Clash Mini, how to play the beta in Italy right away

Clash Mini, how to play the beta in Italy right away

Clash Mini

Supercell's latest crackling title, Clash Mini, was recently released in beta only in some countries, a list in which Italy is not present. Did you know that it is still possible to start playing right away with us too?

Here's how to download Clash Mini on your Android or iOS smartphone to start playing immediately!

How to download Clash Mini on Android

Method 1: download the APK file

Download Clash Mini APK - 1.1142.10 Download Clash Mini APK - 1.1143.2 Download Clash Mini APK - 1.1488.5 Download Clash Mini APK - 1.1589. 3 ← LATEST VERSION! The file was retrieved by us directly from the Google Play Store and is completely safe.

| ); } Once you have downloaded the file in the memory of your Android smartphone or tablet, to install Clash Mini you just need to use any File Manager, such as Google Files, and locate the APK in question. Just touch the file to proceed with the installation!

Warning: if you have never previously installed an APK file, you may be asked for authorization to install applications from unknown sources. Enable the option and proceed as explained above. For greater security, remember to disable the option once the procedure is complete.

APK files: what they are and how</a> to install them on your Android This procedure will install a specific version of the application, which will then not be updated via Google Play Store. An update may be required in the future in order to continue playing, we will update this article as soon as we get the chance with the new updated APK files.

Method # 2: Download via Google Play Store

This method to download Clash Mini is a bit longer and more complex but it will allow you to download the application directly from the Google Play Store and receive all updates directly.

To download Clash Mini from Google Play Store you need to create a new Google account located in one of the countries where the Supercell game is available, to do this we will need to use a VPN. You can find the list of the best VPNs in our dedicated article.

Once you have downloaded and configured the VPN of your choice, go to the Settings of your smartphone and look for the Google Play Store in the App item. Tap the Force interrupt button to close the Play Store, then open the VPN app and select Finland as the connection server.

Now you can reopen the Google Play Store and after tapping on the top right your profile photo, touch the arrow as shown in the images to open the menu from which you can find the item Add another account.

From here, just follow the Google wizard to creating a new Gmail account, you can safely enter fictitious data. This whole procedure must be performed while remaining connected to the VPN's Finnish servers.

Once the account has been created, check that the Google Play Store is used as an active profile, simply by selecting it in the dedicated menu from which you first created it . Now just click on the following link that will take you to the official page of the Google Play Store of Clash Mini, from which you can download:

Download Clash Mini from the Google Play Store Once you have installed the app you can safely disconnect the VPN and enjoy Clash Mini at any time you want!

How to download Clash Mini on iOS or iPadOS

Downloading Clash Mini on iOS devices can only be done through an Apple account (iCloud) whose location is in one of the countries where the beta is officially available. However, it is possible to change the country of your Apple account, to do so you just need:

Open the Apple App Store Touch on your profile in the top right of the screen Touch on your name, it will take you to a new page Here find the entry Change country or region and tap it Enter the following information: Country - Finland Bank information - None City - any city in Finland Street - any address in the above city Zip code - search for the correct number for the chosen address Telephone - your real phone number Once you have confirmed the operation, you can easily download Clash Mini directly from the Apple App Store at the following address:

Download Clash Mini iOS / iPadOS from the Apple App Store That's all, have fun !

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