Mascara | The best of 2022

Mascara | The best of 2022

If we were to draw up a ranking of the cosmetics that can never be missing in anyone's beauty case, we would certainly put mascara in the first place. When you make an elaborate eye make-up, it is this product that allows you to give the final touch, giving you an intense and magnetic look. At the same time it is always mascara that is the best ally of your everyday look, since it allows you to have a touch of light on your eyes and a healthier and more cared for appearance even without having a very marked makeup base. Therefore, it is one of the most exploited cosmetics on any occasion, so it must be chosen with the utmost care for your needs and for the characteristics offered by the product itself.

Read also: Micellar waters | The best of 2022 Since its inception, mascara has made its way into the world of beauty for its extremely attractive effect and for the numerous variations that have arisen over the years as a result of different fashions, different cultures and perspectives extremely varied aesthetics. So the charm of the gaze has proved to be extremely eclectic from the beginning and the mascara has changed, multiplied, improved a lot over time, managing to ensure excellent eye make-up and all of different kinds. From the false eyelash effect, thick and dense, to the natural and lengthening effect, light and easy to apply even for the less experienced. For this reason, given the enormous variety of proposals on the market, choosing one of the many cosmetics without weighing the purchase is more than wrong.

In our guide, we will explain in detail how important it is to understand what your needs are, what effects are ensured by certain mascara and why you should give the utmost attention to the applicator that is provided to you. Furthermore, we will take a close look at some of the most valid and interesting products on the market, by finish, by type and also by price. We will move from the great classics of the luxury market, such as Chanel, to more youthful and popular brands, such as the unbeatable L’Oréal. So there will be something for all tastes, for all types of lashes and even for all budgets, without any exclusion.

The best mascaras

Mascara Benefit They're Real Magnet Mascara Pupa Vamp! Mascara L'Oréal Paradise Extatic Mascara Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara Chanel Le Volume

Mascara Benefit They're Real Magnet

Mascara Benefit They're Real Magnet is a super lengthening product, designed to give your lashes an effect natural but quite intense. Much of the success of this mascara is due to the innovative, revolutionary brush with a magnetic heart which also allows you to better manage the ultra-black formula, enriched with magnetic minerals. Thanks to this particular technology, you can drag the product along and beyond the lashes, for 40% more length and a super homogeneous effect. In addition, the They're Real Magnet Benefit ensures a duration of 36 hours!

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Mascara Pupa Vamp!

We are talking of one of Pupa's best known and most iconic products, which has remained in the Olympus of mascara for years as it is convenient and extremely effective on the lashes. The Pupa Vamp! it is designed to guarantee you a very intense look, with an excellent volumizing and super thick effect. Of course, you can modulate it according to your personal taste, creating a more or less natural look based on the application you prefer and the creamy texture will avoid creating annoying lumps even on intense makeup. The brush, sinuous and with soft and dense fibers, manages to manage large quantities of product and allows a generous, immediate and uniform release without having to overly stratify. In addition, the Pupa formula uses a splendid mix of natural synthetic vegetable waxes that ensure soft, flexible and more nourished lashes than before.

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Mascara L'Oréal Paradise Extatic

Also in this case, we are talking about a product designed to guarantee you an eye look with an intense volume, thanks to the very soft and rounded brush at the base that allows you a pleasant and extremely fast application. The result will not only be lengthening but also curving and voluminous, without lumps, for a super intense look. In this case, the creamy and delicate formula enriched with castor oil with stretching properties, is also designed for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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Mascara Dior Iconic Overcurl

The Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara brings us to the luxury products field and, in this case, we are talking about a product that offers you full-volume eye make-up with spectacular curves even for the most flat. It is a product suitable for various types of eyelashes, ready to define and open your eyes in the best possible way for a duration of 24 hours. Thanks to the formula rich in cotton nectar, this mascara strengthens, softens and makes your lashes even healthier after each application. In addition, the curved and super precise brush is excellent to use even for those who are not practical.

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Chanel Le Volume

Let's go back to talking about volume with Chanel Le Volume, which ensures that you have multiplied and thickened lashes after just a few steps. The wonderful mix of applicator and formula creates an intense volume effect since the first, developed exclusively for Chanel, amplifies the volume thanks to its shape with overlapping and oriented discs for an optimal result while the fluid technology, which dries quickly, allows you to create a tailored volumizing effect. In addition, the combination of waxes and acacia gum is ideal for fixing the curvature created by the applicator and obtaining a volume that intensifies with each step.

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How to choose the best mascara

As we have already said, mascara is the real undisputed star of eye makeup or at least it is the cosmetic that manages to most distort the final result of your makeup. To get the perfect effect according to your specific needs, and according to your look as well as your type of eyelash, you will necessarily have to look for the right product. Choosing the best mascara is anything but easy, as you will have to evaluate many more characteristics than you might initially think, during your choice: formula, applicator, final effect and much more.

Generally, all mascaras are made specifically to enhance your look, so you will hardly find a completely ineffective product. But, if you intend to buy a perfect cosmetic for your needs, you will have to particularly closely evaluate the chosen item. As far as makeup is concerned, the difficulty is not often found in choosing something valid and effective but rather in bringing home something that can enhance you 100%, without compromise.

In our guide we will explain to you with great attention how to observe and evaluate the most important information during the purchase phase, in such a way as to bring home a cosmetic that not only satisfies you but is able to effectively enhance you, in all respects.

Type of Eyelashes Applicator Color Formula

Type of eyelashes

Before purchasing a mascara, you must evaluate what type of lashes are in order to make them even more radiant and enhance them to the fullest thanks to the best product for you. The products on the market are really many, also different for the technologies used by the brands and understanding what your natural lashes look like can make a lot of difference if you intend to get an excellent result. But what are the types and what are the best mascaras for each? Now we will help you to understand what yours could be and, consequently, the right product for your needs.

Short eyelashes: you do not have a particularly enhanced or "elongated" look from the lashes, consequently you will have to aim for on a lengthening cosmetic, which manages to make them thicker and more intense; Thin lashes: just focus on a volumizing mascara, designed in every way to intensify and thicken them, managing to fill the gaps in the absence of makeup; Straight eyelashes: straight eyelashes tend to close the eyes a lot, which is why it is important to buy a curling product that is able to create natural curves; Joined eyelashes: it may happen that you have lashes that, naturally, are particularly close to each other and cannot give definition to your look, for this you will have to buy a mascara with a precision brush to separate them well one by one ;


After evaluating what your type of eyelash is and deciding which product is designed to perform best on you, you will need to take a closer look at another detail: the applicator. At first glance, you might think that it is a secondary element, instead we are talking about the co-star alongside the formula chosen by the brand. Once you understand the effect you want to achieve, you will need to focus on the supplied brush which, thanks to its bristles, will allow you to pick up and spread the product. Again, the varieties are plentiful also because companies continue to create new ones to obtain higher quality results and, in addition, many can also be purchased separately at a later time.

What changes at the inside and outside of an applicator? Material, shape and obviously the final result, for this reason it is a feature that should not be underestimated absolutely. In this short list we will guide you through the various types, explaining the different "functions" they can have and how much they can influence your eye make-up:

The "standard": it is the simplest and most ordinary brush, the one commonly used for mascara that do not have to have particular effects but simply go to darken the lashes. In fact, it does not boast particular functions other than simply highlighting them in a light and natural way. Generally it has a tubular shape with dense but not very thick bristles and, in some cases, it is equipped with a precision tip to finish the most difficult points and apply the product also on the lower lash line; The curved: this is the slightly bent, medium thin and long applicator, designed to curl your lashes more easily, sliding from the base to the tips in a fluid and rapid movement; The oval: in this case we are talking about one of the most massive pipe cleaners, with denser bristles than the others, therefore ideal for grabbing a lot of mascara and distributing it abundantly on all lashes, thickening the upper rim and making it particularly voluminous and intense; the largest area is designed to cover most of the lashes while the final part is perfect for carefully finishing any remaining gaps; The pyramidal: similar to the oval applicator but wider at the base and smaller and smaller towards the tip, with small and dense bristles, ideal for curving and thickening both lash lines; Hourglass: excellent brush to combine lengthening and volumizing effect, managing to untangle and manage the lashes in a complete and homogeneous way; Ball: very small in size, designed to capture all lashes, even the finest and thinned out in the most difficult areas, such as the inner corner of the eye. It allows you to manage even the smallest areas with extreme care and is not ideal if you have heavy, straight or downward lashes;


Let's go to another fundamental feature in the purchase of your mascara, namely the formulation and the materials chosen. Many of the products on the market share the use of compounds of waxes and resins that have the task of wrapping the lashes, increasing their thickness and further pigmenting them for a natural or extremely evident effect. To these is also added another important element, namely the water which varies significantly according to the final effect of the mascara.

For example, waterproof or better waterproof products are characterized by preservatives and solvents that they allow to last a long time and resist water. It is a type suitable for an evening, for a particularly long day in which you do not want to have smudges of any kind as they will tend to be removed with more effort and in the skincare phase they will be removed with specific cosmetics. The volumizing mascaras have a low quantity of water inside them and are more dense, in such a way as to settle the product and create an impeccable false eyelash effect.

Cosmetics with a lengthening effect, on the other hand, are those that they make more use of the water and are therefore much less heavy and easier to spread evenly without too many passes. Finally, some specific products add natural nourishing ingredients such as oils and serums, vitamins that not only moisturize the lashes but help them grow healthier and thicker over time.


As you probably already know, there are many different shades of mascara on the market: from the most classic and suitable for everyday use to the most eccentric, glittery or even fluorescent. The most common colors of mascara are, of course, black or brown or particularly dark brown as they are ideal for enhancing and intensifying the look with minimal effort but the alternatives are now numerous.

You can buy products that not only allow you to add the icing on the cake to your eye make-up or to enhance the color of your iris using complementary colors. From gray to white, to green, blue or fuchsia: you can decide to indulge yourself not only for a special event, for a party or for editorial photographs but also to create an even more elaborate makeup.

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