Gemitaiz at Wired Next Fest 2022: "Loneliness allowed me to write Eclipse"

Gemitaiz at Wired Next Fest 2022: Loneliness allowed me to write Eclipse

Gemitaiz at Wired Next Fest 2022

To say that among the fans of Italian rap there was anticipation for his latest album is an understatement. Gemitaiz's last recording event, born Davide De Luca, dates back to 2018 and only a few days ago had a sequel with Eclissi, a project that finally came to light a few weeks ago. On the stage of the Next Fest 2022 in Florence, the rapper retraced the genesis of his latest work, telling himself and his desire to express himself through music.

Everything starting from the world of rap today, of the stories it tells about the past. “Social denunciation was once the fundamental pillar - recalled Gemitaiz -. Now rap has gotten a little more artist-centric, introspective. Someone tells of more intimate and personal things, while others continue to embody the stereotype, with a generation gap that often divides these two types of production. I simply believe that music has to tell something strong, whether it is about yourself or about society ".

Gemitaiz after all, has lived through both eras:" When I started with rap there was no public nor the scene, but an underground market. Then slowly everything became bigger and bigger until it became the most listened to music in the world. I didn't know it was going to happen, but I knew for sure it was going to be the music I wanted to make, and I know that even if it didn't happen it would still be; it is special in its being rough and rough ”.

His latest album, on the other hand, came after a pause marked by a two-year pandemic that changed the world and risked distancing artists from their fans. “I didn't have the thought that the public had forgotten about me, but I actually had doubts about how my latest work would be received in a long time. After all, I've always been paranoid towards my music. I think it is important, however, to always question oneself and never be sure how a project will be received. It can be an incentive to do better every time. ”

Eclipse not only came after the Covid pandemic, but was written mainly in its darkest period, that of the lockdown. “The charm of loneliness is what allowed me to write this record, which I wrote all in pandemic. This prompted me to do some research, both musical and on myself; basically the darkness is always interesting because you never know what's inside, and it was also years that I wanted to start experimenting and producing. I've always been there to be a conductor but I never started playing, and even now it takes me four times as long as the others. The curiosity to learn a new aspect of your work, however, leads you to have a different approach than those who have been dealing with it for years ".

The Eclissi tour will not be dedicated only to the last album:" Durante i will also play the last mixtape live. It will be a live of almost two hours, it will have almost everything in it, from the new stuff to the more nostalgic one, and if you manage to do a good mix you will go from the songs where you tear yourself clothes to those in which you hug your friend. It will be an energetic concert but one that will have more intimate and soft moments, which will have an emotional impact as strong as the others ".

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