Dog leashes | The best of 2022

Dog leashes | The best of 2022

Dog leashes are one of the most important items to own for any self-respecting owner. In addition to being indispensable for walks, dog leashes will come in handy on numerous other occasions, such as taking your four-legged friend to the vet, grooming or traveling with you.

Owning a reliable leash is a necessity for both you and your dog. However, not all dog leads are created equal. The market offers you a vast choice of products, each designed to satisfy different needs and requirements.

Read also: Dog beds | The best of 2022 Deciding which model is best for you and your dog can be challenging. But fear not, our guide to the best dog leashes will help you clear your mind about your next purchase. The list of products has been drawn up taking into account the type of leashes, the size of your animal and the quality-price ratio. With this information, we are sure neither you nor your dog will be disappointed.

Dog leashes | Best of 2022

HRYSPN Leash Retractable Leash Trixie Reflective Adjustable Leash Youthink Double Leash Hunter Sansibar Solid Leash

HRYSPN Leash | Best for price-quality

If you want to keep an eye on your budget without sacrificing product quality, the HRYSPN medium and large dog leash is for you. At a bargain price to say the least, you get a durable nylon leash, easy to handle and safe. Thanks to the neoprene padding, the two handles ensure a firm grip in every possible situation. 150 cm long, the rope is reflective and has two different handles that will allow you to quickly reduce it to 20 cm in case of danger. Next to the handle, you will find a ring to attach hygienic bags, prize treats or, why not, the house keys. The material of the HRYSPN also dries in the blink of an eye, allowing you to use the leash for both walking and sporting activities such as jogging or trekking.

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Retractable leash | For small dogs

For small dogs, the one between fun and safety is always the winning compromise. And, in this regard, we can only suggest this retractable leash that can be extended up to 5 meters. The handle has a solid yet ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in the hand. Two useful buttons are installed on the upper part to manage the length of the rope, which thanks to their clever position will allow you to lengthen and shorten the leash with a simple click. The durable rubber rope can also be locked and unlocked at will, giving you maximum control at all times.

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Adjustable reflective leash Trixie | For medium to large dogs

Anyone who has already tried Trixie pet products knows perfectly well the decades-long reliability of the brand. And when it comes to dog leashes, our local company shines particularly. Its reflective adjustable leash for medium and large dogs is a great example of practicality, versatility and safety, all at a very affordable price. The leash is made entirely of rounded nylon, a particular treatment that increases both the resistance of the material and its reflective capacity. The rope has two reinforced carabiners, one to be applied to the dog's collar or harness, the other to attach to one of the three rings to take advantage of three different types of adjustment and length. You can hold it like a normal leash or even tie it at the waist, in both cases the result will be excellent.

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Double Leash Youthink | Best double leash

Elastic, reflective and hyper-resistant, the Youthink double leash is unrivaled in its category. The adjustable belt is made of excellent nylon fabric and does not cause any discomfort to the hands or waist, even with playful large dogs. You can have your hands free all the time and, when necessary, grip the two padded handles at the ends of the leashes for maximum comfort. The double cushioned elastic bands of the ropes are able to absorb any kind of shock and, thanks to the supplied mechanism, you can even use the leash as a safety belt to let your four-legged friends travel in the car. If you have to go out with only one dog, you can fasten the second carabiner to the belt, if you have three medium-sized dogs you can also consider adding a third rope (all you have to do is insert it in the central ring).

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Hunter Sansibar Solid Leash | Best leather leash

With its Sansibar Solid, Hunter has managed to create an eye-catching leather leash that boasts the same comfort as nylon models. As is typical of the brand's products, the Sansibar is finely crafted in every single detail. The woven leather is embellished with brass fittings and small engravings. Each of these details takes the ordinary elegance of leather leashes to an even higher level, but that's not all. The other strength of this leash lies in its comfort. You can adjust it in 3 different sizes, from the shortest up to a maximum length of 2 meters. Moreover, it is easy to clean and, thanks to the soft cowhide with which it is made, you will handle it without problems (even in case of jerks).

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How to choose the dog leash

There is a tendency to mistakenly believe that one dog leash is as good as another, or that the choice is reduced to a handful of standard models. As all dog owners know, however, things don't work that way.

Dog leashes are not just walking items, but a real calling card of the relationship you have with yours. four-legged friend. The dog leash is in fact essential not only to take it for a walk, but also for many other activities, which we will see in detail below.

Regardless of the different models on the market, the dog leash must always be safe it is reliable . Neither you nor your dog would ever want to find yourself using a poor product, which could come off, break after a couple of uses, or twist at the first opportunity. In any case, however, it is important to keep in mind that even the best of leashes needs to be changed from time to time. Having a spare ready to use can be a great idea.

In order for your choice not to turn out to be a fiasco, the dog leash must be suitable for both your needs and those of your dog. Buying a particularly sophisticated or super expensive model for a particularly playful puppy or dog does not make much sense, just as it is not advisable to have a bulky leash if you have small dogs. There are many things to keep in mind, but fear not: to help you make the best possible choice, we have compiled a list of variables to consider when buying your next dog leash.


One of the first things to ask yourself when buying a dog leash is: How long should the rope be? Know that there is no precise answer, it all depends on how and where you intend to use the leash, as well as on your dog's habits. Some are very shy and have no interest in straying too far from the owner, others see the walk as a recreational moment, in which to do four jumps and stretch your legs. The main variants that you will find on the market, in this regard, are divided into short, medium and long leashes.

Generally speaking, short leashes (1-2 meters) are the most suitable for city walks or in crowded streets. They allow you to always have your dog under control and to keep him away from dangers of all kinds. It is also the most suitable type of leash for medium and large sizes, especially if they are lively or not too sociable, as well as for walking in areas with limited space or with a lot of traffic. The shorter the leash rope, the less effort you make in retracting the dog in case of danger.

Medium-length leashes (up to 5 meters) are particularly suitable for small dogs, especially in the retractable variant, or for training. They are excellent for those who want to teach some simple tasks such as retrieving, but also for those who want to guarantee maximum mobility to their animal friend. A medium leash is also a reasonable compromise for outdoor sports, especially if equipped with a belt instead of a handle.

Finally, there are long leashes, whose rope measures over 5 meters. This is a very special choice, especially reserved for those who live in large cities and frequent the walking areas. These leashes are typically equipped with mechanisms to shorten and lengthen the rope, such as loop fasteners or adjustable belts. The advantage is that you can use them as normal leashes during the journey between home and the park, and then stretch them once you arrive at your destination.


Most leashes for small dogs have the rubber cord, an economical material which, combined with the retractable handle, offers a functional combination of practicality and elasticity. There are also variants for larger dogs, usually covered in nylon: if your puppy pulls from time to time, the rubber padding will reduce the bump of the rope, thus preventing him from running out of breath.

To date, however, the main material of dog leashes is nylon, which has now replaced both the old rope and metal models. Flexible and resistant, nylon is easier to handle than rope and considerably more elastic than steel, to the point of having become the standard option for medium and large dogs. The handle of nylon dog leashes is usually padded, so as to ensure a stable and comfortable grip even when subjected to strong traction.

If you aim at design first of all, the leather variant is the non plus ultra of the category. Leather dog leashes usually stand out for their minimalist but refined shape. They are light, elegant and, of course, more expensive than the other options. While they do not offer the same comfort as a nylon leash (such as the padding on the handle), they are durable and take up very little space: you can hang them wherever you want or store them in a drawer by rolling them up just like you would with any belt.


Another way to help you in choosing a dog leash is to consider the type of product you need, that is single, double or tubular.

The single leash is undoubtedly the most common type on the market. It consists of the classic set of handle, rope and carabiner. Typical of those who own only one dog, the single leash is an item that any owner should keep around the house. Even if you have the possibility of letting your dog run around in the garden and you are not the type of walker, the single leash could be used for any type of movement, exceptional or ordinary: you may have to go to the vet, the groomer or leave for a voyage. In short, you can't help but own one.

The double leash is the typical choice of those who have more than one dog and love to take long walks with their four-legged friends. The variants for small dogs usually have a composition similar to the single type, with the difference that the rope splits into two different carabiners. If, on the other hand, one or both are of medium / large size, you should opt for the belt models, which are tied directly around the waist. After a couple of outings, you will recognize that double belted leashes are an extremely practical choice, as they will give dogs maximum range of motion and leave your hands almost always free. In both cases, however, we suggest that you opt for an elastic, anti-weave and possibly reflective model.

Finally, there are tubular dog leads, also known as "retrievers". Some of these models are extremely simple and inexpensive, and don't lend themselves much to walking. Usually, the tubular leash is suitable for those who participate in exhibitions or have to carry medium or large dogs that are not used to walking. Some adoption agencies suggest future owners to get a tubular leash for the first "meeting". Since they are equipped with the so-called "choke" function, they guarantee maximum control, but may not be particularly appreciated by your paw friends.

Other useful tips

If you are a perfectionist and want consider every possible detail before purchasing your next dog leash, there are other small (but significant) aspects to keep in mind.

One of them is the type of leash rope. Stiff rope is typical of leather or rubber leashes, and works well with dogs of all sizes as long as they don't pull too hard on the walk. If you happen to go out often at night, you might consider buying a leash with a reflective cord, which will make you visible even to cars in the distance. If you opt for a medium or long leash, the tangle free rope will save you a lot of hassle, especially in cases where your dog socializes with others. In addition to being very resistant, the bungee cords are excellent for absorbing shocks in the event of a jerk. For puppy or small dog owners, a retractable traction lock rope will prove to be the best combination.

Finally, it may be worth spending some of your time deciding what the type of handle that suits you best. The plastic handles have the advantage of being ergonomic, but only fit small dogs. Padded ones, on the other hand, work very well for medium and large pets, especially if they are lively. Finally, there are the simple handles, usually in nylon or leather, an economical option that we suggest you keep for dogs that are more tame or used to walking with their owners for a long time.

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