whatever the tactics of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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