Nintendo Games | The best of 2022

Nintendo Games | The best of 2022

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for nearly 5 years, and the hybrid console is still one of the Japanese company's biggest and most consistent commercial successes. In these five years, Nintendo has supported its console with a whole series of first party productions but not only. The Switch playroom is now boundless, and every type of enthusiast can find inside one or more experiences perfect for their tastes.

Thanks to the very original Joy-Con (at this address you can find our guide to the best controllers for Switch), the various games for the console offer different styles and modes, both for single player and in co-op. If you are a fan of Nintendo, however, you absolutely cannot miss the whole series of first party games that contain historical sagas such as those of Mario, the best games dedicated to Zelda or even the most recent Splatoon.

Nintendo Games | The best

Super Mario The Legend of Zelda Metroid Mario Strikers Kirby WarioWare Splatoon Pokémon AMRS Luigi's Mandion 3 Fire Emblem Animal Crossing Donkey Kong

Super Mario

We can't help but start this buying guide dedicated to the best Nintendo games except from Super Mario. The mustachioed Italian plumber is one of the most iconic and recognized videogame mascots worldwide, and even on Nintendo Switch the games starring Mario and all his friends (and enemies) are of various kinds. We go from Odyssey, the most recent main title in the saga, to unlikely cross-overs such as Mario + Rabbidsa Kingdom Battle plus a whole series of sports titles, the most classic and timeless Mario Party and the creative Mario Maker 2.

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The Legend of Zelda

We cannot mention Mario without also mentioning The Legend of Zelda, the second of the most popular sagas from Nintendo. The fantastic fantasy world of Link and his companions also opens on Switch with various titles that wink at fans of the historic and younger brand. There is of course The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the most recent iteration of the saga, but there is also room for great classics like the remake of The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and the remastered of Skyward Sword coming soon. and that you can already pre-order.

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One of the most interesting exclusive releases for the Nintendo Switch is Metroid Dread. We are talking about a long-awaited return for the saga starring Samus Aran, both because the franchise had not been appealing for several years, and because a main chapter for the two-dimensional saga also returns with Dread. If you love this historic brand, Metroid Dread will be able to give you everything you have always appreciated in previous games and even more, thanks to the implementation of decidedly more survival horror sections against the fearsome and tireless E.M.M.I.

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Mario Strikers Battle League Football

Best Nintendo Games After years of waiting on Nintendo Switch it's one of the most loved and requested Nintendo sports sagas has just returned. With Mario Strikers Battle League Football we return to tread the football fields of the Mushroom Kingdom together with Mario and his companions. Between no holds barred games and very powerful hyper shots, in this iteration of the popular saga you will be able to enjoy a series of single-player modes, such as cups, and reverse online modes that can also be played in the company of a series of friends.

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Best Nintendo Games The Nintendo title park is huge and suitable for all tastes. Platform, fantasy and science fiction, but also a lot of sympathy and bright colors. These latter features are fundamental parts of the Kirby franchise: the pink ball of Nintendo and Hal Laboratory so loved by young and old. On Switch, Kirby and The Lost Land have just been released, the first adventure of the pink ball completely in 3D that leads us to discover a ruined world full of surprises and secrets to be discovered. In addition to this title, Kirby Star Allies is also available, a much more traditional title for the saga that favors cooperative play.

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WarioWare Get it Togheter!

Another historical saga of Nintendo that has been missing for several years is that of WarioWare. With the new chapter called Get it Togheter, Mario's messy and messy nemesis returns, along with his group of friends, to wreak havoc on your Nintendo Switch consoles. Unmissable are the countless mini-games with a high rate of madness and unpredictability, all seasoned with an irreverent comedy that always goes so well alongside the character of Wario.

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Splatoon is one of Nintendo's most recent IPs, which mixes, as always, an unmistakable style and fun and original gameplay ideas. With the Inkling you can throw yourself into the shellfish fray in frantic battles to see who smears the game map and the opponents the most. Furthermore, with Splatoon 2, a series of new features, maps, game modes and a story to follow in single player have been added to be discovered and full of so much variety, boss fights and surprises.

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Best Nintendo Games Since its inception the Pokémon brand has apparently been linked to double wire to Nintendo. With every generation and on every portable or home console, the collectible creatures designed by Game Freak have found their space with main games, spin-offs and various experiments. To date, Pokémon is one of the most impressive brands ever, and even Nintendo Switch offers its fans a series of fantastic adventures to be experienced. In addition to the most recent eighth generation Pokémon with Sword and Shield, on Switch you can relive the historic first generation with the Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee remakes, but not only. New Pokémon Snap and Mysrey Dungeon Rescue Team DX are just a few Pokémon titles that will keep you company on the Switch, not to mention the recent remakes of Diamond and Pearl and the new Pokémon Legends Arceus ready to be pre-ordered.

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Staying in the most recent Nintendo IPs, it's impossible not to quote Arms. The insane and articulated three-dimensional fighting game is a real breath of fresh air for the genre. If you can't wait to face some of the weirdest characters ever seen with articulated punches of various kinds, this can easily be one of Nintendo's most recent IPs to break into your hearts, especially thanks to the diversity and variety of weapons that you can change on your gloves at every single player or online challenge against other players from around the world.

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Luigi's Mansion 3

Even Mario's brother now has his own adventure which, with Luigi's Mansion 3, reaches a third iteration. Unlike Mario, his brother's raids always take place in gloomy mansions or ghostly hotels inhabited by many spirits of various kinds. In this third chapter of the saga, Luigi will have to load up all his courage to go and rescue his friends in one of the strangest and most disturbing hotels ever seen in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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»View Luigi's Mansion 3 on eBay | tastes, and to the more traditional experiences we also add the historical saga of Fire Emblem with the most recent chapter Three Houses. To classic turn-based strategy dynamics, this new title experiments even more with a whole host of new mechanics for the series. First of all, as the protagonist of this new adventure, you will have a series of students to keep an eye on, training them in the art of combat but not only.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you love the colorful and pleasant style of Nintendo, but at the same time prefer a game from softer and more welcoming rhythms, then Animal Crossing New Horizons is the title for you. Thanks to one of the most successful titles of 2020, you can go on a virtual vacation and build your dream island as you please. All this by always making new acquaintances and always finding new friends. Finally, the title always offers new updates themed with the seasons and annual holidays, within which you can find a series of new objects and clothes to add to your home / wardrobe.

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»View Animal Crossing New Horizons on eBay | best Nintendo games, with yet another video game icon. With Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze the gorilla most loved by Nintendo fans is back. In this adventure born on WiiU, but also transported and remastered on Nintendo Switch, you will be able to enjoy an old school 2.5D platformer. Advancement through the levels is only part of the fun, as completeness and the pursuit of secrets scattered throughout all levels are key parts of the fun.

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Nintendo: a forge of timeless masterpieces

For over 7 generations Nintendo has been synonymous with quality, innovation and fun; three keywords that you can find in every video game made by the big N of Kyoto. In the long history of the company there are many videogame franchises that have come to life, and among these there are some real classics that continue to evolve even today.

How we chose the games in this guide

Nintendo brands are different and all varied. There is a videogame experience designed for every type of enthusiast, and for this reason it is very easy to go and choose which are the essential games to be included in a guide like the one that has been created. It is impossible to leave out the big boys like Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda, but we have decided to give space also to younger brands like those of Splatoon and ARMS, which have been able to find their own big niche of fans on Switch. br>
Furthermore, we also wanted to dedicate a space to the most recent titles, such as the new Kirby and the Lost Land and Mario Strikers Battle LEague Football, two essential franchises for all fans of Nintendo productions. To all this, other titles have been added to play absolutely for those who own a Nintendo Switch console, such as: Luigi's Mansion 3 and its enigmatic mysteries, Fire Emblem Three Houses for lovers of strategy or an Animal Crossing New Horizon for those who love to be cradled. in the bliss of a stay on an island full of friendly characters waiting to be discovered.

Nintendo: the promised land of platformers

If you are a lover of the platform genre you will discover a new home in Nintendo and in its most established franchises. The King of all is certainly Mario who, thanks to his countless chapters and spin-offs, offers experiences suitable for everyone and usable without finding excessive challenges.

Among the most recent games we cannot fail to mention Kirby and the Lost Land, one of the funniest and most varied adventures the adorable pink ball from HAL Laboratories has ever experienced. All in a context that takes Kirby into three-dimensional worlds full of enemies and secrets to be found behind every ravine.

Adventures for all tastes: from The Legend of Zelda to Metroid

On Nintendo there is not only platform, but the worlds that can be explored on Nintendo Switch are many and varied. If you love going on an adventure in mythical universes full of epic stories, do not miss every title in the saga of The Legend of Zelda. In addition to the masterpiece Breath of the Wild, on Switch there are several great chapters of this brand such as: the remake of A Link's Awakening and the HD version of Skyward Sword.

You love the sense of adventure but the fantasy theme don't you like it? No problem, as there are so many Nintendo worlds. If you're the sci-fi type there is the new Metroiod Dread: a new two-dimensional chapter of one of the most beloved franchises in the history of video games.

A universe full of variety

These are just a few examples of the titles you can enjoy on Nintendo Switch. In addition to the big franchises, there are a number of varied titles that can attract attention. Among the new releases is Mario Strikers Battle League Football, an arcade football title that is perfect even for those who do not like the most popular sport in our peninsula.

Is sport really not what for you? Great, there are loads of other games that incorporate classic arcade-style gameplay such as: Arms, Splatoon 2, Wario Ware Get it Togheter! and many others.

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