Call of Duty Gadget | The best of 2022

Call of Duty Gadget | The best of 2022

Video games are an immense world, capable of hosting both sagas known globally and played by millions of players and niche series, perhaps less famous but madly loved by their fans. Among those titles that are part of the first category, and capable of extending their fame even beyond the borders of the videogame world, we can certainly find Call of Duty, which is most likely the most famous and appreciated first-person shooter brand. more than ten years now. COD, this acronym with which Call of Duty is very often called by enthusiasts, has in fact collected over time countless players, who every year await the latest version of the famous FPS saga.

Precisely for this This is why the Call of Duty gadgets are some of the most sought after and appreciated products by video game lovers, who are looking for a way to transpose part of their passion into real life. Given the large amount of products present, we have decided to draw up in this article a list of the best Call of Duty gadgets to give away or give yourself away, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises for some poor quality object.

Before throwing us into the list of the best Call of Duty gadgets, have you already taken a look at our selection of the best products to beautify your gaming station and the best budget controllers on the market?

Best Call of Duty Gadgets

Cable Guy Big Box Action Figure Poster Keychain

Cable Guy

We couldn't help but start this rich list of the best Call of Duty gadgets if not with the inevitable and highly appreciated Cable Guy. These products are in fact something highly appreciated by gamers and not only, since they allow you to store controllers, smartphones and much more in style and in complete safety. After all, who wouldn't want the brave Captain Price or the charming Ghost to defend their joystick?

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Big Box

If you are a huge fan of the Activision saga and don't know exactly what Call of Duty gadget to throw at, the so-called big boxes are for you. These mega packages contain in fact numerous items dedicated to the saga, managing to satisfy even the most uncertain and difficult palate. In the Modern Warfare one, for example, there is also a hat and sunglasses, while in the one dedicated to Black Ops 4 you can also find, among other things, a small Cable Guy and a winter hat.

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Action figure

Could the action figures be missing among the best gadgets dedicated to the Call of Duty saga? Obviously not and in fact, in this list we went to insert numerous products of this category, able to embellish bookcases and desks of fans of the series. Which true lover of Call of Duty wouldn't want a John Soap MacTavish to dominate his gaming station, perhaps in a particularly gruesome version?

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The Call of Duty universe has introduced numerous epic characters or particularly memorable situations. In short, a remarkable imaginary has been created around the Activision FPS saga, which is well worth celebrating with some poster or dedicated print with which to decorate your room or, why not, even your own studio. And so, among the best Call of Duty gadgets we can find a beautiful poster with a frame included based on the zombie mode, a poster dedicated to the wonderful WWII or, for those who never know how to make up their minds, even a collection containing 40 different posters. at an exceptional price. What more could you want?

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A true fan would like to always carry something of their favorite video game with them. Not necessarily something flashy or particularly voluminous, but also something smaller, able to stand out in the eyes of another fan of the saga in question. And what could be better for that purpose than a nice Call of Duty keychain, with which to enrich your set of keys, make it more visible and, of course, always carry your passion with you. In short, keychains are one of the best Call of Duty gadgets on the market: beautiful, comfortable and suitable for all budgets.

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How to choose the best Call of Duty gadgets

How we have you mentioned at the beginning of the article, choosing the best Call of Duty gadgets is not always easy and it could happen to fall into some un-considered purchase. Precisely to obviate this risk we have therefore thought, as well as obviously also showing you what for us are the best products in question, to draw up a small mirror, containing simple but useful tips to buy only the best Call of Duty gadgets on the market. .

Why Call of Duty?

The first question that can arise spontaneously is: why the Call of Duty gadgets? Well, COD is one of the most played sagas ever, with each chapter always managing to set new records and welcome more and more players. A popular and well-known series, also equipped with some iconic characters, which well deserves to be celebrated with some nice gadgets.


Another fundamental aspect in choosing who they are the best gadgets of Call of Duty, as in reality of many other types of article, is the one related to the price. Whether you are looking for something particularly cheap, just to take a whim, or if you are a real fan and therefore want something more important, in this article we have thought of you. From a simple gadget for a few euros, such as a keychain, to some respectable action figures: in the list above you can find the one that's right for you. All of this, of course, with value for money in mind.


Another aspect to consider when you find yourself buying a COD gadget for yourself or for someone else is certainly that relating to use. Do you want a simple piece of furniture, such as a captivating poster, or something even useful, do you see a beautiful Cable Guy in which to place your devices? Answering this question will allow you to skim the choice a lot and will facilitate you in your purchase of what is for you the best Call of Duty gadget on the market.

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