Top laptop for school and work at a super discount on Amazon (-32%)

Top laptop for school and work at a super discount on Amazon (-32%)

If you are looking for an excellent laptop for study or work (especially if on the move), or if you want to take advantage of the summer to buy a new laptop to take with you to enjoy your favorite TV series to the full ( and more), then this is certainly the opportunity for you!

We would like to point out, in fact, that the excellent Huawei MateBook D15 notebook is available at a discounted price on Amazon, a portable PC made by reliable (and now well-known) Chinese telephony brand, which for some time has been specializing in the creation of other tech products including, of course, computers.

The offer is excellent, since we are talking about one discount of about 350 euros, which will allow you to buy MateBook D15 at € 749.00, by virtue of the original € 1,099.90! A deal, with no ifs and buts, which will allow you to purchase a complete and performing device, also characterized by a splendid design.

Huawei MateBook D15, in fact, is light, compact and very elegant, and reminds vaguely in the forms of the most well-known Apple MacBooks. In this sense, to recall the Cupertino brand there is not only the shape, but also the quality of the materials, since we are talking about a laptop with an aluminum body with a shaped profile, which in addition to giving resistance, has allowed Huawei to create a PC weighing just 1.56 kg, even though it is a notebook with a generously sized screen, equal to 15.6 ".

In this sense, and also thanks to the reduced thickness of just 16.9 mm, MateBook D15 remains a comfortable and practical device to carry around, even net of the wide diagonal of its screen, proposing itself as an ideal choice for those who, as anticipated at the opening, are looking for a notebook that can allow you to work or study comfortably even on the move.

As far as performance is concerned, MateBook D15 is equipped with a powerful and performing 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor, supported by an Intel Iris Xe graphics card, whose graphics performance is more than sufficient for what are the most typical activities, and with an eye to image quality and color rendering.

Which is accentuated by the display, a large and spectacular FullView IPS LED display, with resolution 1080p, Flicker Free and Low Blue Light certified, designed to minimize eye strain and the emission of harmful, and now well known, blue light.

Read also: Laptops, ultrabooks and 2-in-1 | The best of 2022 Practical, functional and easily transportable, MateBook D15 is a powerful and efficient notebook, now sold at a more competitive price than ever which, as mentioned, will allow you to save the beauty of 350 euros on your purchase, which are not very few for a product of this caliber! For this reason, we suggest that you visit the page dedicated to the promo as soon as possible, so as to complete your purchase before the notebook is sold out or, worse, undergoes a heavy price increase.

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