Cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S | The best of 2022

Cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S | The best of 2022

With the new next-gen consoles introduced in the homes of gamers for at least a year, it is increasingly necessary to search for space to store their purchased games which, by now, are becoming more and more. Ok, you need an SSD… but at what price? The official Xbox Series X | S solutions are very practical to use as they have been optimized for use with Microsoft's two next-gen consoles, but there are other alternative methods that certainly weigh less on your wallet.

That's why in this guide we recommend the best cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S on the market, an always updated list of all the most affordable products without sacrificing speed and quality. Before venturing into this list of shopping tips, maybe check out the best Xbox Series X | S External Hard Drives, the best SSDs, and the best Xbox controllers.

Cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S, the best

Crucial CT1000, the cheapest and fastest Western Digital Black Desktop D30, the most suitable for the next-gen SureFire Gaming SSD , the optimized for video games Seagate Expansion SSD, the most compact Seagate Game Drive SSD with 2 months of Xbox Game Pass SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD, the best value for money

Crucial CT1000, the cheapest and the fastest

Among the best inexpensive SSDs for Xbox Series X | S, the Crucial CT1000 model, available in the X6 and X9 variants, is certainly the least expensive solution. Both models are versatile and are well suited for storing games for next-gen consoles thanks to their versatility. As for the X6, also make sure you get a USB-A adapter, but if you haven't, be careful because some products are sold bundled with it. The reading speed of the Crucial CT1000 is between 540 MB / s (model x6, the cheapest) and 1050 MB / s (model x8, the fastest), and their compactness makes the devices useful on the move. To support this handy feature, the shell is able to withstand drops from about 2 meters in height and extreme temperatures.

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Western Digital Black Desktop D30, the most suitable for the next-gen

The WD Black Desktop D30 SSD is another very cheap and fast solution in terms of reading (900 MB / s), but it is also the model that is most suitable for storage of next-gen games. The D30, in fact, was designed specifically for next-generation console gaming, with enhanced reading speeds to reduce loads. The elegant design of the body is also a not indifferent plus if you care about the aesthetics of your gaming station with Xbox Series X | S.

»See WD Black Desktop D30 1 TB on Amazon

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SureFire Gaming SSD, the most beautiful

Speaking of aesthetics, we could not fail to include the best cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S also the SureFire Gaming SSD, a device with a body really suitable for gaming thanks to graphics and RGB LEDs. The reading speed of the SureFire is around 450 MB / s, certainly not the maximum speed, but still able to keep up with the other solutions on this list thanks to a damn competitive price.

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Seagate Expansion SSD, the most compact

* The Seagate Expansion SSD wins a spot among budget SSDs for Xbox Series X | S due to its competitive price and compactness, despite 400MB / s speed. The smallness of Seagate's Expansion SSD makes the device so light and compact that it fits perfectly in your pocket, for a more than easy portability: its small size is ideal for taking your stored games for a walk, perhaps at a friend's house with Xbox or just to take a few trips accompanied by your console.

»View Seagate Expansion SSD 1 TB on Amazon

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Seagate Game Drive SSD with 2 Months of Xbox Game Pass

Cheap SSDs Xbox Series X | S Another model of Seagate SSD is the officially licensed Xbox Game Drive, sold in tandem with a juicy 2-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's digital platform that gives you access to an immense library of video games on PC and consoles. The partnership with Xbox has given rise to an excellent connectivity configuration of the USB 3.0 ports that guarantee performance up to 540 MB / s: this means lightning-fast performance that reduces startup and loading times. Finally, the compact, solid and lightweight design ensures flawless transport and storage.

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Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD, the best for value for money

The true champion of cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S it is definitely the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. The reason? It has it all, with a good average read speed (550 MB / s), with different storage sizes and at a price that falls under € 200 (taking 1 TB as a unit of measurement). The SanDisk Extreme SSD isn't just cheap, it's also compact enough to use as a keychain, and its shell is non-slip, hydrophobic, and shockproof, while storage sizes start at 250GB and go up to 2TB. .

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How to choose between cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S

Storage space

Choosing the SSD that suits you best is an essential operation from storage space. Choose the size of your device well: if you play many games there is a risk that the SSD you have taken will not be able to contain them all, vice versa if you play little stuff, taking one too large could be a waste of resources. br>

Reading speed

For the moment there is no official method to play Xbox Series X | S games from your SSD, this means that these devices currently only serve as storage of your videogame collection. In this case, the reading speed of the SSDs can be essential if you are a compulsive gamer who continuously plays many different video games over the course of the week, so much so that you are forced to swap them from the internal storage of the Xbox to the SSD all the time. If not, don't pay too much attention to the reading speed ... the important thing is that it doesn't go below 100 MB / s if you have little time to play.

Connection interface

Cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S that we have presented to you in this article are not official Microsoft products, for this reason some of the products listed by us may have been designed for more functions than simple console gaming: this could mean that some products need adapters (sold separately) to connect to your Xbox, as with the Crucial CT1000X6.

Resistance to shocks, liquids and dust

One of the things you might want take into consideration, when choosing one of the cheap SSDs for Xbox Series X | S that we have presented to you in this article, it is certainly the presence of some additional features that go beyond the space available inside the SSD and its fast ty of reading. In the case of the SanDisk Extreme SSD, for example, you may come across the words: "Waterproof and dustproof, IP-55 rated". But what exactly does "Class IP-55" mean?

The IP-XX degree (often also referred to as "class") summarizes with an acronym, the level of protection of a device from the entrance of the dust, such as not to interfere with the operation of the device, as well as how much water can be projected with a jet on the casing, in all directions, without causing harmful effects. Obviously, the higher the value, the greater the protection.

In the specific case of the SanDisk Extreme SSD, we are faced with a device capable of resisting the dust and splashes of water that can be encountered in the daily use, more than enough value for an SSD designed to be carried inside a bag and placed on the most diverse surfaces during mobile work sessions.

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