How and where to watch The Sandman in streaming

How and where to watch The Sandman in streaming

Whether they are vivid nocturnal visions so realistic as to be confused with waking, or disconnected and grotesque scenarios that are only apparently illogical and meaningless, dreams seem to belong to a dimension of their own. A distant kingdom on the edge of understanding, inaccessible and elusive, which takes shape in the fairytale and disturbing dark fantasy comic series DC Comics signed by Neil Gaiman: The Sandman. Its title is one of the many names attributable to its protagonist, ruler of the Dream Kingdom also known as Morpheus, more than human and little less than a god, an Eternal who rules over the visions that men live during their sleep: wonderful dreams , revelations, terrible nightmares or bizarre events. “I am a passenger. Journey aboard your dreams. ”Says Sandman, the man of the sand, who moves between realms without being seen, shaping human dreams and nightmares.

And soon, he will also be the protagonist of a TV series inspired by the fantasy work of Gaiman, arriving on Netflix from August 5 entitled The Sandman: a comic-to-TV adaptation created by Neil Gaiman himself, together with David S. Goyer (Foundation) and Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman), who will bring to the screen some of the stories of Morpheus, here played by Tom Sturridge. What, then, will The Sandman narrate? Which characters from the comics will appear in the TV series? In general, what to expect from The Sandman? Let's find out the details of the new Netflix product and, for those who have never visited the Kingdom of the Dream in the company of its ruler, let's review the figure of Sandman and his story.

How and where to watch The Sandman in streaming

Who is Sandman The Sandman: what the TV series will adapt About the performers What to expect from The Sandman and how to watch it in streaming

Who is Sandman

Pale as the moon, with a glint in his eyes like stars and a mop as dark as night. This is how Sandman has been presented since November 29, 1988, the date that marks the first publication of his fantasy stories under the Vertigo (DC Comics) label by Neil Gaiman. Many artists have alternated in the illustration of Sandman until 1996, the year which saw the conclusion of the comic series with the publication of the last cycle of stories: from Sam Keith to Mike Dringenberg, from Colleen Doran to Kelley Jones, although all the covers have always been made entirely by visionary Dave McKean. However, the vaguely disturbing aspect of Sandman, beyond all possible stylistic interpretations, has remained unchanged and distinguishes him as the King of Dreams in the vast universe created by Gaiman, in which the existences of humans are intertwined in unexpected ways at will. and to the whims of incarnate nightmares, demons and immortal entities.

A task that Sandman, however, can no longer perform for a long time, with catastrophic consequences. The first cycle of stories about Sandman entitled Preludes and Nights, in fact, starts from a magical ritual that imprisons Dream. Roderick Burgess, a necromancer who appropriates the Book of Magdalene containing the magical rites to imprison each Eternal, tries to call Death to himself, to chain her and obtain immortality. The ritual, however, does not go as it should and, instead of Death, traps Dream: angry, Burgess still keeps Dream imprisoned in a glass sphere, inside a magical circle, assuming that the long detention could induce him to fulfill the wishes of his jailer. . Seventy years pass, until the right moment arrives for the King of Dreams to escape and obtain his revenge.

The Sandman: what will adapt the TV series

The official synopsis of The Sandman defines this way the series:

A rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend intertwine seamlessly, The Sandman follows the people and places influenced by Morpheus, the King of Dreams, as he corrects the cosmic and human errors he made during his long existence.

The new title soon to be released on Netflix will also completely cover, according to the statements of Neil Gaiman himself, the narrative arc entitled Doll's House. The Sandman TV series will include an initial prologue showing Roderick Burgess 'failed ritual and Morpheus' subsequent imprisonment for seventy long years; the return of the King of Dreams in his kingdom will decree the beginning of a series of events for the reconstruction of his house, however it seems that he will also have to deal with a new threat. In Casa di Bambola, the second comic cycle of Sandman, our protagonist is in fact committed to warding off the destructive effects of a Vortex: an individual capable of connecting to the dreams of others and connecting them to each other, generating chaos.

Among the pages of Doll's House this Vortex is embodied in the figure of Rose Walker, a young woman mysteriously linked to Unity Kincaid, one of the many victims of Sandman's imprisonment forced to sleep for many years. Moving to a new home, Rose makes the acquaintance of her roommates while desperate for Jed, her long-lost younger brother: among them are Hal, the mysterious couple formed by Zelda and Chantal, the one most over the top of Barbie and Ken and the "gentle giant" Gilbert, who will all be involved in the consequences of the power of Rose Walker, of which the young woman is unaware. The Sandman's task will therefore be to stop it, as has already happened in the past with other Vortices.

From the words of Neil Gaiman it seems that this first season of The Sandman will therefore be the adaptation of this cycle until its conclusion and, avoiding the fears of fans regarding an excessive "compression" of the plot, the author emphasized how the TV series will have more or less the same duration as Act I of Sandman in its Audible version . Furthermore, the presence of the figures of Zelda and Chantal and that of Johanna Constantine, who makes her first appearance in the "interlude" story entitled Men of Good Fortune, which will have a central role in the series both in the role of her ancestor of the Eighteenth century, both in those of the woman of our times.

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About the interpreters

With these premises, which will surely appeal to fans of the most significant dark fantasy comic series in the history of DC Comics, even the perspective of the names on the scene gives a lot of hope for the success of The Sandman. To interpret Morfeo we will see first of all Tom Sturridge, known above all for I Love Radio Rock and On The Road, while in the role of his sister Death there will be Kirby Howell-Baptiste. Speaking of the latter, Neil Gaiman said he was very enthusiastic about the casting choice: after viewing hundreds of auditions, Gaiman saw Howell-Baptiste (present above all in Killing Eve) the perfect interpreter.

Charles Dance will instead be the necromancer Roderick Burgess, Vivienne Acheampong will play the role of Lucienne, librarian and guardian of the Kingdom of the Dream, and we will also see the presence of two other brothers of Dream, or Desiderio, played by Mason Alexander Park (Cowboy Bebop), and Despair, whose face will be that of Donna Preston. Also confirmed the presence of Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) as Lucifer, imagined by Neil Gaiman in his comic series as an androgynous figure reminiscent of the White Duke, David Bowie; The Corinthian will also be present at the roll call and the frightening face of the murderous nightmare, who escaped from the Kingdom of the Dream to contaminate the world of men, will be that of Boyd Holbrook (Narcos).

There will be brothers Cain and Abel, also inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Dream, interpreted respectively by Sanjeev Bhaskar and Asim Chaudry. Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) will be Johanna Constantine, David Thewlis (the Harry Potter saga) will play the role of the insane John Dee, a psychopath who intends to destroy the world with the power of Dream, while Kyo Ra and Sandra James Young will respectively be Rose Walker and Unity Kincaid. Protecting Rose will be well-known actor Stephen Fry as Gilbert. Finally, Matthew, the Sandman emissary crow who will be voiced by Patton Oswalt, will not be missing.

What to expect from The Sandman and how to stream it

What to expect by The Sandman? First of all, from the widespread trailer and casting choices made known in recent weeks, it seems that in this first season we will not see Dream's involvement in the story with Nada, the woman he fell in love with in the distant past and who paid a price. very high for refusing to become his queen. Will we get a hint of that story during the meeting between Sandman and Lucifer? It also seems that the adaptation of Doll's House will see a link with the events seen in Preludes and Nights, especially with what concerns the frightening events narrated in the story 24 Hours: here, in fact, a dear friend of Rose Walker is involved in the follies of 'murderer John Dee, therefore we can expect to see Sandman in action also against the man who intends to appropriate his immense power.

It is not clear, at the moment, if we will also see the Eumenides, witches who make up a trinity unique and who have an important role in the affairs of Sandman and it seems that John Constantine will not make an appearance either. The transposition for TV of the fantasy comic series will still take the salient parts of the first and second story arc, covering the events over 11 episodes lasting about 50/60 minutes. It is not yet clear whether the show will continue the adaptation of the DC Comics in other seasons, although Neil Gaiman has stated that, regardless of success on Netflix, there are already other streaming platforms willing to welcome The Sandman. However, we await the arrival of this first season, available to all Netflix subscribers starting August 5th.

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