Other tests of the Core i9-13900K promise multi-core sparks

Other tests of the Core i9-13900K promise multi-core sparks

Intel Core i9-13900K currently appears to be in the center of attention, after the CPU was leaked again in further benchmarks that reconfirm an important performance increase over Alder Lake processors in multi-core areas. The processor had been tested at the beginning of June, already demonstrating that it can exceed the current top of the range even at lower frequencies.

One of the Core i9-13900K tested in the benchmarks is the CPU sold through the auction that emerged yesterday on the net, this is demonstrated by the identical image published uncensored on the Chipell forum by the user Lordzzz, who in addition to being the seller also performed the tests. As you can see, the CPU has printed the words "Intel confidential" on the IHS, while the variant code "Q0D8" reveals that it is an ES1 sample. The engineering champions of this series, as stated by the user himself, have various compatibility problems and are unable to reach the maximum required frequencies, problems however solved in the ES3 variant already in circulation, which is also able to offer superior performance. br>
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The tests published by the user include details of both the example ES1 and ES3. The main difference between these two versions is the frequency, which on the ES3 variant is already able to go to 5.5 GHz in single core and 5.5 GHz on all cores. The ES1 CPUs also do not support DDR4 memory due to the BIOS not yet ready for motherboards with Intel 600 series controllers, while there is instead support for new DDR5 RAM memories. The Core i9-13900K of the ES3 series already ensure compatibility with the DDR5-7200, while the final version should support memory higher than the DDR5-8000.

The progressive increase in performance between the two versions of Core i9- 13900K is also clearly visible in the tests performed with the integrated CPU-Z test, where the ES3 specimen achieves 880 points in the single core tests and 15000 points in the multi core tests, surpassing the ES1 CPU which had initially totaled a respective result of 611 and 13014.9 points. The ES1 chip was also slightly behind the Core i9-12900K in single core performance, outperforming it by 12% in multi-core operations. The ES3 version, on the other hand, manages to completely outclass the current top of the range, offering 7% higher performance in single thread and 28% in multi thread. In comparison with AMD, Core i9-13900K drops the Ryzen 5950X by 34% in single thread and 21% in multi thread.

Obviously we can't wait to see a direct comparison with the new Ryzen 7000, both to verify how the Raptor Lake CPUs will behave compared to the new AMD processors, but also to see if Intel will be able to maintain the recently regained leadership. However, we have no doubts that the competition between the two historical rivals will be decidedly heated.

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