Clarifications arrive on the production of One-Punch Man

Clarifications arrive on the production of One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man before becoming an international best-seller was born as a webcomic made exclusively by ONE, the author also famous for Mob Psycho 100.

The manga from June 2012 was then taken over by Yusuke Murata, talented artist behind other masterpieces such as Eyeshield 21, who recreated it from scratch with his incredible and sensational artistic trait.

The paper version of One-Punch Man, also published in volumes in Italy for Planet Manga, reports in the acknowledgments the writing of ONE and the drawings of Yusuke Murata. Is this definition really so simple and straightforward? Well, the answer is affirmative according to a recent editorial note of the manga.

The paper manga, in fact, serialized on the online platform of Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha), is created in communion by ONE and Murata. ONE creates the storyboards and preliminary drafts (nemu) while Murata transforms the guidelines into fantastic drawings by completing them.

One-Punch Man: manga and anime

One-Punch Man is a manga written by ONE and drawn by Yusuke Murata in Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha) magazine since 2012. The published chapters are collected in tankobon, for the moment 26. In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga with the first 24 available.

Currently, the anime brings together 24 episodes. Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) director, a western live action film with real actors is in the works for Sony Pictures

You don't know what the manga is about and are you curious? Below is a synopsis and if you would like to try reading it here you can buy the 1st volume on Amazon (we invite you to try the manga by purchasing the first compelling volume on Amazon).

Saitama is clearly "an average man": it is clear from the stupid expression he has on his face, from his baldness, from the physique that has very little impressive.

Yet, this "average man" has a problem outside the norm: he is an invincible superhero who cannot find opponents worthy of challenge.

The problem is Saitama's deadly punch, capable of knocking down opponents at the first blow.

Will our hero be able to find an enemy equally powerful and capable of stoking the fire of competition?

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