Star Trek Resurgence, we experienced the Telltale-style adventure in the universe of Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek Resurgence, we experienced the Telltale-style adventure in the universe of Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek Resurgence

During the past Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles we tried Star Trek Resurgence. This new game dedicated to the most popular and longest-running sci-fi series in history promises to be a high-level adventure, and perfectly in line with the most intellectual and beloved Star Trek. Star Trek Resurgence clearly picks up on the Telltale adventure storytelling style. It is the developers themselves who repeat it several times, which amazes us since usually those who work on a title do not like this type of analogies and prefer to emphasize the news, on those characteristics that make the project unique. The situation becomes clearer once it is discovered that the head of the newly formed Dramatic Labs, the software house that deals with Star Trek Resurgence, is none other than Kevin Bruner, one of the three founders of Telltale Games of which he was also for a short period CEO. But it does not end there: there are more than twenty, almost all the staff of the company, the former Telltale at work on this game. And apparently they seem to have learned the most important lesson: users have broken the boxes of the division into episodes of their adventures.

A full game

Star Trek Resurgence: one of the moments of the second scene, as we discuss with our partner and investigate strange signals in space Star Trek Resurgence is not an episodic game: when it arrives in the stores inside you will find everything you need to get to the final credits, until a possible sequel will be released. We will not therefore have to wait months and months to advance in its history, which already in the half hour that we had the opportunity to try has shown a certain degree of complexity that would ill adapt to the rarefied times of a structure similar to The Walking Dead or Life is Strange by Dontnod. The good news does not seem to end here: as anticipated by the developers, what we have tried is only the tip of the iceberg of a project that will take us to different locations and will not skimp on more excited moments where the phasers will speak. Of course, let's not expect Gears of War, in Resurgence there is no room for that kind of action but for a more cerebral approach, leaning towards puzzles.

Two protagonists

Star Trek Resurgence : What scope will this new adventure have? In the twenty minutes spent with the pad in hand, we had the opportunity to play two different scenes, selected in order to introduce us to both the protagonists of Star Trek Resurgence. In the first we met the officer Jara Rydek, sent with her Vulcan mentor, Spock himself, in the presence of the queen of the Hotari, now in conflict with the Alydians for the control of the precious Dilithium. This is not a simple situation: the Space Federation itself must come out clean, and everything takes place through the most classic multiple answers that will naturally lead to different results and events based on the choices made. The second scene features the engineer Carter Diaz and a colleague of him, both at the controls of a spacecraft that is observing various phenomena in the surrounding space; here the atmosphere is more relaxed, typical of those more reflective Star Trek episodes where the setting and the suffused sounds of the command terminals are the masters. In this case, in addition to deciding what to answer during the chat with our companion in fortune, we will also have limited control over the spacecraft. Needless to say, those mysterious signals will prove to be irrefutable evidence of an imminent ... tzk ... frr, broken communication - no signal.

The most congenial genre

Star Trek Resurgence: grappling with an explosive political situation Technically, Star Trek Resurgence is still fluctuating. The game does not take advantage of the classic Telltale style which is also useful for hiding budget and time limits, preferring a more realistic approach which, however, is not always respected. Clearly, things are set to improve over the course of development, but it would be better not to expect big miracles. On the other hand, the selection of voices, the use of music and sound effects essential to make a trekker worthy of the name feel immediately at ease. Of course, this is not a project up to par with the two best Star Trek games ever developed - the two graphic adventures of 1992 and 1995 (254th Anniversary and Final Unity) - but it certainly is a return to the genre more congenial to the franchise. which, exactly like movies and TV series, cannot be reduced to brainless action.

Star Trek Resurgence is a return to graphic adventures, although conceptually different from those of the past, capable of delighting fans the most uncompromising and intrigue the new generations. The game does not yet have a release date (just a vague 2022 that may not be met), and will likely return to the spotlight only in a few months, when development has taken the necessary steps forward to reveal the rest of its cards. At the moment there are various potentialities, but all awaiting confirmation.


Excellent dubbing (at the moment in original language) Atmosphere reproduced very well It will not be composed of separate episodes DOUBTS Fluctuating graphics The second scene runs worse than the first There is a risk of a too passive experience Have you noticed any errors?

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