The world's first 232-layer NAND is from Micron

The world's first 232-layer NAND is from Micron

In a press release, Micron announced that it has begun mass production of the world's first 232-layer NAND, delivering the highest areal density in the industry for greater capacity and energy efficiency than previous Micron NAND generations.

The new technology node has made it possible to achieve the highest NAND I / O speed in the industry, equal to 2.4 GB / s (over 50% more than the fastest interface enabled on the node to 176 Micron layers), to meet the low latency and high performance needs of data-centric workloads including AI and machine learning, unstructured databases, real-time analytics and cloud computing. Micron's 232-layer NAND also offers 100% more write bandwidth and more than 75% more read bandwidth per matrix than the previous generation.

Additionally, NAND a 232 layer introduces the world's first six-plane series TLC NAND, which ensures fewer collisions between read and write commands and improves system-level quality of service. Micron's 232-layer NAND is the first in production to enable NV-LPDDR4, a low-voltage interface that can deliver over 30% per-bit transfer savings over previous I / O interfaces.

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Scott DeBoer , executive vice president of Micron's Technology and Products Division, said:

Micron's 232-layer NAND represents a breakthrough in storage innovation as it is the first evidence of the ability to expand More than 200 layers 3D NAND in production. This breakthrough technology required extensive innovation, including advanced process capabilities to create high aspect ratio structures, new materials and cutting-edge design enhancements based on our market-leading 176-layer NAND technology. | ); } Micron's 232-layer NAND is now in series production at the company's factory in Singapore. It is initially shipped to customers in component form and via its Crucial SSD consumer product line. Further information regarding products and availability will be disseminated over the next few weeks.

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