Alessandro Borghi at the Wired Next Fest: "Cinema must be communication"

Alessandro Borghi at the Wired Next Fest: Cinema must be communication

Alessandro Borghi at the Wired Next Fest

From the Cannes red carpet to the Next Fest. Returning from the prestigious French film festival - where he presented his latest film, The Eight Mountains, which won the jury prize ex aequo with Eo - Alessandro Borghi, one of the most eclectic and popular actors of our cinema, is also the protagonist on the small screen, where he returned to play the role of trader Massimo Ruggero in the second season of Diavoli.

On the series and the approach to an international production, Borghi says that “Diavoli was an incredible experience. For the first season I was very scared, for the second even more. […] I was very lucky to have Patrick Dempsey [actor and co-star of the series, ed] as my teammate, who is an incredible human being. He supported me in a lot of complicated moments of production ".

For Borghi, the return to the set of Diavoli was also an opportunity to consolidate the professional relationship with Guido Maria Brera, who wrote the novel of the same name from which the series is based and he also collaborated on the script. “Alessandro is curious and wants to understand things”, reveals Brera, who spoke in connection with the event in Florence, regarding Borghi's familiarity with the world of the bag that is the background to Devils.

The synergies between Borghi and Brera do not end with Diavoli. The two recently announced the creation of a new production company, Newness. “It is a place, not necessarily physical, where we decided to bring together what we believe were talented boys and girls, scriptwriters and scriptwriters - explains Borghi -. I have no one in my family who did this job, I started from scratch. It is not easy, because in this country there is a system that is incredibly wrong: access to the demonstration of talent is almost impossible. You need to know someone who knows someone else ". Newness' goal is to identify boys and girls with skills:" We write things together, we put ideas on the table. When we then bring them to someone's desk, I assure you that since we it's me and Guido are reading them ".

From the debut in Suburra to Stefano Cucchi's interpretation in On my skin - which in 2019 earned him a David di Donatello as Best Actor - versatility is always was a distinctive trait of Alessandro Borghi's career.

The actor's latest works also fit into this groove: high finance is a world at the antipodes from the setting of The Eight Mountains. which tells of the deep bond between two friends, sees him return to acting alongside Luca Marinelli, seven years after the last time. The leap from the businessman in Diavoli to the wild man in The Eight Mountains is remarkable. rtunato in life. I made films that led me to deal with human beings or with places that in some way changed my existence. […] We spent five months there [in the mountains] for the film. It's not just going to act ", says Borghi, explaining how by making the film he learned to take care of cows and even to build the mountain house that appears in the film.

An inevitable passage on cinema and its state of health: "There is a great need to return to the cinema, for the economic sustenance of the industry that was already in a deep crisis and to which Covid has given another blow", he explains.

"For to understand what we really like, we must also go through what we don't like. I'm in love with many actors: I'm a big fan of DiCaprio, because I like the cinema he makes and how he does it. I like well-written films, where you can also learn something from a dialectical point of view and in relation to emotion. There is still great confusion between the word 'punishment' and the word 'empathy', which instead are two extremely different things. Some films now they begin to explore it. Cinema must be communication ”, Closes the actor to a question about his personal preferences.

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