The Witcher 3: likeassassin's Ciri cosplay fights in the mud

The Witcher 3: likeassassin's Ciri cosplay fights in the mud

The Witcher 3

The Witcher will return in the future with a new chapter and, in the hope of the fans, will focus on Ciri, goddaughter of Geralt, protagonist of the saga that ended with The Witcher 3. Waiting for confirmation or denial, the world of cosplay keeps alive the passion for the princess of Cintra. For example, we can now see a series of photos taken by likeassassin: her cosplay of Ciri shows us the warrior fighting in the mud.

Ciri's version of likeassassin is obviously that of The Witcher 3. Let's see a Ciri grown up, traveling the world and fighting, literally ready to get dirty. The cosplayer has chosen a perfect setting for this character, with wooden buildings that resemble a small settlement or a small fortress. The sky is gray and the muddy ground is covered with water. These three shots are able to tell us a story: in the first shot we see Ciri in difficulty, on the ground, without a sword, in the second we see her from the point of view of her attacker, whether he is a monster or a soldier, who has been pierced by the girl's blade. Finally, we see Ciri getting up and cleaning herself from the mud that covers her.

If you are a fan of The Witcher 3, then you shouldn't miss the cosplay of Triss in a green dress from grusha_cos: she is kissed by the sunset. Then here's the Triss cosplay by mira_ladovira: it's sumptuous. We close with the cosplay of Ciri from sayathefox.

Tell us, what do you think of Ciri's cosplay made by likeassassin? Has The Witcher 3 character been recreated in the best way, or do you think you've seen higher quality versions?

Have you noticed any errors?

The Witcher 3 Almost Lost An Iconic Element

Given the size and massive amount of content featured in 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,' space for side activities was slim and everything included in the game had to be carefully considered by CD Projekt Red. Gwent was initially considered to be one of these side activities, but the idea was eventually dropped when the powers-that-be wanted to focus on other aspects of the game. Jason Slama, a UI programmer for 'The Witcher 3', told IGN in a retrospective: '[M]y lead didn't really want to do Gwent because we just didn't have time for it,' Jason Slama, a UI programmer for 'The Witcher 3.'

Despite the pushback from the top, CD Projekt Red employees Damien Monnier and Rafal Jaki — who were big fans of card games — insisted on including Gwent in the final game. In response to their pleas, studio head Adam Badowski gave them three days to come up with a simplistic proof of concept, or else the minigame would be left behind. Monnier and Jaki did just that and after showing off the game and allowing Badowski to play it for himself, Gwent was ultimately included in 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.'

It's hard to imagine such an influential game without one of its most popular minigames, but that was nearly the reality for 'Witcher' fans.

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