Who is Jane Foster, the mighty Thor from Thor: Love and Thunder

Who is Jane Foster, the mighty Thor from Thor: Love and Thunder

Who is Jane Foster, the mighty Thor from Thor

We will soon see her in action alongside the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder, after she surprised us in the trailer for the new Marvel Cinematic Universe film by wielding nothing less than Mjolnir. Jane Foster is therefore ready to show an unusual side of her personality on the big screen, a trait of the character played by Natalie Portman that readers of the comics of the House of Ideas have already had the opportunity to see in the past. But going beyond the portrayal of her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who is Jane Foster in the Marvel Comics?

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Who is Jane Foster in the Marvel Comics, whom we will soon see again in theaters in Thor: Love and Thunder?

The origins of Jane Foster Why does Jane Foster become Thor? Jane Foster, Valkyria Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Origins of Jane Foster

It would be easy to just emphasize her rise to the role of Mighty Thor, admiring the stubbornness and self-denial with which Jane wielded the hammer of the Thunder God at a time when the Asgardian was not worthy to raise his legendary weapon. The presence of Jane Foster in the myth of Thor dates back to the dawn of the editorial life of the God of Thunder, or rather in Journey into Mystery # 84. Created by Stan Lee and his brother Larry Lieber, Jane was graphically created by Jack Kirby, in the first appearances the surname was Nelson, and was ideally born as a romantic interest of Donald Blake, the human identity of the early Thor. In her role as Blake's nurse, Jane was also often in contact with Thor, developing a dual interest in both. When Thor revealed her true identity to her, a series of events broke out that resulted in the removal from the woman's memory of any memory linked to Thor, an amnesia thanks to which Jane was able to find love in Keith. Kincaid.

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Why Jane Foster becomes Thor?

Why Jane Foster becomes Thor was one of the most frequently asked questions Marvel fans are placed. In the wake of the events of Secret Wars, after Nick Fury whispered a phrase into Thor's ear, Thor became convinced that he was no longer worthy to wield his Mjolnir. This particular moment in Thor's life was useful to Jason Aaron, at the helm of the character, who was able to realize his idea:

"The idea came after Thor had become unworthy, a moment towards which I had always headed. I liked the idea of ​​confronting myself with the concept of being worthy and what it meant to be a deserving god within the Marvel Universe. In short, to show the god of thunder who wakes up every morning, looks at his hammer, and wonders if he is still worthy of wielding it. And of course, one day he finds out he isn't. This opens the door for someone else to grab Mjolnir and take his place. . Really, the only character we thought of was Jane ”

Jane Foster, Valkyria

After returning to life as a mortal, Jane Foster's superhero career did not end. During the mega event of The War of the Realms, Jane, pro-tempore named Mother of All by Queen Frigga, went into battle using the hammer of the Thor of Earth-1610, also fighting alongside the legendary warriors of Asgard, the Valkyries. During the battle, the Mjolnir used by Jane Foster shattered, but they molded themselves around her arm, creating a magical jewel capable of transforming into any object Jane desired.

Jane continued to fight, assisting the Valkyrie, before they were exterminated, when the dying Brunhilde handed her her powers. Following this, Jane Foster became a Valkirya, thereby gaining powers such as teleportation, the ability to fly, premonition, and the gift of sensing people's impending doom.

Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

| "(min-width: 1300px)"}); //console.log("(ACTIVATION TEST] adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh4_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh4 "); } Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the figure of Jane Foster has been profoundly rewritten. Her tragic past has been completely removed and she has been given a minor role in the story of the Thunder God, especially after the events of Thor: The Dark World. His return in Thor: Love and Thunder represents an opportunity to show a different aspect of the woman, also bringing her closer to her more contemporary comic dimension, which has enhanced not only the superhero aspect but above all her profound humanity.

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