5 Amazon tricks to save money every day

5 Amazon tricks to save money every day

Amazon is one of the most reliable and convenient stores you can find on the web, as it is not only full of super valid discounts but is also able to ensure super fast and free shipping and returns, thanks to the Amazon Prime service. After removing the super saving period guaranteed by Amazon Prime Day, with lots of new offers active between the days of 12 and 13 July, how can you ensure maximum savings every day? In this short guide, we will talk about 5 fantastic tricks to use to spend as little as possible on the store.

From the numerous Amazon coupons to the Outlet section and personalized promotional codes, the perfect proposals for you are many and in able to cover all your needs. Ideal for saving every day without giving up the convenience of shipping in 24-48h and assistance always available to support you, via chat, email or telephone!

Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet has long become the preferred solution for buying particularly affordable items, in excess and on sale. The site allows you to choose from a wide range of products: from those for home and personal care to electronics and clothing. This specific section was created by the store to free the warehouses from existing stocks, which have already been unsold for some time and for this you can take home items with a minimum discount of 20%!


Amazon Coupons allows you to access a section entirely dedicated to discount codes to be activated directly through the appropriate page of the store. To activate one or more of them, just click on the box that reads Coupon Selection under what interests you, then you will have to add the item in question to the cart and complete the purchase. The discount will be applied automatically when completing the order, without having to add anything else.

Subscribe and Save

Through this program you will have the opportunity to go shopping by simply clicking on the "Subscribe and Save" box on the page of the product you are interested in, if it is suitable. Once you have created your subscription, you can select the quantity and frequency of delivery to your home, without any commission. The price is reduced by 10% on 1-2 registrations and by 15% by subscribing at least 3, so you will save a lot compared to buying a single product. Obviously you can cancel the service at any time and, before each delivery, an e-mail will be sent to inform you that the order has actually been processed.

Refurbished products

In the Refurbished products section, you will find numerous items repaired / refurbished and tested in order to function and look like new. The refurbishment process generally includes a diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, a thorough cleaning process and, if applicable, repackaging as well. Additionally, all products must be shipped with the accessories accompanying a new item. For your maximum protection, purchases made in this section are covered by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Personalized promotional codes

Personalized promotional codes are discounts available only for certain accounts, therefore they are not enabled for all. Through this link you can open the page containing a list of your coupons and all the benefits that you can access on the store! We strongly advise you to check this section frequently, because the codes are constantly changing and renewing, always ensuring new savings.

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