Bread machine | The best of 2022

Bread machine | The best of 2022

The bread machine is a household appliance that is used by many families, whose purpose is clearly to knead and cook the leavened mixture, from which various types of bread will then be obtained. Based on its capabilities, in fact, a bread machine will allow you to prepare the classic white bread up to plumcakes, cakes and desserts, passing through rustic, French, wholemeal bread and many others.

Read also: Automatic coffee beans machines | The best of 2022 A household appliance, therefore, very useful for those who like to try their hand in the kitchen, whose purchase, however, could put the buyer in difficulty, who will see in front of many models with different characteristics and sometimes difficult to interpret, and this is where we come to your aid. In fact, we at have analyzed the numerous solutions available on the market and have selected for you what we believe to be the best bread machines. Without delaying too much, let's then move on to discovering the models that should be considered before any other, reminding you that in the second part of the article you will find a summary of the most important factors to evaluate before choosing a bread machine.

The best bread machines

Moulinex OW210130 Pain Doré Moulinex OW6101 Home Bread Baguette Panasonic SD-YR2550SXE Imetec Zero-Glu Pro Ariete Panexpress 750

Moulinex OW210130 Pain Doré

The first bread machine that we recommend to consider could only be one of the most popular and best reviewed models. This is the Moulinex OW210130 Pain Doré, a model that has a capacity of 1kg and numerous cooking programs despite costing less than 100 €. Furthermore, this specific model is also the one that boasts the most modern and luxurious design, at least in our opinion. As for the number of functions, you can choose 12 programs and 3 browning levels, useful to allow you to prepare traditional bread, French bread, wholemeal bread, gluten-free and many others. The controls are completely touch and you will have everything under control through the LCD display located on the top.


Moulinex OW6101 Home Bread Baguette

The Moulinex OW6101 Home Bread Baguette can be defined as the big sister of the previous model, since it boasts a capacity of half a kilogram higher and a higher number of functions, as well as a much more powerful motor, necessary to perform the dough kneading in a optimal compared to a larger basket. With this model, therefore, you can prepare a greater quantity of bread, as well as more variations of the latter, since there are as many as 16 cooking programs. The quality of the machine is typical of the brand, with the non-stick and removable container, while the dough will be homogeneous thanks to the double blade and its opposite directions of rotation.


Panasonic SD-YR2550SXE

In addition to the basket capacity of more than one kilogram, the Panasonic SD-YR2550SXE is probably the bread maker with the highest number of integrated functions, since this specific model has 31 cooking programs, including gluten-free, brioche, jam and compote mode. It is also worth underlining the presence of a dedicated yeast dispenser, which automatically distributes the ingredients at the optimal time during cooking. A model therefore really versatile and suitable for those who want to prepare numerous types of bread.


Imetec Zero-Glu Pro

If in addition to a valid machine for bread also look for a model with a rich recipe book included, then the Imetec Zero-Glu Pro is the one for you. Even if it does not affect the performance of the machine, the presence of the cookbook is useful for those who want to prepare new and tasty recipes. As for the characteristics of this model, we find 20 cooking programs and a 1kg basket, inside which there are 2 kneading blades. Obviously, this is another model that will guarantee you a uniform and optimal cooking, regardless of the type of bread you are going to prepare.


Ariete Panexpress 750

If you are used to preparing bread occasionally or small quantities of it, then the Ariete Panexpress 750 could meet your needs at a very low cost. In fact, it takes about € 60/70 to take home this bread machine which, although it is limited in having a capacity of only 500 grams, does not spare itself in terms of functionality and materials. In fact, you will be able to choose 19 preset programs, including those relating to yogurt and jam, rare to find in a model with such a ridiculous price. Thanks to its qualities, the preparation will take place in a healthy and genuine way, and you can plan cooking for up to 15 hours.


How to choose a machine for the bread

As with any similar household appliance, the factors that determine the choice of a bread machine concern the functions, the power, the capacity of the basket and any accessories. Although these are all fundamental aspects to take into consideration, it is important to give greater importance to one feature before another, especially if you intend to focus on a specific model for your needs and avoid buying a product with greater potential than the real ones. necessary or vice versa.

How big should the bread maker basket be?

When you are about to purchase a bread maker, the first aspect to consider is the capacity of the basket. In fact, this should be large enough to prepare the quantity of bread you have set. Usually, the models on the market boast baskets that start from 500 grams up to about 2kg. The choice therefore depends a lot on your preparation needs.

What functions must the bread machine have?

As you have seen in the first part of the article, a machine from pane is capable of preparing and baking different types of bread. Although even the less expensive models will allow you to prepare the main types of bread, buying a model with additional features is certainly positive and will make use more convenient and practical. Obviously, focusing on a solution that boasts numerous cooking programs becomes mandatory if you intend to prepare special doughs, such as those relating to jam, yogurt and desserts. In this regard, our advice is to orient yourself on the models that have more than 12 programs to be sure that the bread machine is equipped with the cooking programs that interest you.

Among the traditional programs, there are on each bread machine, we point out the leavening and cooking of ciabatta and sandwiches and a mode dedicated to white bread, the latter settable on different sizes. It is also possible to find ways dedicated to wholemeal bread, accompanied with options relating to bread with little yeast, with sourdough and so on. Then there are those reserved for those who prefer to prepare gluten-free food and, among the various pre-settings, you could also find a mode dedicated to cakes and plum cakes.

As regards, instead, the strictly related functions to the household appliance, here are the most common:

Bread size: allows you to choose different bread shapes, often with the help of molds; Delayed start: also known as Timer, this is a function that allows the bread maker to start at a preset time, but is not compatible with all cooking modes; Browning level: allows you to choose the crunchiness of the bread through 3 types of cooking; Keeping warm: we could define it as the opposite of the delayed start function, since it allows the appliance to keep the bread warm at the end of the cooking cycle; Adding ingredients: the machine signals when it is time to add ingredients such as nuts, olives and chocolate; Buffer memory: not to be confused with the memory that allows you to save your favorite cooking settings, the buffer memory is used by the appliance to continue work from where it left off in the event of a power failure.

What power should the bread maker have?

As with any household appliance, the power in terms of Watts is very important. In the case of the bread machine, a powerful motor will allow you to finish the job in a shorter time, as well as make the load that the appliance will have to support during processing less heavy. Clearly, the larger the basket, the greater the power of the machine should be. In this regard, it is also worth checking the number of blades in the basket which, in the case of large models, should not be less than 2. In fact, the poles will be those that will come into contact with food and rely on a model with a single shovel it may not be appropriate, especially for those types of flours that are difficult to process.

The accessories that must not be missing in a bread machine

To ensure that the machine for bread to be versatile, accessories are needed. In fact, the latter will allow you to create bread of different sizes and not just the classic box shape. It is therefore worth checking if the target model is equipped with so-called molds, which will allow you to obtain baguettes, sandwiches, slippers and bagels. Their presence is not essential, but it will certainly increase the value of the product.

How is the bread machine made?

The bread machines can have a vertical or horizontal . The first models that arrived on the market produced tall, rectangular-shaped loaves of bread. The bread pans were square or slightly rectangular, but the loaves, once cooked, tended to be too high compared to traditional bread, presenting themselves with unusual shapes. These models are still very popular today and tend to have a small footprint, which makes them great for those who usually place this appliance on the counter. In general, vertical frame bread makers are much easier to store and tend to be cheaper too, making them suitable for small families or those who don't eat as much bread. Their weak point, as mentioned, is the strange shape with which the bread is made, forcing you to cut the slices to adapt them to a possible toaster. Also, because the heating element is on the bottom, tall loaves can cook unevenly, with a darker browning on the bottom and a very pale top crust. for you, choose a model with a horizontal design, that is, the one that will produce loaves of bread with a standard shape. This type of machine boasts a longer pan and a larger cooking space, which is why they tend to be able to bake larger loaves than vertical solutions. The greater cooking capacity, however, makes these models larger, taking up more space in your kitchen. In summary, horizontal bread machines tend to almost always guarantee better results, also thanks to the fact that they are equipped with different paddles which, as you will have understood, ensure that the efficiency of the appliance is optimal.

How a bread machine works

Bread machines use a series of shovels to mix the dough inside the pan, while a heating element maintains the correct temperature for both leavening and baking. cooking. Just put the raw materials in the pan and the appliance will do the rest. These machines have customizable settings for both mixing and cooking time so you can get the perfect loaf. The recommended flour is the one suitable for bread rather than the generic one, since the high number of proteins of the former helps the dough to rise. This does not mean that you cannot use generic flour but, if so, the bread will have a different consistency.

How to clean a bread maker

Like all kitchen appliances , bread machines should be cleaned after each use, so that they can remain hygienic and always aesthetically new. After finishing cooking, unplug the appliance from the power outlet and let it cool before cleaning. The pan and the stirrers can be removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher. In this regard, we recommend that you check the product manual to be sure which components can go in the dishwasher.

The bread maker, on the other hand, cannot be rinsed with water as it contains electrical components . If any flour, pasta and crumbs remain stuck to the bread maker, you should wipe everything off with a cloth, similar to how you would clean a toaster. Any residual dirt should be allowed to dry so that it can be easily removed at a later time.

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