Rice cooker | The best of 2022

Rice cooker | The best of 2022

As you know, there are appliances suitable and designed for different categories, with the aim of making our life easier. Among these, there is also the category dedicated to the kitchen with products that play an important role, especially for those who want, in fact, to make some cooking operations much simpler and faster. In this article we have decided to point out the best rice cookers that you can buy right now, valid products that we will constantly monitor in order to replace any models with the latest generation ones, or add new ones if they prove to be better. We therefore suggest that you save this page in your favorites and visit it often if you want, even after making the purchase, to stay updated on what are, in our opinion, the best appliances dedicated to this purpose, or to cook rice.

Read also: Air fryers | The best of 2022 As with any appliance, even for the best rice cookers, the brand must be taken into consideration when purchasing, since often only the most important brands guarantee high quality and advanced functionality. On this, however, you do not have to worry because we have thought of selecting those that will certainly satisfy your needs, taking into consideration both entry level models suitable for a few people and high-end models suitable for cooking rice for a higher number of people. as well as implementing possible exclusive features.

Having said that, before proceeding with the discovery of the best rice cookers, we want to remind you that buying on Amazon is safe and convenient, in addition to the fact that you will receive the products at home usually after 2 days, almost completely canceling the waiting to open the package and get your hands on a major product, like the ones below. Well, we just have to suggest you scroll down and finally discover the models that will make you eat rice like never before.

The best rice cookers

Russell Hobbs 27080- 56 Beper 90.550 Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker Reishunger 538-DRK Tefal RK103811 Classic 2

Russell Hobbs 27080-56

We could not start the list by proposing the best-selling rice cooker ever, that of Russell Hobbs. Top for healthy cooking, this model can be used not only to cook rice, but also steam vegetables, meat and fish, thanks to the presence of a dedicated basket. Compact but roomy, this model will allow you to prepare 6 portions of 200 grams each, portions that can be increased by decreasing the doses per person. From rice to quinoa, from paella to pilau rice, the Russell Hobbs model will satisfy you, also thanks to the automatic heating function, which will allow you to keep the food warm while saving its aroma, thanks to the snap closure and the lid valve. Obviously, the internal part is non-stick and it is worth noting the presence of a measuring cup and ladle inside the package, in addition to the aforementioned basket that allows you to cook various dishes.


Beper 90.550

The numerous positive reviews have prompted us to include in our product list also the model made by Beper which, with a capacity of 1 liter, will allow you to prepare more than half a kilo of rice quickly and optimally. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes to cook different portions, which can be kept warm even after a prolonged time thanks to the built-in heat retention function, just like the previous model. Safe and functional, ignition takes place via a physical button, through which you can check the status of the rice cooker. Equipped with a vented glass lid, it boasts an auto shut-off system that will allow you not to worry if you forget to turn it off. Moreover, a simple gesture is enough to remove the basket and clean the entire steamer with ease.


Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker

Se you are looking for an advanced rice cooker, then the model we recommend to consider is the Russell Hobbs Sous Vide which, unlike the first model, boasts superior features. What stands out is the presence of a probe integrated in the handle for full temperature control, useful if you need to maintain a constant water regulation, and the digital display through which to control the latter. With a capacity of over 6 liters, it is also ideal for those who need a solution capable of preparing a large number of portions. Unlike the previous models, the Sous Vide will allow you to cook even under vacuum, as well as the possibility of choosing slow cooking, with or without a probe. The inner pot is made of ceramic, while the lid is made of tempered glass with a closure that facilitates transport. In short, this is one of the most suitable models for those who want to have a cutting-edge solution.


Reishunger 538-DRK

We recommend another high-end rice cooker that enters our personal list, as it is one of the few models to boast a touch screen and a refined design capable of giving a noteworthy visual impact. Its dimensions do not reach very high capacities, since the basket is limited to being 1.5 liters, however sufficient to prepare several portions. However, we find 12 programs and 7-phase technology! In other words, it is a solution designed specifically for rice, since once cooking has started, the appliance automatically activates the correct preparation phase one after the other, starting from preheating up to the of heating, passing through the absorption of water. It is also recommended to use it for boiling vegetables, fish and seafood. Easy to clean, this model also deserves to be taken into consideration by those who want to equip themselves with a professional and latest generation rice cooker.


Tefal RK103811 Classic 2

With its 5 liters, the Tefal RK103811 Classic 2 is one of the most capacious rice cookers among those of us proposed, suitable for preparing plenty of food for more than 10 people. This model has not only a large capacity, but also technologies that will allow you to obtain tasty and perfectly cooked rice, with the ability to keep it warm until mealtime, without the need for monitoring. In addition, it is accompanied by practical accessories, including a steamer to prepare healthy recipes and two dishes at the same time.


How to choose the rice cooker

Before listing the most important factors to take into consideration when buying a rice cooker, we want to briefly explain what it is and what it is for, even if its main function is already clear from the name. The rice cooker is nothing more than a small appliance in the shape of an electric pot, whose main function is to cook white rice. Although most of the models have compact dimensions, there are also solutions that take up a considerable amount of space, but the latter are not very common, especially in the domestic environment, where a large basket would be wasted.

How big should the basket of a rice cooker be?

The first factor, perhaps the most important, to consider when buying a rice cooker for the first time is the capacity of the basket, which must be large enough to prepare the right amount of rice for the family, but not too large to the point of taking up unnecessary space in the kitchen, if for example you are used to preparing a small number of dishes. Usually, a capacity of 2 liters is more than enough to feed a good number of people, but if you feel the need to prepare a large amount of rice, for example for a special event or simply because of a very large family , then considering a model with a higher capacity, such as the Russell Hobbs Sous Vide, is highly recommended.

What functions should a rice cooker have?

Once you understand the capacity you need, it's time to check which functions of the rice cooker you have considered. In this regard, if your goal is to equip yourself with an entry level solution, you should make sure that the chosen model has at least the following functions: keeping warm, lights or LEDs that indicate the selected power and the on / off button in so you don't have to forcibly remove the cord from the power outlet. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy a more sophisticated and, consequently more expensive, model, you should check that the rice cooker has these features, in order to avoid taking home an obsolete solution with a bad quality-price ratio.

Timer: essential in order not to run the risk of letting the appliance remain on for longer than necessary and therefore to avoid obtaining bad results that will force you to throw away the freshly cooked rice. Extended keeping warm: useful if you need to keep the rice warm for several hours, even for the next day, without losing its aroma and flavors. Preset programs: a rice cooker of a certain level should give you the possibility to choose different preset programs, which adapt to the type of dish you want to make. There are, in fact, many types of rice, which is why being able to choose the right variant can certainly prove to be profitable. Intelligent technologies: usually present only on high-end models, these are sophisticated systems capable of independently learning what is the right mode and temperature to set, depending on the gradation present in your environment.

What materials are rice cookers made of?

Last but not least, the right importance must be given to the materials with which the rice cooker is made, both external and internal. First of all, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents due to poor safety, the external part must be heat-insulating, especially the lid knob and any handles, while the internal one should possibly be in ceramic. Also, the materials should be sturdy enough to be washed safely in the dishwasher, including accessories that are sure to be in abundance in the box.

Are Japanese rice cookers the best?

Some They claim that Japanese rice cookers are the best when it comes to cooking rice, while others believe that versatility is their strong point when compared to traditional models. In essence, Japanese rice cookers are distinguished by their thoughtful, albeit complex design.

Most traditional rice cookers have a metal pot, a heating mechanism, an on / off button and a lid with a small hole for the steam vent. These models cook rice quite well, making them ideal for those who don't need extra functionality. Japanese rice cookers, on the other hand, use pressure to cook. In addition, this type boasts a lot of buttons and additional programs that allow you to cook other foods as well. The lid of the latter tend to be more adherent, trapping the steam and reducing the amount of water needed for cooking. The final result is a softer and softer rice. Finally, we report that Japanese rice cookers are usually much more expensive than traditional brands.

Why buy a rice cooker?

Regardless of whether you eat rice occasionally or every day, there are many advantages of owning a rice cooker. The most important is undoubtedly the fact that with this appliance you are going to eliminate the guesswork from cooking rice on the hob. As you know, the consistency of the rice is related to the amount of water you are using, the level of heat and how often you are mixing it. With a rice cooker you will have the certainty of always having the same consistency, even if you have to take into account the amount of water used. In short, you will have the advantage of a much more controlled cooking.

Rice cookers allow you to cook most cereals and, in some cases, can also be used to steam vegetables, meat or fish. There are also several recipes for cakes and egg-based dishes that can be cooked with a rice cooker. In fact, many people use this appliance to steam hard-boiled eggs.

How do you clean a rice cooker?

First make sure that the rice cooker is switched off and that the internal components have cooled down. The removable lids can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, but we always recommend checking the manual to see if these parts are actually dishwasher safe. If there is food in the pot or lid, you can easily remove it with hot soapy water. If your model does not allow you to remove the lid from the cooking base, use a wet sponge to clean it, but do not immerse it in water. The inside and outside of the cooking base can also be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.

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