Massage guns | The best of 2022

Massage guns | The best of 2022

Massage guns are small tools designed for muscle wellness. Their popularity has increased significantly in recent years, involving not only sportsmen, but also people who do not engage in any type of physical activity. Their success could be due precisely to the fact that anyone can use them to relieve pain caused by a possible muscle contracture. Furthermore, the affordable price, almost always under 100 euros, has meant that a massage gun entered the homes of thousands of Italians, but if you are among those who have never bought one, in this article you will find only and exclusively the best guns. massagers.

The benefits of using this tool are many and are not limited only to decreasing muscle pain, since they could also be excellent for improving circulation, increasing blood and lymphatic flow. We will list all the advantages of a massage gun in our in-depth analysis, which you will find at the bottom of this article, reminding you that these are still tools that could increase your problems if used incorrectly. In the case of joint problems, in fact, it is recommended to be guided by a physiotherapist or an instructor, as the high power of some models, if not managed correctly, could cause joint damage.

Read also: Tapis Electric treadmills | The best of 2022 Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, the massage guns we recommend will meet your expectations. The advice, therefore, is to buy one of these models, chosen taking into consideration factors such as the opinions of the buyers, the quality / price ratio, the number of functions of the instrument and the brand.

The best massage guns

Theragun PRO Theragun Elite Aldom YL-MG001 Burnnove MX0104 Renpho RP-GM171

Theragun PRO

Theragun is a leader in the percussion therapy sector, so it's no surprise that its massage guns are the best on the market. The Theragun PRO is the most sophisticated proposal of the brand, as well as the one that comes closest to a real professional treatment. QuietForce technology is what was previously reserved only for professionals, but the manufacturer has managed to integrate it into a tool for home use, so that everyone can access it. The price is important, as indeed any other top of the range product, but we reiterate that it is a massage gun capable of offering a truly deep, powerful and silent muscle treatment. Furthermore, the Theragun PRO has been designed so that you can grip the tool in different ways, in order to reduce the strain on your hands and arms. The QX150 brushless motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which guarantees 150 minutes of autonomy, which reaches 300 thanks to the extra battery included in the package. Also in the package there are 6 closed cell foam heads, each with a different shape and level of impact, for a safe and precise muscle treatment. Finally, the Theragun PRO can interact with the dedicated application via Bluetooth, which will allow you to create and save your routine, so as to immediately have the most suitable treatment mode ready for you.


Theragun Elite

If you think that the Theragun PRO is exaggerated for your needs and you want to save a little bit, the younger brother will be the ideal solution for you, since it does not give up to QuietForce technology, that is the one that acts deeply in the muscles, accelerating the recovery or possible repair of the latter. Although the motor is less powerful than that of its big brother, the Theragun Elite will still be able to work in depth, guaranteeing a non-stalling force up to 18kg. Furthermore, it does not renounce silence, which is another aspect where the products of the well-known manufacturer stand out from the competition. The noise level of this model is so low that it is lower than that of an electric toothbrush. As for autonomy, an important factor for any massage gun, you can use the tool for 120 minutes before having to recharge it. The Theragun Triangle handle will allow you to hold the device in different ways just like the Pro model, so you can change position and relieve tension on your hands, wrists and arms. The different speeds can be set using the convenient dedicated buttons, positioned in the immediate vicinity of the OLED screen, useful for keeping under control the speed and the active force at that moment. Finally, the Theragun Elite shares the integration with the dedicated app just like its big brother, so you can customize the settings according to your routine directly from your smartphone or tablet.


Aldom YL-MG001

Aldom is among the manufacturers that best meet the needs of sports enthusiasts and its YL-MG001 is a product with a much more affordable price than the proposals described above. While not integrating ultra-sophisticated technologies, Aldom's proposal will be able to relieve muscle pain and improve muscle stiffness after any exercise or whenever you feel the need for a massage during the day. You can set 30 different speeds, reaching a maximum of 4,800 pulses per minute. The pressure, therefore, is not lacking, as well as a good set of accessories, which includes 6 massage heads, including a conical-shaped one, useful for smaller muscle groups such as arms and wrists. The noise level is good, since it does not exceed 50dB at maximum speed, while the autonomy is excellent, since it will allow you to use the tool for a whole month without touching the charger, if you use the massage gun for 15 minutes a day. The various speeds will be controlled via an LCD touch display, excellent for making everything more practical and immediate.


Burnnove MX0104

This massage gun is will be appreciated for the 99 speeds and for the 8 heads included in the package, which will allow you to massage every part of the body in the correct way. The muscles of the body, in fact, are not all the same, therefore applying a massage using an unsuitable head could prove to be counterproductive. Thanks to the large number of heads, you can be sure of always using the right one which, at maximum speed, will reach 3,300 pulses per minute. This also applies to speed as, since there are 99 different modes, you can select the pressure that best suits you. So if you are an athlete, mountaineer, fitness trainer or hiker and are looking for a massage gun not exceeding 100 euros, this model is undoubtedly one of the best able to intervene in depth in the soft tissues. If used at speeds that are not too high, the autonomy of this massage gun will be about 10 hours. Finally, like almost all models, the various settings can be controlled via a practical LCD touch display.


Renpho RP-GM171

With a 150W brushless motor, the Renpho RP-GM171 is among the best massage guns available on the market, at least as far as models that do not exceed 100 euros are concerned. The speeds are limited to 5, but it should be noted that the head still reaches 3,200 pulses per minute, so as to meet the needs of both professional and non-professional athletes. Also the number of heads included in the package are 5 and include those dedicated to the neck, back, calf, leg and shoulder. This model integrates a 2,500 mAh battery, which is recharged via a USB Type-C case. In short, an excellent travel companion when you go to the gym, to the office or to a training camp.


How to choose a massage gun

The massage guns are very useful tools for muscle well-being, but this does not mean that all models will be for you, which is why you should know which are the most important factors to take into account during the purchase, so as to avoid carrying at home a tool that does not bring the desired benefits.

Power and speed

The massage gun is a tool designed to loosen muscles, so you need enough power for it to take effect. In this regard, power should not be confused with speed, since the latter has different functions. The speed, although it correlates with the power of the engine, is not what makes the head of the massage gun penetrate the muscle fiber, but it is the one that emits very rapid vibrations, which can reach or exceed 4,000 pulses per minute. The higher the speed of the head, the more valid the product, although you should pay attention to the effective power of the tool, trying to understand how deep the vibration can go.

Most of the massage guns, in fact, have a very fast head, but only the most sophisticated models are really able to penetrate the soft tissues, ensuring that the muscle treatment is optimal and comparable to that of a hand massage. This does not mean that buying a cheap massage gun is useless, especially if you have the knowledge that allows you to choose the right model, but perhaps it will only be satisfactory for those who are not trained. Athletes of a certain level, on the other hand, need a model capable of descending into the soft tissues and, as mentioned, Theragun is currently the undisputed leader in the percussion therapy sector.

With rare exceptions, the manufacturers less known people tend not to include, in the description of their massage guns, the pressure force that the tool can deliver, due to the fact that almost always the latter is unable to touch the muscle deeply, limiting itself to a slight sensation massage in the superficial area, which could still be more than enough for a person who is not in shape. Affordable massage guns usually exert a pressure of a few kilograms, while the more advanced models have no difficulty in exceeding 20kg of pressure.

As for the head speed, this can vary from a minimum of 3 up to hundreds of adjustments. If you want to ensure that the muscle treatment is as customizable as possible, it is clear that you will have to choose the model that boasts the greatest number of adjustments, without however making the mistake of not evaluating the actual power which, if you do not understood, is the most important factor of a massage gun.


Accessories, intended as interchangeable heads, are essential for making the right purchase choice. All massage guns come with a good deal of accessories, but it is important to check that the ones in the package are best suited to your purpose. Each muscle in the body, in fact, is made differently, so the heads must be designed to work correctly on a specific area of ​​the body, in order to avoid unwanted effects. For example, if you need to loosen your abdominal muscles, you should check the product description to see if the D-head is present. If you need to work on deep tissue, then the ball head will be the right one for you. Below is a list of the interchangeable heads that you might find in a massage gun:

Spherical head: this is the one present in all models and is recommended for a uniform massage, since its shape allows optimal movement over the entire body. body; U-shaped head: ideal for loosening the neck muscles, therefore it is especially suitable for those who spend their days in front of a computer; Flat head: offers a soft and light massage, eliminating liquids and waste that can affect the functioning of your body; Cylindrical head: on many occasions muscle pain occurs in a specific area of ​​the body, and this is where the cylindrical head becomes essential, helping you to fight the nodules that produce tingling and those annoying pains during stretching; D-head: perfect for the abdominal part; Paddle Head: Ideal for spinal and waist massages, which means it is recommended for anyone who spends most of the day at a desk. However, you should carefully follow the instructions of a specialist before treating this part of the body, as it contains several nerves which, if inflamed or injured, will generate even more pain; Ring Head: This head is used as a substitute for fingers, as it provides finger-like stimulation. Relieves stress and improves quality of life in a very rewarding way; Rounded head: very similar to the spherical head, but designed to better adapt to smaller muscles, such as those of the hands and wrists; Conical head: recommended for exerting direct pressure on the points where the pain is concentrated, such as the sole of the foot, the rhomboid area and the shoulder blade;

How to use a massage gun

Using a massage gun is very simple, since you just need to place the tool on the point of the body where you want to loosen the muscle and choose the intensity you prefer. However, treatment should be stopped immediately if you notice abnormal pains during use, which could indicate the presence of a tear or inflamed nerves nearby. We remind you that a massage gun can penetrate deeply into the muscle, so we suggest not to overdo the power if you are inexperienced. Furthermore, and more importantly, we recommend that you be guided by a professional if you plan to use the paddle heads on delicate points of the body, where the action of the massage gun could cause joint problems.

I benefits of massage guns

As we learned in the course of this article, massage guns are excellent tools for athletes, but they can also be great for people who do not practice any kind of sport. In general, here are a number of advantages that you will have if you use the tool correctly:

Relieves stress and relaxes the body, decreasing tension and fluid in the muscles, thus promoting tissue metabolism; It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing oxygen to reach the muscles more easily; Speeds up the healing of atrophied muscles; Eliminates the accumulation of lactic acid in the body, often following intense physical exercise; Stimulates nerve receptors, which cause vasodilation in the skin and muscles, to improve mobility; Breaks down scar tissue by massaging collagen fibers to relieve pain; Improves movement by making joints more flexible, reducing the risk of tension and sprains; It improves general well-being and reduces anxiety, which could also translate into better sleep.

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