Automatic coffee beans machines | The best of 2022

Automatic coffee beans machines | The best of 2022

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks and, as you know, there are several ways to prepare it. One of these, and perhaps the favorite of Italians, is to rely on a coffee machine, an object present in many Italian families and beyond, able to offer you a unique and typical pleasure of an excellent espresso at the bar. Just like coffee, there are different types of coffee machines, each designed to prepare coffee in a certain way.

Read also: Capsule coffee machines | The best of 2022 In this article, we are going to deepen what are the best coffee bean machines, that is, those that will allow you to prepare coffee by grinding the beans, probably the best method for those who want to always drink excellent and fresh coffee. In fact, coffee beans machines have the characteristic of grinding the beans instantly, which means that you will not lose the aroma, sweetness, flavor and aftertaste of the coffee.

As you know, for those who want maximum pleasure, the quality of the coffee beans comes before anything else but, of course, the machine will also make the difference, and that's why with this article we will help you discover and choose the best machines from coffee beans that you can buy today.

The best coffee beans machines

Philips Series 2200 EP2220 De Longhi Magnifica S ECAM21.110.B De Longhi Authentic ETAM29.510.B Saeco Xelsis SM8889 Gaggia Brera

Philips Series 2200 EP2220

Let's start the list with the Philips Series 2200 EP2220 which, thanks to its features, is undoubtedly one of the best bean coffee machines you can buy. Of course, it's not cheap, but that goes for any model in this category. In any case, the price will be repaid with a solution capable of preparing a perfect coffee, safeguarding its aroma and taste. This specific model also boasts a pressure of 15 bar, ideal for obtaining a good espresso. Beautiful to look at and easy to use, with its intuitive touchscreen display, from which you can choose 12 grind settings, 3 aroma strengths and 3 length levels. Finally, thanks to the AquaClean filter, you will be able to prepare 5,000 cups without having to descale the machine. In short, a cutting-edge model which, at the time of our writing, is also on sale.


De Longhi Magnifica S ECAM21.110. B

Let's now move on to a De Longhi brand model, which produces some of the best coffee machines, such as the Magnifica S ECAM21.110.B, which can be used both with beans and with coffee powder, a feature that will probably entice many people to choose this specific model. Obviously, also in this case it is a model capable of offering you the pleasure of drinking a coffee as in a bar, being able to choose both espresso and cappuccino. The functions include 13 grinding levels, an advanced control system that automatically adjusts the coffee preparation temperature and an Eco mode. The cup warmer shelf, similar to the one used in bars, is also very useful.


De Longhi Authentic ETAM29.510.B

Let's stay at home De Longhi because the well-known Italian company also produces another model that we believe is worth taking into consideration. This is the Autentica ETAM29.510.B model which, compared to the previous one, has the function called "double +", which will allow you to prepare a double coffee with an extra aroma. Plus, its accentuated edges make it arguably one of the most luxurious and beautiful coffee machines to look at. The selectable grinding levels are clearly numerous and it has an intuitive and backlit control panel with soft touch keys. Finally, there are automatic rinsing and descaling programs, as well as the cup warmer shelf.


Saeco Xelsis SM8889

In the list of the best Coffee machines certainly could not miss a Saeco solution, perhaps the most popular brand in the category. Among its bean coffee machine models, we recommend the Saeco Xelsis SM8889, which boasts the refined HygieSteam system patented by the company, which allows it to keep the milk circuit always clean. With a modern and refined design, this coffee bean machine will fit perfectly with the rest of the environment and, at the same time, it is undoubtedly one of the best also from the point of view of the quality of the aroma, able to prepare a coffee with a unique taste.


Gaggia Brera

Generic photos. With a stainless steel body, the Gaggia Brera positions itself as one of the strongest bean coffee machines available on the market. Unlike the other models, this one features much squarer shapes that might suit a specific group of people. From the point of view of the characteristics and quality of the coffee, we are obviously at the top of the category, with the possibility of preparing espresso, long espresso, hot water for tea and herbal teas. You can adjust the intensity of the coffee on 3 levels and with the help of the LED display you will know exactly when the heating starts and when it is time to reposition the various selectors in their place.


How to choose the coffee bean machine

As a rule, any coffee bean machine will be able to satisfy the needs of coffee lovers, since the quality of the aroma comes from from the beans which, ground in real time, maintain their taste and aroma. However, this does not mean that all bean coffee machines are the same, since the different preparation possibilities offered by the latter can make the difference.


As you may have guessed, a factor to take into consideration, as well as the most important, is the number of grinding settings of the machine, which must be as high as possible, so as to allow you to prepare the coffee according to your needs and tastes. Normally, the most famous models have over 10 grind options, as well as different levels of aroma intensity, and it is on these that you should aim if you want to get a coffee that is really like that of the bar. However, the automatic bean coffee machines share a series of characteristics regardless of the model, allowing you to prepare a variety of drinks. The functions that you will undoubtedly find on each model are the following:

Espresso: this is perhaps the best known type of coffee ever. All automatic coffee beans machines allow you to create a short, long, single or double coffee; Cappuccino: it is the classic white foam used for macchiato or latte macchiato; Hot water: it is a function that allows you to prepare tea or herbal tea. The more avant-garde models offer the same functions, but do so in a more expanded way, making the appliance versatile and able to meet the most complex needs. These functions involve both the preparation of the coffee and the operation of the machine. A high-end model certainly allows you to choose the grind level, thus obtaining a fine or coarse grain, based on your preferences. Those who prefer a more intense flavor will set the grind to a finer level, while those who prefer a less intense taste will go for a coarser setting.

In addition to the grind level, an automatic range coffee machine high allows you to adjust the intensity of the aroma which, just like the previous one, affects the flavor of the coffee. The adjustments of the more expensive models also involve the water temperature and the length of the drink, useful settings so that you can prepare a hot or lukewarm, long or short coffee. As far as cappuccino is concerned, the most advanced solutions allow you to prepare it completely automatically, leaving you only the task of pressing a button and placing the cup in the right position.

The coffee machines with automatic grains with many functions could make it difficult for the less attentive user, who will be forced to navigate between the numerous functions each time, risking not to find the preferred setting, and this is why manufacturers insert a memory inside the appliance, designed to save your typical preparation settings. In some cases you may even find WiFi connectivity with its app for smartphones and tablets, with which you can select and store the various options directly from your mobile device. Finally, the top-of-the-range models are able to prepare coffee quickly, taking less than 1 minute even if the appliance has just been switched on.

Container capacity

If you are used to make regular use of the coffee, perhaps together with other people, then the capacity of the container plays an important role, since a large container will allow you not to have to add coffee beans frequently to the tank. As you can imagine, this will also have an impact on maintenance, which in doing so will not have to be carried out often, especially if the coffee machine is equipped with automatic rinsing and descaling programs.


Water pressure is important in any coffee machine, but in bean models it acquires even greater importance. Strong pressure, in fact, is necessary to preserve the aroma of the drink and all the substances that give the coffee that typical intense and full-bodied taste. Recognizable by the abbreviation "Bar", an excellent coffee bean machine should have a pressure of 15 Bar, while the models to avoid should be those characterized by less than 12 Bar.

The advantages of the automatic coffee beans machines

The automatic coffee beans machines are automated versions of the classic espresso coffee machines. Unlike a traditional model, where you have to manually grind the coffee and add it to the portafilter, the solutions we talked about in this article do everything you need to prepare an excellent cup of coffee for you, leaving you with only the task of changing settings and pressing a button. As we anticipated in the previous paragraphs, these models also have a milk frother or an automatic milk frothing system. This allows you to create milk froth quickly and easily even if you don't have any experience as a barista.

The automatic bean models also tend to prepare an exceptional espresso, thanks to the possibility to adjust various settings relating to the aroma and hardness of the water, making sure that the flavor is perfect with that of your palate.

How to clean automatic coffee bean machines

Every appliance needs to be cleaned to prevent it from stopping working sooner than expected and this also applies to automatic bean coffee machines. This type of appliance should be cleaned every day, but most people only worry about cleaning the machine when they notice that something stops working or when the coffee becomes less tasty. If you wait for the appliance to start failing before carrying out a good cleaning, you risk not being able to get the automatic bean coffee machine back in excellent condition and, consequently, not being able to benefit from an excellent aroma, seeming almost as if the product has lost its characteristics that have made it avant-garde.

Coffee and milk residues will obviously change the taste of the drink, which will create mold and microbes if a good maintenance. Some solutions have automatic cleaning systems, but you should still perform a manual cleaning, in order to be sure to really thoroughly clean the appliance. Cleaning automatic bean coffee machines is simple and does not require much time on your part, but they allow the product to function optimally throughout its life cycle.

Cleaning the dregs drawer is undoubtedly one of the the most important things and should be washed and dried at the end of the day, along with the drip tray and water tank. You should then also clean the milk system and the brewing unit, even if the latter takes a little more time, since it is necessary to open or disassemble part of the structure. Descaling should not be underestimated, which should be carried out approximately every three months. This allows the tubes of the appliance not to get clogged and to perform it simply fill the container with water, add the dedicated liquid (often included in the package) and start the machine.

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