Cult of the Lamb, Immortality and Soul Hackers 2 are the most anticipated games of August 2022

Cult of the Lamb, Immortality and Soul Hackers 2 are the most anticipated games of August 2022

Cult of the Lamb

One might think that August is not exactly a suitable month to launch great games, but the height of summer has already shown us that it can offer some of the best proposals of the year. Also this August 2022 is no joke, and the election of the most anticipated games of the month demonstrates the remarkable richness of the lineup arriving in the next few days: three different games are winning, given the presence of a tie at the top of the editorial rankings, with Cult of the Lamb, Immortality and Soul Hackers 2 to guide the expectations between the editorial staff and readers.

These are three very different but equally interesting games, capable of reviving the midsummer videogame landscape a lot with experiences really very special. For the rest, the month of August 2022 promises to be a period to follow also for the presence of Gamescom, which this year returns almost at full capacity with the event set from 24 to 28 August, so there will also be a way to see various news, announcements and trailers in the last remnant of the month before the fully loaded reboot of the market in September.

Among various indie games of great interest, some really luxury ports and a few (but good) releases of triple A, in any case, this August 2022 promises to be an interesting month anyway, thus continuing the excellent level seen so far in this videogame year, still struggling with a somewhat slowed generational transition due to production crises but still slow progression.

The most eagerly awaited by the editorial team

Cult of the Lamb, a scene from the game The internal vote in the editorial team returned an equal victory between two games, as rarely happens: Cult of the Lamb and Immortality have won the same number of points according to the award system adopted, therefore they are both the most anticipated games of August 2022, waiting to see if the actual test of both will confirm the preventive sensations, making them also reach the prize of games of the month. There is still time, but in the meantime the expectations are high for both games: the first is a bizarre mix of roguelike and management action RPGs, published by Devolver Digital (now a guarantee), which sees us interpret a sacrificial lamb ( in the true sense of the word) transformed into a mighty herald of a mysterious divinity, intent on slaughtering heretics and building a real and ever wider and more prestigious cult.

The other winner is instead a title quite different pasta: this is the new narrative adventure of Her Story and Telling Lies, which recovers various elements from previous titles, but building an even more profound and complex game.

Immortality, a scene from Sam Barlow's game for PC and Xbox Also in this case we are dealing with many full motion videos shot with real actors, but in this case we have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of an actress and all her cult films, trying to figure out what happened to both of them in this strange puzzle thriller. Outside of the first classified, the other titles have collected very few points in comparison, but in second place we can find Two Point Campus, the new management software of Two Point Studios that sees us struggling with the construction and control of a university, closely followed by two other games that share the third step of the podium, Saints Row, the remake of the series, and Marvel's Spider-Man in the PC version.

The most awaited by readers

Soul Hackers 2, a screenshot Quite different results emerged from the poll released to readers, according to which the most awaited game is clearly Soul Hackers 2, which instead has not met with particular interest from the editorial staff, despite being in effects of one of the most important Japanese titles in this period, coming from Atlus and connected to the historical tradition of Shin Megami Tensei. The new RPG has the credentials to become another success by the Sega internal label, even if the series to which it belongs is certainly less known and more "underground" than Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, but still cult too this. Soul Hackers 2 presents a very particular story and setting, also inspired by mythology, religions and society, in a futuristic and disturbing vision of humanity struggling with artificial intelligences and assorted divinities.

Second position for Saints Row, the remake / reboot of the Volition series that re-proposes the crazy and over-the-top action of the open world action game in a completely redone graphics, able to make the most of the new technologies also offered by the current generation consoles .

Marvel's Spider-Man, a scene from the game Third place for Marvel's Spider-Man for PC, which also in this case does not fail to attract attention given the arrival of one of the most successful franchises on PlayStation in the Windows version through Steam, which will open the door to a new and wide audience for this action from Insomniac. Cult of the Lamb, one of the most anticipated by the editorial team, we find it here only in fourth place, just off the podium, above several other titles of considerable interest such as Two Point Campus, TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection and Inscryption for PS4 and PS5.

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