The case of Elisabetta Franchi depopulated on social media: who is right?

The case of Elisabetta Franchi depopulated on social media: who is right?

The case of Elisabetta Franchi depopulated on social media

The "tornado Franchi" hit all social coasts. This weekend, Elisabetta Franchi generated a real storm that bounced everywhere: during an interview at the event organized by Il Foglio and Pwc, Elisabetta Franchi said: "Today I put women on but they are -anta. Because this must be said. Girls but grown up girls. If they had to get married they have already married, if they had to have children they have already had them, if they had to separate they did that too, let's say that I take them that they have made all four half-way points, they are free and quiet by my side and they work h24, this is important ”.

An indelicate and careless comment for a woman who, in addition to being one of the most important names in Italian fashion, is also a wife and mother. In addition to the users of social networks, the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Company Managers is also taking sides against the designer.

The association has declared that it wants to distance itself from Franchi's comment: "From her statements there also emerges an unproductive approach to those necessary transformations in the organization of the social economic system which, today, are increasingly urgent as the expansion of social infrastructures, local healthcare that allow the value of care to be brought to the whole of society (and not only within the narrow family walls) and allow women to give their essential contribution to society in all their age ”.

The declarations of the VIPs to the comment of Elisabetta Franchi

Even the VIP universe did not stay to listen and had its say. The first to reply was the actor Alessandro Gassmann, who wrote on Twitter: "I hope that all #Franchi customers under 40 will stop buying its products, because they are too busy in something else".| ); }
To press Marianna Madia who adds: “A sum of silly stereotypes about women, men, young people, work and business. Fortunately, our society is on the whole further ahead than this, even if the welfare deficiencies are still too many ".

Women who defend Elisabetta Franchi

But if on the one hand she has the world against, on the other hand, Elisabetta Franchi is supported by as many famous women. "Massacred by the left because she is a successful woman" - these are the words of Daniela Santanchè, a well-known Italian politician and entrepreneur.

Elisabetta Franchi's reply

Franchi replied to all this media fuss, speaking of" exploitation ".

“I do not accept exploitation: I am a woman entrepreneur at the head of a company with a turnover of 131 million and who has also supported the family, with great effort. How can someone who has 80 percent of the female workforce be against women? "

" I have tried to give an answer to the absence of women in hierarchical positions in fashion: the conclusion is that female managers do not exist in our environment, because when a thirty-year-old leaves for maternity leave, she does not find the position she had left. And this is because in Italy the state is unable to give the support that exists elsewhere ". Elisabetta Franchi told Corriere.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, you will agree with me in saying that unfortunately, the Franchi's words are the testimony of an Italy that is still backward, which still has a long way to go in managing certain issues.

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