Genshin Impact, Yoimiya's cosplay from Shirogane-sama celebrates her beauty

Genshin Impact, Yoimiya's cosplay from Shirogane-sama celebrates her beauty

Genshin Impact

Shirogane-sama has created a new cosplay dedicated to Yoimiya, the character of Genshin Impact, who celebrates her beauty with a smile and a small firework.

The title of miHoYo continues to be talked about even in these days, see for example the sensational news of the founder of the Persona 5 fanzine who stole $ 21,000 to spend on Genshin Impact.

Beloved by all the inhabitants of the island of Narukami, Yoimiya is a warrior of fire, capable of using this powerful element to defeat her opponents by throwing the arrows of her inseparable bow at them.

As for Shirogane- sama, his passion for Genshin Impact is well known and it is not the first time he plays Yoimiya: he already did it last September and last August, always with extraordinary results.

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Genshin Impact Gives Out Free Primogems with a Catch

Genshin Impact creator miHoYo is doing another one of its Primogem giveaways to give players some of the coveted currency for free. These Primogems are sometimes given away just for logging in, but players are tasked sometimes within completing a quick objective or action to receive their loot. This giveaway is one of the latter and doesn't actually involve any in-game effort, but it does have a hoop or two for players to jump through to get their rewards.

The Primogem giveaway is connected to the OST for the Chasm, a relatively new area of Genshin Impact players can now traverse. If you like the music of the Chasm, you can get rewarded 40 Primogems for listening to it so long as you don't mind sharing the tracks yourself.

To get started, head here, select the link provided in the page, and listen to three tracks from the OST. You'll then have to share them via a social media platform of your choosing.

But there's more: Even after doing all that, the Primogems won't be awarded right away. Instead, you'll be entered into a sweepstakes where your name will potentially be drawn to be a recipient of these Primogems.

Sweepstakes like these are often cast aside by players given the unlikely chance of actually being the winner, but a ton of people are going to win this one, so you actually have a decent chance this time. A total of 2 million winners 'will be randomly selected and gifted with Primogems ×40 and an event-exclusive HoYoLAB avatar frame,' the creators said. Genshin Impact has a huge amount of players on its own, but only a portion of them will participate in this event, and when you consider that 2 million winners will be chosen, that increases your chances of 'winning' exponentially.

The sweepstakes is live from now until June 30th, and codes will be distributed between then and the next seven days. To improve your chances of winning, players are 'allowed to participate multiple times in this event, but can only win the rewards once.' You'll have until July 6th to redeem your code for the Primogems if you're selected, so be sure to do it by then to avoid losing out.

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