Sniper Elite 5 smells like dew and gunpowder perfume | Review

Sniper Elite 5 smells like dew and gunpowder perfume | Review

Sniper Elite 5 is the last chapter of a myth. We are all a bit of an intimate avid shooter users. From mainstream to niche opera, we grew up with a pinch of adrenaline and shared many afternoons with friends that we may not even remember. This videogame genre has an almost mythological value in the sector, because it includes historical nuances and revenge the memories that our grandparents handed down to us. In particular, Sniper Elite 5 has the honor and the burden of telling a thread of that story that our relatives mumbled in fits and starts. A yellowish photo in a historical album that we often fantasized about burying in the garden or a faded memory of one who remembers too many details.

What makes the game exciting and worth telling is its historical nature, which mixes a meticulous environmental reconstruction with a legendary tone. Rebellion Developments has now well identified the niche of enthusiasts who prefer tactics and detail to a more goliardic flow of adrenaline. However, does the work manage to be evocative and faithful to the pages of the historian who wishes to disturb or will stumble into the pit of ambition? I remember that this chapter awaits you from May 26, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Photographs of war and repentance

War not only transformed, seized and manipulated, but aged, branded and imprisoned. No, I am not speaking of a room limited by imposing metal bars, but of mental cages, from which it was even more difficult to escape, even with the door open. These memories helped me gain a deeper understanding of the human dynamics radiating into the game's history. You see, the point is that you can't just discuss gameplay in a chapter like this, because it would be sketchy and incomplete. Historical reconstruction is a monolith in this small development studio enterprise and is to be commended.

The Phantom's Judgment

The hot topic of the Sniper Elite 5 review remains, for obvious reasons, the gameplay. Although our test had delimited many of the strengths and potential defects of the title, we have now had proof of the criticality of reiterations. When it is necessary to approach a work of a tactical nature, it is legitimate to think about how much creativity has been squeezed to obtain the juice of originality. Each mission linked to history - and not - boasts a unique and original concept. We will be in the shoes of the phantom sniper Karl Fairburne, whom we loved for his charisma and moral fiber. His warfare prowess allows the player a fan-shaped approach in various thorny situations. You can prefer the sniper, who offers moments of pure pleasure for singular and spectacular kills, as well as embrace a more dynamic and bold style, perhaps holding a machine gun.

The stealth concert

The attention to detail, both historical and technical, appears in great dust on the entire line of weapons, giving the player a huge range of accessories to perfect the own strategic art. The critical issues mostly come on the front of AI and recurrence. Although there are interactions designed to dampen the routine actions imposed by the game, in the long run some approaches are cloying and you begin to prefer some styles more out of necessity than out of curiosity. The feedback in gunfights remains a positive note that even veterans of the genre will appreciate on a large scale, as does the clever arsenal at our disposal during the fights.

A mission not always bewitching

However, there is no doubt that some game mechanics are discouraged by a sufficiently punishing game design. Tactical error is always severely punished and forces the player to reformulate his strategy with greater care and dedication. Before any area to be addressed of a certain complexity, Sniper Elite 5 knows how to pamper the player with small supply centers, in which to design with which to then give breath to their choices. Nothing too exciting perhaps, but we must appreciate the intention of the team to provide the player with all the tools to orchestrate the mission in freedom.

The aspect of artificial intelligence is extremely limp, some movements they are strangely unnatural and do not reflect the dictates of human behavior. In the long run one perceives the idea of ​​fighting against a machine and this goes in contrast to the sublime historical and environmental identification, widely praised previously. Even in the face of a clear case of general alert with us breaking through everything with a machine gun, it almost seems as if the enemies are at times asleep and woody. A shame for a title with this aesthetic care.

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