The most important news of the week

The most important news of the week

What are the most important news of the week that is about to end? The hot topics undoubtedly revolve around the latest leaks of GTA 6, collected in a huge document that says everything about the game, and the God of War: Ragnarok issue, with the postponement of the announcement of the release date and all the inconveniences (especially mental) that the thing caused.

There was also room for Nintendo Direct, for the surprising Isonzo (the shooter set on the Italian front of the First World War), for updates on control quality of Cyberpunk 2077, for the controversy related to Return to Monkey Island and even for the first real photo of PlayStation VR2, the virtual reality headset designed for PS5.

GTA 6, the huge leak that reveals everything about the game

Grand Theft Auto, an official artwork The appointment with the rumors on Grand Theft Auto 6 is more or less a constant, after all we are talking about one of the most popular brands ever in the videogame and it is therefore normal that we talk about it, even if often I know out of luck. In this case, however, size does matter, and so the huge GTA 6 leak that reveals everything about the game caused a sensation.

The author of the gigantic document pointed out that it is basically a collection of information, but we are really talking about the equivalent of a novel in which the story (ending included!), the characters, the settings and even the supporting actors and vehicles that we will find in the new chapter of the Rockstar Games series are described in detail.

Ah, of course, the leak also reveals the period in which the official reveal of GTA 6 should take place, set for this summer, as well as the possible launch window on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (yes, it will be an exclusive next -gen), ie the fall of 2024. How many of this information will be confirmed? We hope to find out soon.

Nintendo Direct Mini

NieR: Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition, a close-up of 2B Announced on Monday, June's Nintendo Direct Mini turned out to be a pretty cool event, with several announced games and important news: from the full depth on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to the officialization of NieR: Automata for Nintendo Switch, from the latest trailer of the aforementioned Return to Monkey Island to the confirmation of the release date of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

Not only that: the arrival of Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4: Golden and Persona 3 Portable on Switch has been announced, the surprise launch of Portal: Companion Collection, the availability of the free demo of Live A Live, a new look at the controversial Sonic Frontiers and finally a long roundup of more or less relevant productions.

Isonzo and his great battles

Isonzo, some soldiers in action The shooter Blackmill Games wartime setting on the Italian front of the First World War returns to surprise, generating a great response on the pages of The spectacular video of Isonzo with the Dolomites has in fact captured the attention of thousands of users, who apparently follow the development of the game with interest and, hopefully, will reward it at launch.

In the trailer it is possible observe the iconic Tre Cime di Lavaredo, apparently reconstructed in a very faithful way, perhaps through the use of photogrammetry, as well as the other scenarios that we will find in the Isonzo countryside, while we will be busy fighting the Austro-Hungarian troops within some of the most famous battles of that conflict.

God of War: Ragnarok, between release date and photos of penises

God of War: Ragnarok, Atreus and Kratos Last Thursday the awaited should have arrived trailer or State of Play with the release date of God of War: Ragnarok, but apparently an unspecified unexpected happened and Santa Monica Studio needed extra time to better organize the reveal. So the announcement with the release date of Ragnarok has been postponed, and several users have not taken it very well.

Some have limited themselves to swearing and arguing, leading to the intervention of Cory Barlog, director of God of War, which asked for some patience and understanding. In response, some players have sent photos of penises to the developers of the team in an unlikely attempt to extort the date, at which point a memorable outburst from Barlog himself and a reaction from the entire gaming community in support of the study.

Cyberpunk 2077, answers the QA company accused of bugs

Cyberpunk 2077, a firefight A few days ago we reported the accusations made to a QA company that is responsible for the many bugs of Cyberpunk 2077 as it is said to have lied to CD Projekt RED about the extent of the problems and its own ability to detect them for the developers to fix before the game's launch, which as we know was characterized by an abundance of glitches more or less. serious.

Well, the QA firm has responded to the allegations by revealing the truth about its role in the development of Cyberpunk 2077 and explaining that generally large teams do not turn to u The only consultancy regarding quality control, also having internal resources for this purpose. Furthermore, the degree of commitment of the company in question has been adapted according to the needs of CD Projekt RED.

The Day Before pays in visibility

The Day Before, a horde of Fntastic zombies , the team behind the long-awaited zombie-based MMO The Day Before, is looking for collaborators who work for free: a controversial policy, but one that the studio defended with the sword when the news went around the world, inevitably generating a lot of money. 'of controversy. In fact, it seems that this choice is in line with corporate values, which focus in particular on the concept of volunteering.

In practice, all Fntastic collaborators are volunteers, with the difference that those who work full-time are paid, while part-time contributors are rewarded in other ways, for example with "cool" products, participation certificates, game codes and of course a large dose of visibility.

Return to Monkey Island, the exclusive console and the controversy

Return to Monkey Island, the characters of the adventure Return to Monkey Island will be an exclusive time for Nintendo Switch, at least on consoles: the authors have announced it with the new trailer of the gameplay shown during the last Nintendo Direct Mini, but it was not this detail that led to the controversy surrounding the long-awaited return of the legendary adventure series.

In fact, it has happened that many users do not they appreciated the graphic style of the new chapter and thought it well to present it in a very aggressive way, to the point that Ron Gilbert has declared that he will no longer comment on the game. "People are just getting petty and I have found myself having to cancel personal attacks," explained the author. Luckily we can send him some love with this little petition.

Diablo Immortal and the $ 540,000 to upgrade a character to the max

Diablo Immortal, one of the many bosses featured in the According to one campaign estimate, it takes $ 540,000 to fully upgrade a Diablo Immortal character. Fortunately, getting to these absurd extremes is not in the least necessary to enjoy the experience of the Blizzard mobile game, as we explained in detail in the Diablo Immortal review: the game offers the entire campaign for free and the microtransactions only affect the PvP modes that occur during the endgame.

This means that yes, the monetization system designed for the occasion and above all the lack of limitations do not represent a healthy model even in the context of free-to-play productions. to-play, but considering what has been happening on mobile for years now, it will surprise you to know that Diablo Immortal is actually much more permissive and flexible in terms of paywall than many other titles, as well as boasting a decidedly above average technical and artistic quality. .

The first images of Everywhere

Everywhere, an artwork of the game It seems that the first i images of Everywhere, the mysterious project developed by the former Rockstar Games Leslie Benzie of which so far, in practice, nothing had really been seen apart from enthusiastic reports based on rumors that are anything but confirmed. To say, the game has often been indicated as a possible rival of GTA, which on paper appears unlikely for obvious reasons.

However, the shots show a rather colorful and cartoonish graphic style, therefore close to experiences like Fortnite rather than the exasperated realism of Grand Theft Auto, but it seems that even this approach is not definitive and therefore subject to possible changes in the course of a development that we do not yet know how long it will last, or where it will actually lead us.

PlayStation VR2 in the first real photo

PlayStation VR2 For the moment there does not seem to be a great enthusiasm for the new PS5 virtual reality headset, but when the first real photo of PlayStation appeared on social networks VR2 curiosity has taken over. Moreover, the authors of the shot, the Bit Planet Games development team, were apparently convinced that they could publish it without violating any NDA. Spoiler: they were wrong.

The design of the PlayStation VR2 was already known, but the real image confirms the compactness of the device, which seems smaller than the previous model and naturally takes up the style of the PlayStation 5 with its alternation of black and white, extended to the two controllers. Also pictured is the thin USB-C cable that will be used to connect the headset to the console.

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