Chris Pine action hero for Prime Video in The Contractor, review

Chris Pine action hero for Prime Video in The Contractor, review

Chris Pine action hero for Prime Video in The Contractor

Among the novelties of Amazon Prime Video this hot June, The Contractor, a Swedish action-thriller film narrated in the form of a moral tale, directed by Tarik Saleh, has recently been added. Produced and distributed by Amazon Studios, The Contractor is a 143-minute film, full of suspense starring an excellent Chris Pine, who is also an executive producer, which you can find from June 15, 2022 in the streaming platform's catalog.

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The Contractor: A Moral Action Story

James Harper, played by Chris Pine, is an American special forces sergeant who is discharged due to an injury to his knee that compromises its work. Harper, therefore, finds himself more in economic difficulty, a situation that he was already trying to overcome together with his wife, to provide for her and her son and is convinced by a former comrade and friend of his to join a sort of agency. which deals with private security.| ); }

Chris Pine and Gillian Jacobs James, at this point, musters up all his strength and tries to return to his country not only to be able to embrace his family but also to manage the oddities found while working on the mission for this private security agency. Will James be able to discover the truth about his mission and see his wife and son again? Obviously we will not reveal this to you: what we can tell you, however, is that The Contractor deserves the vision for many aspects that we will illustrate in the next paragraphs.

The Contractor's two medals

The Contractor can be divided into two parts: the first half introduces, in fact, socio-political issues that focus on current events and emotions; the second part, on the other hand, turns on a more action-thriller trail in which there will be some twists: this subdivision is in turn marked by a fluctuating rhythm of writing, as if the film remained in the balance between action and socio-political, a sort of limbo oscillating between two genders.

The Contractor

Actuality and morality

As specified in the previous paragraph, the characteristic that attracts in The Contractor is that it has enclosed deep and current themes in the story, passing from an emotional side to a more spy and action and, like the film, the protagonist played by Pine also evolves: from a devoted American patriot, he transforms into a solitary hero.

This film highlights a profound reflection: how willing are we to put aside our values ​​when we are abandoned by the institutions we firmly believe in? When you suffer such a disappointment, a kind of survival mode is triggered by the torment of not being able to provide for yourself and your family which foments the strength to face the situation and make the lives of loved ones better, but obviously this has a cost which is called sacrifice.

Chris Pine in the role of James Harper This reflection does not differ much from the current reality we are experiencing: economic crisis, unemployment, not being able to provide for their families, all issues that currently society is experiencing, but without being able to do anything or almost. Could this be the reflection that The Contractor wants to communicate to us? Or having to react, try to do something to safeguard ourselves and our lives? Obviously we can't answer this question either, but if you see The Contractor these questions will probably assault your thoughts as well.


The Contractor is a film that certainly deserves to be seen even if only for its interpretation by Chris Pine, but as we have explained to you, give a chance also to the issues addressed because they really are an excellent food for thought. In the meantime, we invite you to leave a comment with your opinion and we remind you that The Contractor is available from June 15, 2002 on Prime Video, but only if you are subscribed to the streaming service.

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