NOW: how to download movies and TV series | The guide

NOW: how to download movies and TV series | The guide


Are you planning a vacation, but don't know how to pass the time while traveling, especially by plane? The ideal choice would be to retrieve TV series or movies that friends and acquaintances have recommended but that you haven't had time to watch. Obviously in many cases it is not possible to use the connection of your portable device, but do not worry because now almost all streaming services allow you to download content on your device to be able to watch them comfortably in offline mode. In this article we talk about NOW and how you can download movies and TV series from the proprietary application.

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NOW: all the secrets for offline streaming

Supported devices How does it work? How to download the contents? How to see the downloaded contents and delete them? What we recommend to see

NOW: supported devices

NOW, in fact, allows you to download titles from your catalog, with the possibility of downloading entire seasons or individual episodes for TV series. First of all, let's remember which devices are supported by the application:

Mobile devices and tablets (via app downloaded for free) Tablets with iOS 13.0 operating system and later Tablets with Android 5 and later certified operating system Fire tablets: Fire HD 10 - 11th Gen (2021), Fire HD 8 - 10th Gen (2020), Fire HD 10 - 9th GEn (2019), Fire 7 - 9th Gen (2019), Fire HD 8 - 8th Gen (2018), The Fire HD 10 Plus (2021), Fire HD 8 Plus (2020 ) Attention: at the moment Kindle Fire HD iPhone devices with iOS 13.0 and later operating system are not supported. Smartphone with Android 5 and later certified operating system. Chrome 75+, Edge, Firefox 68+, Explorer 11 and later macOS: Safari 11+, Chrome 75+, Firefox 68+ and later Chrome OS: Chrome OS 79 and later Game consoles and TVs connected to streaming devices Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2021), Fire TV Stick 4K - 1st Gen. (2018), Fir and TV Stick - 2nd & 3rd Gen. (2016-2019-2020-2021), Fire TV Stick - Basic Edition (2017), Fire TV Cube-2nd Gen (2019), Fire TV Stick Lite - 1st Jan. (2020) Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD NOW Box Vodafone TV Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra Warning: the native functionality of Chromecast is not currently supported on Smart TVs and devices with Android TV and AppleTV operating systems of 2nd and 3rd generation Xbox Series X and Series S Xbox One and One S PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 Attention: Nintendo Wii devices are not supported at the moment. Chromebook Smart TV devices are not supported (pre-installed or via app downloaded for free) Samsung Smart TVs: models from 2015 LG Smart TVs: WebOs and later Sony BRAVIA Smart TVs: models with the Android O (Android 8.x) operating system , Android P (Android 9.x), Android 10 Attention: at the moment Panasonic, Toshiba, LG NetCast TVs and Samsung Serif Smart TVs are not supported

How does it work?

How to download content on NOW?

To download your favorite content through the NOW application, just follow some simple steps:

Open the application on your device. If you do not have it, you will have to download it from the Google Play Store or App Store. As soon as you open the app, you can search for your favorite content via the homepage or by choosing an available category based on your subscription (Cinema, TV Series, Entertainment, Sport or Kids). In the Highlights category, on the other hand, there is a convenient selection of the most viewed contents, Sky Original productions and the latest news. Obviously, you can search directly and manually for the title of a movie, a TV series or a television program using the magnifying glass icon. If you do not find your content there could be two reasons: the first is that not all the titles on the platform are available for download, while the second is that some titles are subject to license limits and after some time are removed from the various catalogs. After pressing on the preview of the desired content, to start the download simply press the side button with the symbol of an arrow pointing downwards. In the case of a TV series, the one at the top right allows you to download entire seasons, the one next to the episode title, on the other hand, allows you to download only the episode in question. There is also the Add to My TV item which allows you to add the content to your favorites and download it later. Obviously, live streaming content cannot be downloaded. The titles are stored in the "My TV" section under "Download". The user can check the duration, the "weight" in terms of space occupied and also the percentage already downloaded.

How to see downloaded contents and how to delete them?

What we recommend to download

NOW is an incredible source of content, but it could confuse users less experienced also because, at times, some tend to disappear at the end of the reproduction rights. Therefore, here is a short list of the contents that you absolutely must see and that, except in exceptional cases, should always be present on the streaming platform. Among the series, for example, there are Chernobyl, Diavoli, The New Pope, Euphoria, Big Little Lies, The Undoing, Gomorra, Watchmen, ZeroZeroZero, Westworld, His Dark Materials, The Staircase and Game of Thrones.

Among the films, however, we recommend The Color of Freedom, Ariaferma, Dune, Supernova, The Land of the Sons, Tolo Tolo, I Am Nobody, Freaks Out, The Card Collector, The Suicide Squad - Suicide Mission and A Promising Woman. If even these are not enough for you, every month we update you on the best new releases on Netflix both from a serial and cinematic point of view.

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