Metal: Hellsinger is the definitive game for those who love metal and FPS | Tried

Metal: Hellsinger is the definitive game for those who love metal and FPS | Tried


The latest DOOM Eternal, in addition to being a great game in general, had a notable virtue: knowing how to combine a metal / rock soundtrack with frenetic and fun gameplay. Most likely this is what prompted the developers, Outsiders, to give rise to Metal: Hellsinger, a rhythm shooter game that tries to combine metal music and shooting phases in an exciting combination.

We recently had the 'opportunity to preview the first hours of this atypical FPS distributed by Funcom and we were pleasantly surprised, even if it is still early to give a definitive judgment, we can at least underline that we are faced with FPS that could have more things to say than what you might think and if you don't believe it, you can see it for yourself during the next Steam Next Fest expected in June, which will give you the opportunity to try the experience for free.

At the pace of Metal!

The idea behind Metal: Hellsinger is strongly inspired by the concept seen in DOOM, where the narrative component becomes only a pretext to make your way through hordes of ravenous demons, but this does not mean that it is anyway from below. to evaluate since the team has directly hired the famous actor Troy Baker to tell the story of the protagonist. However, it becomes difficult to be able to evaluate the story after only two hours, as what we know is limited to a demon seeking revenge in the underworld.

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We are therefore faced with a shooter in first person where not only reflexes and aims to make a difference, but also our ability to know how to keep the musical rhythm (we assure you that after an hour you will begin to move your head like a real metalhead). To help us in this, there is an on-screen indicator, positioned right next to the viewfinder, which helps us to click the mouse and keyboard at a rhythm for every single action, which is not aimed only at shooting, but also at executions (just DOOM style ) and fast charging. Initially we must admit that it was not easy to get used to this style of play, as damage to enemies brought out of rhythm generates very little damage, inevitably leading to premature death.

By the way, the game does not offer a checkpoint system, but it's all based on scores. By eliminating the demons we get points that allow us to be able to resurrect in case of departure. If the score obtained is not enough for us to respawn, we are forced to restart the level from the beginning. This greatly increases the difficulty, but is still quite accessible for any type of player.

Beyond the shooting component (which works well) and the extravagant idea of ​​rhythmic music, there remains more than a few doubts about the variety of situations. We do not know if the full game will offer collectibles, upgrades and so on, just as exploration seems to be oriented towards a single linear path. This could greatly limit the gaming experience. but it is also true that we are certainly not talking about a triple A product, how much more of a video game that tries to offer something different.

It should however be emphasized that Funcom has invested a lot in Outsiders, managing to have music from the likes of: Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility), Björn Strid (Soilwork), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) and James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate). In short, you will have understood that we are certainly not listing the latest additions to metal music. In addition to the music, however, we expect the final version to express something more in terms of content.

Summing up

Metal: Hellsinger promises to be a first-person shooter capable of immersing the player in a context of rather mechanical atypical, but also functional and well thought out. The idea of ​​developing a rhythm shooter game at DOOM is certainly a good idea and even if the production seems limited in some respects, the idea of ​​slaughtering hundreds of demons of hell to the rhythm of metal could be worth the price in itself. of the ticket.

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