Portable humidifiers for the winter | The best of 2022

Portable humidifiers for the winter | The best of 2022

We are sure that it will have happened to you more than once that the air inside your home becomes, for various reasons, a little dry and with winter this phenomenon tends to manifest itself more often, especially when turn on the fireplace or the radiators. To solve this unfortunate situation, there are products dedicated to this purpose, portable humidifiers.

An air humidifier is nothing more than an appliance that generates water vapor to maintain the correct humidity level in the air. giving relief to the airways for both adults and children. As you can imagine, this device is ideal for all environments that tend to have particularly dry air, but before pointing out what are, in our opinion, the best portable humidifiers for the winter, we want to explain briefly and in detail. their operation is simple.

First of all, there are two types of humidifiers: hot ones and cold ones. In the first case, the steam is produced by bringing the water to a boil by heating with an electrical resistance, while in the second case there is an ultrasound emitter that produces the steam by nebulizing the water in a mist of very fine and invisible particles. As often happens, here too there are advantages and disadvantages between the two types of humidifiers.

Read also: Dehumidifiers for the summer | The best of 2021 For example, the hot one has the advantages of producing perfectly sterilized steam and the possibility of adding essential oils to make the environment more fragrant. The disadvantages, on the other hand, lie in the longer operating time, since it is necessary to wait for the water to heat up before starting operation, which, on the other hand, does not happen in cold humidifiers, since the steam is sprayed immediately. Having said that, we have selected for you a series of models, both low and high, in order to meet everyone's needs. The models shown below are all on Amazon, so buying one will be very simple, as well as particularly advantageous for the wallet.

The best portable humidifiers for the winter

TopEsct humidifier Philips humidifier Levoit humidifier Pro Breeze humidifier Elechomes humidifier Stadler Form humidifier

TopEsct humidifier

Let's start our list of the best portable humidifiers for the winter with an entry-level product, not suitable for larger rooms but which still allows give new life to the air when needed, for example after a chamber has been closed for several hours. Its operation is ultrasonic, so the result is instantaneous, and its 500 ml capacity allows continuous operation up to 10 hours. Made with a unique style, this humidifier has 7 selectable LED lights, which make it a particularly suitable object for giving the environment a different look, as well as making the air cleaner. In addition, it is also possible to add essential oils, a feature that makes this model one of the best sellers.


Philips humidifier

Generic photos . To be particularly interesting is this Philips model that you see on the right, since it has a design that can adapt to any environment. Not surprisingly, it is one of the best reviewed models, but not only thanks to its unique and original appearance. Small and compact, once in operation it will do everything automatically, ensuring pure and healthy air throughout the house thanks to NanoCloud technology, which helps to spread less bacteria in the air. Perfect for rooms up to 45 square meters.


Levoit humidifier

This solution created by Levoit boasts a LED display with which it will be possible to control real time the exact level of humidification present in the air. With a capacity of 6 liters, it can offer 50 hours of autonomy, making it perfect for night as well as day use. The operation is based on ultrasound, so once started the result will be instantaneous and can cover a room up to 70 square meters. Also, you can connect it under your wifi network and control it via Alexa.


Pro Breeze Humidifier

Generic photos. For those who want or need a high-level humidifier, we suggest considering this model which, unlike most similar solutions, can be used both cold and hot depending on the time of day or depending on the your tastes. The capacity is over 5 liters and the manufacturer ensures continuous use up to 47 hours, while as regards the surface it can cover large rooms, reaching up to 70 square meters. A high-level product that does not cost that much, whose only weak point is the absence of support for Alexa and Google, so you will have to use it and control it manually.


Elechomes humidifier

Among the best portable humidifiers for the winter it is worth noting, in addition to the previous model, also the one produced by Elechomes, since it is a really valid product capable of flexing muscles even in the largest and most complex rooms. Thanks to the 6-liter capacity, autonomy is not a problem and has 3 speeds with which to clean the air of all those invisible substances that can cause damage to health over time. Being one of the best humidifiers you can buy right now, it boasts both cold and hot modes, so it fits perfectly into any situation and need. There is also the automatic mode, which allows you to automatically manage the emission of fog based on the surrounding conditions. It is so sophisticated that it even manages to keep houseplants, wood floors and furniture healthy.


Stadler Form humidifier

Generic photos . With an included aroma diffuser and a noise level of only 26dB, the Stadler Form is undoubtedly one of the best humidifiers on the market today. The price well exceeds the € 100 threshold, but you will have an appliance that can improve the indoor air in rooms up to 50 square meters. Thanks to the power of 18W, which allows it to release 300 grams of humidity per hour, you will immediately notice an improvement in the air and the control LED lights can be adjusted for the night, together with the automatic shutdown once the tank 3.5 liters empty.


How to choose portable humidifiers

After understanding what are the advantages of having a humidifier at home and after discovering which models are the most interesting, it is now time to discover the most important factors that determine the purchase of a specific model rather than another. There are several aspects to consider, but we have briefly summarized them below:

Capacity and autonomy

As often happens with similar devices, the capacity of the tank plays a fundamental role, from moment which coincides with the autonomy of the humidifier. It is therefore logical to expect that a large model will ensure a longer operating life than a small model, which is why the choice should fall based on the size of the room in which you want to place the device. In any case, it is always advisable to evaluate a model capable of guaranteeing a coverage greater than that of your room, in order to have excellent efficiency.


As anticipated in the initial part , humidifier manufacturers can rely on different operating technologies, which will then have an impact on the efficiency of the product. These can be hot, also called boiling, and cold, which are the ones that emit ultrasounds. Both guarantee excellent efficiency, obviously depending on the market segment in which they are placed, but it is worth underlining some differences between the two types.

Boiling humidifiers are distinguished by their steam perfectly sterilized, which makes them preferable for those looking for a solution that focuses heavily on air quality, but have the disadvantage of consuming more energy and being slower to produce steam. Ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, produce steam immediately but, at least on paper, they do not ensure the same quality as boiling models.


A good humidifier should not be without some basic functions, including operation timer, emission adjustment and a night mode. Although not important, some models then allow you to insert essential oils, which are useful for scenting the environment as well as humidifying it. If you opt for a fairly expensive model, it is good then to evaluate if the latter has some extra features, such as remote control or even the possibility of being commanded via voice commands, as happens for example with the Levoit humidifier. br>

The benefits of portable humidifiers

A humidifier adds moisture to the air, helping people feel better in a variety of ways. In most cases, the humidifier is used by those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems. As moisture is added to the air, a variety of breathing-related discomforts, such as nasal congestion, will relieve, and in turn sneezing and coughing may also be reduced.

Portable humidifiers also can also have a positive effect on dry skin, chapped lips, scalp and, in general, on all the typical effects of winter weather. Even hair can have benefits, since dry air tends to make it electric.

How to clean a humidifier

Since humidifiers use water, it is important to clean them often to avoid formation of mold. It is a good idea to clean the device at least once a week, making sure to check any instructions in the manual to make sure you are using the correct cleaning method. Some models can be washed in the dishwasher, while others may need a special detergent such as vinegar.

If your humidifier has small cracks, we recommend cleaning these too. In some cases, you may find a cleaning brush in the package but, if not, you can rely on the classic toothbrush.

If possible, use distilled water, since tap water may have minerals that they can settle or accumulate on the surface of the device, becoming a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria and molds.

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