The Quarry is the horror that was missing | Preview

The Quarry is the horror that was missing | Preview

Scare today is a concept that goes beyond the classicism of horror and in the videogame environment it is even more difficult than one might think, even more difficult than cinema. Today almost nothing is frightening in itself, you have to use other types of hooks and transform horror into an experience different from entering the room to get scared.

Supermassive Games is one of those that not only have accepted the challenge, but they based their "existence" on the market starting from the famous Until Dawn and continuing with the less fortunate Anthology Dark Pictures, far from over despite a fluctuating trend. The basic idea is to combine cinematic horror with video game horror, complete with ways to play on the couch or online in times of pandemics, not to mention famous faces on TV or the big screen. Dark Pictures, however, was looking for that horror that was too busy, too true or otherwise unable to balance between one thing and another.

The return of summer camp

But The Quarry is all another music: it is the return to the teen horror movie which apparently is of low category but which in reality is astute in chasing those atmospheres made of homages, references and situations that go from embarrassing to disturbing in a second. A breath of fresh air with a nostalgic flavor that hits horror fans in what they want today: the experience of mystery, the desire to be inside a fourth-rate film to immerse yourself in the cheesy and break them down to regain the expressiveness of horror styles. Here is The Quarry traveling on these tracks and luckily it does.

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But it's hard not to be impressed by the presence of iconic TV actresses like Brenda Song (London Tipton by Zack and Cody at the Grand Hotel for the most nostalgic) and Ariel Winter (Alex by Modern Family) or David Arquette for those closer to horror than to teenagers. What falls within the norm of Supermassive is there and remains present for what appears to be the skeleton of The Quarry: therefore we are talking about moral choices, quick time events and the possibility of experiencing multiple paths depending on the decisions that will be taken both towards the threats, both in weaving relationships between teenagers from bad decisions about where to spend the vacation. The weight of the choices is not yet something that we can analyze, being a factor to be measured over the long term, however already now it is evident that there are specific signals that set in motion possibly beneficial or catastrophic events, this time much more recognizable and in any case left behind. in a situation ambiguous enough to make all the alternatives presented valid.

The right light

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