Kirby and the Lost Land and Gran Turismo 7 are the games of the month for March 2022

Kirby and the Lost Land and Gran Turismo 7 are the games of the month for March 2022

Following this year's excellent trend, March 2022 was also a month full of interesting news and the election of the game of the month clearly demonstrates this, with a double result in the name of quality and variety.

Paradoxically, this sparkling start to the year is at least in part due to the historical period we are going through, so characterized by various postponements and organizational difficulties: some of the most interesting games of these first months of 2022 should have arrived in the last year, but in one way or another they all found themselves concentrated in this start of the new year, which will probably be remembered as one of the most intense seen in quite some time now.

The richness of the lineup of the past month is also given by the remarkable variety of proposals, in terms of genres, atmospheres and characteristics. Among the games released in recent weeks we have seen large triple A productions but also smaller titles, more or less experimental, as well as returns to genres that are now somewhat obsolete. Between big guns, indies and in-between, there was truly something for every taste in this memorable March 2022 and the fact that the picks on the game of the month are so different between editors and readers is also a reflection of this typical variety in the lineup. After having seen which are the most anticipated games of the month of April 2022, let's therefore sum up the 30 days just passed and let's see which are the games of the month of March 2022.

The choice of the editorial staff

Kirby and the Lost Land, an image that shows one of the strange situations in which the protagonist finds himself There was a fair fight in the vote inside the editorial staff , in particular with regard to two games, but in the end the winner turned out to be Kirby and the Lost Land, the new chapter of the historic series recently released on Nintendo Switch. The game in question takes up the classic tradition of Kirby but also proposes itself as a breaking element, presenting itself as a 3D platform with elements strongly inclined to exploration and adventure. The particularly complex and reasoned level design leads us to revisit the levels several times to discover new secrets, in a similar way to what happens with the more traditional Nintendo platformers. This set of elements was very much appreciated by the editorial staff, who therefore decided to award the title as game of the month.

The runner-up, however, lost the title really by a whisker: Triangle Strategy has garnered widespread support from these parts, so much so as to risk finishing first. It is a return of Square Enix to the more classic structure of its Japanese strategic RPGs in the Final Fantasy Tactics style, entrusted to the particular "2D-HD" graphic style already well experienced in Octopus Traveler.

Triangle Strategy, a screenshot showing the particular "2D-HD" graphics All this contributed to scoring this remarkable double in March for the Nintendo Switch. For the third place there is a lot to go down in terms of points in the standings, but firmly anchored to the last step of the podium we find Ghostwire: Tokyo by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda, exclusive PS5 console for the moment, but also arriving elsewhere once. that the terms of the agreement will be concluded. The Splendido Tunic conquers the fourth place alone just below the podium. What happened to Gran Turismo 7? We find it in fifth position, shared with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

The choice of readers

Gran Turismo 7, an image of the game with ray traced reflections A little 'more predictable was the result of the poll released to readers, in which Gran Turismo 7 re-emerges as the game of the month of March 2022, completely overturning the outcome of the internal survey in which the Polyphony Digital game has sunk well below the podium. In the public poll, the driving simulation for PS5 and PS4</a> takes first place rather nimbly, beyond controversy over monetization and more, with the strength of the brand and the quality of the new chapter developed by Kazunori Yamauchi and his companions. However, even Kirby and the Lost Land is not joking at all, as he conquers a second position not far from the first, demonstrating how many users liked the Nintendo title, with its changes to the formula between classicism and innovation.

In third place we find an equal merit between Ghostwire: Tokyo and Triangle Strategy: these two titles are also recurrent in both polls and represent proposals considered "secondary" compared to the games of greater caliber but which are they are then revealed to be extremely important.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, an image that shows the fascinating Japanese setting The action in first person by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda has conquered everyone for its particular setting halfway between mythologies, folklore and modernity of the Japan, while the second is a perfectly successful operation of relaunching the classic strategic RPG with a powerful narrative base by Square Enix, just to reiterate the quantity and quality of proposals seen in this March. Just off the podium, in fourth place we find that pearl of Tunic and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which probably would have had more space and attention in a less eventful month, but which will continue to be talked about anyway.

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