An Italian company wants to enter the luxury electric car segment

An Italian company wants to enter the luxury electric car segment

It's called Aehra and it's a new Italian car brand that officially presents itself today in the global electric car market. The only ones, together with those using alternative fuels, that the Council and Parliament of the European Union want to be sold exclusively on Community markets starting from 2035. The goal of the new car manufacturer is to churn out top-of-the-range cars marked by top-level technologies. The competitors need not even mention them: the road is very long and bothering Tesla is obviously out of place. Based in Milan, Ahera naturally proposes itself with a global soul and operates with a platform able to exploit the best that the automotive industry can offer: world engineering, Italian design and American customer service, combined with the advantages of the transmission of new generation electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology.

Co-founder, president and CEO of the company is Hazim Nada: born in 1982, born in the United States and raised in Italy, he has a master degree in theoretical physics at University of Cambridge and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London in the UK. Entrepreneur, pilot and passionate paratrooper, seven years ago he founded Aero Gravity, the largest vertical wind tunnel in Europe, with Sandro Andreotti, who is also co-founder of Aehra. Both are fasting on the automotive sector, an area to which they began to approach only in 2019. Now the bet on four wheels with the aim of "upsetting the market by creating sophisticated cars with Italian elegance, which will finally optimize the advantages offered by vehicle design electric cars, redefining the automotive experience ”, as a note from the newborn group reads.

"Aehra's vision is to solve the fundamental critical issues in the current phase of automotive transition to electric - explains Nada -. First of all, the need to create truly desirable electric vehicles, which are conceived from the outset as electric, without links to the conceptual schemes inherited from the tradition of internal combustion vehicles. All expressed in a new paradigm of Italian design. Aehra's vehicle architecture resembles none of the traditional forms of internal combustion engines. Radically changing the approach to planning and design, projecting it into a new era of the automotive experience ". Even the shopping experience, at least in projects, will go far beyond buying a car online. "We intend to completely rewrite the customer journey, from car research to after-sales, creating a unique experience that will not end at the time of purchase but will allow you to enter a truly exclusive community" explains the CEO.

Hazim Nada, CEO and co-founder of Aehra

Two debut models. An SUV and a sedan that in the company's statements will show a range of at least 800 kilometers and high performance. None of this still exists, of course, nor have any images or other details been released. It will probably be necessary to wait until autumn. Backed by substantial - albeit not declared or defined - private funding, Aehra intends to unveil the final design and the names of its SUV and sedan during the year, with delivery to customers expected from 2025. The key markets will be North America, Europe, China and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. In short, we are at the first stirrings and also rather blurred, if not in the mission which appears to be very lucid.

“When Aehra reaches the market, many of the challenges that today hinder manufacturers of electric vehicles will be overcome - he continues Nada - worry about autonomy will no longer be a problem for customers. The differentiating elements for a potential customer will be all the other elements of the customer experience such as the style and dynamics of the vehicle, the experience in the passenger compartment and everything related to the purchase, use and possession of the car ".

With respect to production and assembly, Aehra - which anticipates where and how it will produce its vehicles - explains that it will adopt a strategic and sustainable approach. To design Filippo Perini, who boasts thirty years of experience in the sector. Former director of the Lamborghini Style Center in Sant'Agata Bolognese, he has been at the helm of teams that have conceived and followed the development of iconic vehicles such as the Lamborghini Aventador, MurciĆ©lago LP 640, Huracan, Urus and Reventon. “Usually, when designing a new car, the designer has several limitations on the part of the car manufacturer. With Aehra we have greater freedom - explains the designer -. My approach as a designer and engineer is that 'form follows function', and this is also my motto at Aehra. I have always been convinced that when a product or a solution looks extremely beautiful it is because it works. In Aehra we will use advanced aerodynamics in a completely different way ".

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