The Prime Video news for July 2022

The Prime Video news for July 2022

The Prime Video news for July 2022 have been released. To report Terminal List, Paper Girls and among the anime the third season of Haikyu and Season 16 of Bleach.

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July 2022 Prime Video news

July 2022 Prime Video original series and shows

Terminal List Season 1 - July 1st

trailer for Terminal List Based on Jack Carr's best-selling novel, Terminal List follows the story of James Reece (Chris Pratt) after his Navy Seal team is ambushed during a high-risk covert operation. Reece returns home to his family with confused memories of the event and doubts about his responsibilities. However, as new evidence emerges, Reece discovers that dark forces are working against him, endangering not only his life but also the lives of those he loves.

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Without borders tells the story of the first sailing around the world made by Magellano and Elcano, interpreted respectively by Rodrigo Santoro and Álvaro Morte, five hundred years after the original expedition. The super-production directed by Simon West (Tomb Raider) will bring to life the electrifying and epic story of a group of sailors on a journey into the unknown, in a six-part, action-adventure quality series from 40 minutes, shot between Spain and the Dominican Republic.

Warriors on the Field Season 1 - July 8

Presented by AFL (Australian Football League) legend Michael O'Loughlin and directed by indigenous director Larissa Behrendt, Warriors On The Field is a powerful portrayal of the strength indigenous players derive from their culture, their connection to the game and how it helps them fight racism in Australia. They share their stories alongside O'Loughlin - a man of Kaurna, Ngarrindjeri and Narungga descent - current AFL players Michael "Sonny" Walters, a proud Noongar of the Fremantle Dockers, and North Melbourne youngster Tarryn Thomas, an aboriginal Kamillaroi and Lumaranaana from Sydney. Warriors On The Field celebrates Australian Aborigines and their longstanding connection with Australian football.

Forever Summer: Hamptons Season 1 - July 15th

Forever Summer: Hamptons is a training docusoap set against the idyllic backdrop of the Hamptons. At the center of the series is a group of university students from different backgrounds, from wealthy New Yorkers who frequent the resort during the summer, to humble local kids. During the day they work in a seaside restaurant, in the evening they party, putting friendships and love to the test on the hottest days of summer. With the arrival of September, the stakes and responsibilities will be high, but the summer is at their disposal. | ); } James May: Our Agent in Italy - July 15

In the new chapter of the May series for Prime Video “Our agent in”, James brings his truly unique point of view to Italy, crossing at length and one of his favorite countries to explore its history, landscapes, traditions and much more. From the Sicilian capital, Palermo, to the peaks of the Dolomites, James will discover culture, food, work and even a little sport, all against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Can a clumsy middle-aged British man uncover the secrets of the sweet life?

Paper Girls Season 1 - July 29th

Paper Girls Paper Girls stars four girls - Erin, Mac, Tiffany and KJ - who, while distributing newspapers in the morning after Halloween night of 1988, they unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a conflict between rival factions of time travelers that will change their lives forever. Transported to the future, the girls will have to find a way to go back to their past, and this search will lead them to meet adult versions of themselves. While resigning themselves to the fact that their future is very different from what they imagined as 12-year-olds, they are hunted down by a militant faction of time travelers known as Old Watch, which has outlawed time travel so they can stay in power. To survive, the girls will have to overcome their differences and learn to trust each other as well as themselves.

Original films and exclusive Prime Video of July 2022

Don't Make Me Go is about a single father, Max (John Cho), who, when he discovers he has a terminal illness, decides to try to fill up on all those years of love and support that won't be able to live with teenage daughter Wally (Mia Isaac). With a promise to take the long-awaited driving lessons, he convinces Wally to accompany him on a trip from California to New Orleans for his 20-year graduation reunion with former college friends, where he secretly hopes to reunite her with her mother, who long ago he abandoned them. In an original and exciting journey, full of courage and irony, Don’t Make Me Go explores the indissoluble and eternal bond between a father and a daughter, told from the point of view of two generations.

Press Play - Music in Our Lives - July 16th

Laura (Clara Rugaard) and Harrison (Lewis Pullman) live the perfect love story based on their shared passion for music. After a fatal accident, Laura gets the chance to save her love of her life when she discovers that the music cassette with their selection of songs can transport her back in time. With a moving soundtrack that includes songs from Japanese Breakfast, Father John Misty, Dayglow and many more, Press Play reminds us that love can always be played in replay.

Anything Is Possible - July 22nd

Anything Is Possible is a delightful Gen Z training story that follows Kelsa, a self-confident trans high schooler struggling with her senior year of school . Her classmate Khal falls in love with her and finds the courage to ask her out despite the confusion he knows about her. It is a love story that tells the joy, tenderness and pain of a young love.

The new movies and series coming to Prime Video in July 2022

The Misfits | July 1st

Eddie & Sunny | 1 July

Corro Da Te | July 4th

Moonfall | July 11th

The Kelly Gang | July 15th

The poisonous rose | July 15th

Color Out of Space | July 15th

Spencer | July 22nd

Becky | July 25th

Possessor | July 27th

How It Ends | July 29th

Made In Abyss: Dawn Of The Deep Soul | 1 July

An icy winter | 1 July

Split | July 1st

Fifty Shades of Black | July 1st

Pitch Perfect 3 | 1 July

Capitan Underpants: The movie | 1 July

Atomica Bionda | July 1st

Lady Bird | 1 July

The darkest hour | 1 July

The Mummy (2017) | 1 July

Suburra | July 1st

Infamous | 1 July

Put grandma in the freezer | 1 July

Night before exams | 1 July

The profs are coming | July 1st

Summertime | 1 July

Confessions | 1 July

Our life | 1 July

A whole other life | July 1st

The punk girl in love | 1 July

The Tunnel - Trap in the dark | July 15th

Proxima | July 15th

Suffragette | July 16

Midsommar - The village of the damned | 25 July

Welcome back President | July 28th

I'm there | July 29th

Shameless - the eleventh season | July 1

Haikyu - the third season | 1 July

Doc - In your hands - the first season | 1 July

Extreme Football - the first two seasons | July 1st

Pat the Dog | 1 July

Pinocchio and Friends - the first season (ep. 1-13) | July 1

Made In Abyss - the second season with one episode per week | July 8th

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - from the fourteenth to the twenty-first season | July 14th

Chicago Fire - from fifth to eighth season | July 14th

Chicago Pd - from the fifth to the seventh season | July 14th

Naruto - the fifth season | July 18th

Bleach - the sixteenth season | July 25th

Shin Getter Robo Re: Model - the first season | 25 July

Films and TV series due on Prime Video in July 2022

FILM EXPIRED: Becoming Jane, The key, Like a cat on the ring road, Open Water 3: Cage Dive, Act of Force, Genesis Code, The Gift - The Gift, Proximity, Basic Instinct, Splice, Hell, Before Tomorrow, Ken the Warrior - The Legend of Hokuto, Letters from Berlin, Criminal Code, The Wrong Fuitina, Christie's Revenge , No Rules Challenge, The Man on the Train, The Room, Ken the Warrior - The Legend of Raoul, Tracers, Drive Angry, Ken the Warrior - The Legend of Toki, A-X-L - An Extraordinary Friendship, Gunpowder Milkshake, Gunpowder Milkshake, Ken the Warrior - The Legend of Julia, Terror on vacation, The Zone - Road To Chernobyl, Burying the Ex, Trapped, White Night, Romans - Demons from the past, For a Fistful of Jade.

TV SERIES EXPIRED: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 13, Mad Men Season 1, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Season 1, GRAND PRIX Driver Season 1 , Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul Season 1, Sword Art Online Season 4, Getter Robo Arc Season 1, Re-Main Season 1, Lords of Fire Season 2, Champions League Magazine.

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