Steam Next Fest 2022: the best demos to try

Steam Next Fest 2022: the best demos to try

Steam Next Fest 2022

The Steam Next Fest 2022 has begun and, like the previous editions, it represents a precious opportunity to learn about some interesting indie production coming to PC. Among discounts, livestream events and announcements, in fact, the most interesting element is probably the fact that literally hundreds of demos are made available to users, truly generating the embarrassment of choosing what to download and try.

A week of time becomes little to be able to extricate yourself from such a rich offer and so let's try to give some indications on what could be the most interesting games to experiment these days, selecting 15 demos to download and try with a certain priority over the tide of stuff made available.

Obviously these are only suggestions based on the overall value, the strangeness or the originality of the various games available, then you have to put on it too everyone's personal tastes. So you can start from these ideas and work out your own path of discovery, perhaps sharing with us, in the comments below, the best demo that you managed to find even among the lesser-known games and in view of this edition of the Steam Next Fest.

Among those selected in the article there are several titles that we have already started to follow for some time, plus some promising new more or less unknown proposal, but it's up to you to choose and launch yourself into the most disparate experiences, thanks to this excellent initiative from Valve.

Card Shark

Card Shark Let's start with one of the most interesting titles included in the large list of demos for the Steam Next Fest: Card Shark is a clever mix between an adventure and card game, set in 18th century French society.

Steam Next Fest 2022 is live and includes hundreds of new game demos

Steam Next Fest 2022 went live today with demos from all kinds of titles and developers. It’s a great excuse to step out of your comfort zone and try out some games you wouldn’t normally play. The previous Steam Next Fest was in October 2021, and it brought just as many new and interesting demos. If you missed the last even, check this one out before it ends on February 28.

This is an especially fantastic opportunity to check out games by indie developers from across the PC gaming space. Steam Next Fest shines an important spotlight on titles that often slip past a lot of gamers. So, make sure to poke around and try out loads of games this week because who knows, you may find your next favorite title of 2022.

During the event, there’ll be live streams showcasing plenty of different games and interviews with developers. These streams will allow those who don’t have much time in their week to play some of their most anticipated titles themselves. The full broadcasting schedule is available on Steam.

But for those that are ready to try out some games, you’re spoiled for choice. Anticipated indie titles like Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle and multiplayer shooter Boundary will both have playable demos. Beyond that, almost every genre of game is here, from strategy and simulation to RPGs and puzzle games. There are seriously a lot of game demos, so really the best way to experience this Steam Next Fest is to dive straight in and play some games.

The timing of this event also lines up with the release of the Steam Deck at the end of February. This could be a great time to check out games you wouldn’t mind playing on the go. You’d better hurry, though, since Steam Next Fest’s February 2022 event is only around for this week.

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