Mashle's anime adaptation is coming

Mashle's anime adaptation is coming

The promotional material of volume 12 of Mashle, the manga written and drawn by Hajime Komoto, heralds the arrival of the anime adaptation in 2023.

Currently it is not known to know anything else about it, however on July 4th Shueisha, through the pages of the number 31 of Weekly Shonen Jump, will reveal something "special" for the manga series and it is reasonable to imagine that it is precisely this novelty.

Volume 12 of the manga will also be released on July 4, 2022 and the final narrative arc will begin right inside it (already underway in the weekly serialization in the magazine).

Mashle: the manga

We invite you to purchase the first funny issue of the manga if you are passionate about fighting manga in comedy sauce.

In an alternate world where magic is used every day for even the most trivial action, being born without powers is a disgrace, and those without powers are considered undesirable and set aside or expelled from society. Mash, the protagonist, is an orphan without magical powers who is found by a good-hearted elder, who grows him deep in the forest away from everything and everyone to protect him. Mash's main interests are cream puffs and bodybuilding, so much so that he spends his days training, acquiring superhuman strength. But his life and that of his adoptive father are put in danger the day a shady guy discovers their secret and blackmails them: he will only leave them alone if Mash enrolls in the Easton Magical Academy - a very prestigious university where only the the most talented wizards are accepted - and will prove that he can become the new "divine visionary", or the most powerful sorcerer of the year.

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