Are There Any VR Horse Racing Games?

The world of games has advanced to a point where it is hard to tell the difference between reality and virtually created worlds. The biggest tech innovation that is still on the rise, Virtual Reality, is the thing that will bring games close to use and give us the opportunity to experience new worlds in the first person.

Virtual Reality found itself very useful for eSports, allowing us to become real athletes without actually having the abilities.

Horse Racing is perfect when it comes to Virtual Reality just because the real-life sport is somewhat distant for the average person, and not everybody can try to ride one of the best racehorses of all time according to TwinSpires ranking.

Even though VR technology has been around us for quite a while, it seems like there are still plenty of options to explore when it comes to gaming. In terms of horse racing VR games, unfortunately, the VR options aren’t many.

Here are some of the horse racing games that allow you to become a jockey and experience the sport firsthand.

Virtual Reality Horse Racing Games

Starters Orders 6

Starters Orders 6 is actually a long-running horse racing management game, where you can build up stables, breed horses, and compete in high-level horse racing events all around the world. This is one of the games that are as close to reality as possible, where you have to manage many things in order to survive and make money in the horse racing world.

By winning races, you can get the prize money to buy new horses, hire trainers, and boost the funds that are required for running a successful stable.

This game will help you become a master of horse racing and learn more about the sport than any other game. The gameplay is very entertaining even though the graphics are not very good for today’s standards.

However, the best thing that Starters Order 6 has is a VR option. The Virtual Reality option will put you in the saddle and allow you to race your own horses using the Oculus Rift. It is one of the few games that offer such a feature and it is good enough to give you an idea of what is like to become a jockey.

Horse Racing 2016

This is another horse racing simulator that also comes with a VR option, however, the game isn’t as good its terms of graphics and mechanics. Horse Racing 2016 comes with two modes, a Single Player Championship Mode and Multiplayer Mode that can be played by up to 4 players on a split-screen.

Horse Racing 2016 doesn’t offer very realistic graphics, which is expected since we talking about a game released in 2016. With that said, its VR function is quite original and will allow you to experience horse racing in the first person.

However, the mechanics of this game aren’t as good as other horse racing games, and the steering of the horse doesn’t feel like the real thing. With that said, even though it comes with a VR it is not enough to give you that realistic horse-riding experience close to real life.

Final Words

There aren’t many VR horse racing games and those that allow VR gameplay is not made with the latest technologies meaning that the experience you’ll get won’t be revolutionary. However, as the popularity of horse racing increases, we expect more game developers to jump on this fast-moving train and enter the market of horse racing games.

eSports, particularly horse racing is a low-competitive section in the gaming market not overly crowded with big game developing names, allowing new companies to emerge with VR games. On top of that, since horse racing isn’t available for everyone to try, VR games provide the best way people can experience the sport in first person.

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